Formals Versus Casuals

This point / discussion came up today during the training session I was conducting for the agents of the call center in my new office and I gave them ample time to come up with points and counterpoints. I have my own points on this particularly topic. This is something that I have strongly argued over during the last few years.

Ok first let me tell you the standard dress code that I am used to – Monday to Thursday formals (shirts tucked in, belts, formal shoes – preferably black) while Friday, Saturday and any Sundays that I go to work could be casuals – jeans, t-shirts (not that I wear any) and sports shoes or open shoes. I’m guessing that this is the standard in most companies over here or anywhere for that matter. And I am happy to follow this. Infact I will go so far as to endorse this code as I feel that it is necessary. I have seen too many youngsters dress really badly to the office and feel that a little discipline goes a long, long way. Some of them kids come to the offices with gaudy & overly bright coloured t-shirts with fancy lettering and at times obscene written messages. Jeans or pants are hug low on the waist line and if they happen to bend down, you will get to see the partition between India & Pakistan! And if their hair doesn’t look like it was mistaken for a toilet cleaning brush, I’d consider the rest of us truly blessed.

So that’s why I feel that they should get used to wearing formals. But I do not believe what some old foggies say that when you wear casuals to work you tend to be too casual in your work. Especially if you work in customer care over the phone. I’ve heard that a lot (as I have been in the customer care / call center industry from 2002) and you know what – those who say it are usually assholes who have never taken a single call in their life with reference to customer care. Another thing – I did my best work over the phone, nay my best days, over the phone when I was dressed casually. You know why? cause I was comfortable and I wasn’t worried about anything else and so my concentration was on my customers who got connected o me. This is true for most people who have worked in this industry. So for those who do not agree – you have not worked for more than a few days in this profile and hence your opinion does not count.