The Best Photo I’ve Taken

I shot this photo on my Motorola Razor (with a 1.3 mp camera). It’s a shot looking out through one of the windows of my bedroom. This was taken back in 2006, around October I guess, just a few weeks after we moved from our family house in Thrikkakara to the apartment in the city. I love sunset and the colours and I am very proud of how this photo came out.

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If I Could Invent Something

I’ve thought about this long and hard and I always come back to the same thing. If I could really invent something useful I would create a solution for garbage disposal. I think India, like most developing nations, struggle to contain the garbage situation. People will continue to create waste; it’s inevitable until science advances enough to get rid of this situation for us. I think our scientists must try to work on this as a very dangerous situation could arise out of rotting garbage.

For the last few days on the bus ride to Koratty on my way to work, I pass by the area just after Kalamassery. There is a huge vacant land that is a piling ground for garbage from the city. Just looking at this place creates bile in my throat. I know that the workers are doing their best to level it off but you can just see the layers of plastic bags and stuff in that land. I have two areas near my apartment building that are dumps for garbage – all sorts of rotting foul smell coming out from rubble, bags of wasted food and who knows what. So here’s what I would want to invent.

I would want to invent/create something that dissolves garbage. Maybe a chemical which, when you add to plastics, food waste, materials, rubber, cardboards, dirt, old cloth etc reacts with it and dissolves it to — nothing! The end by product should be absolutely nothing. Got a lot of waste products? No problem; just pour a little of my liquid chemical into it and presto! In about less than an hour, it all just gets dissolved into nothing.

Ok so you say there has to be a by product. I get that but there’s nothing that says the by product has to be bad. So the by product of my garbage & waste destroying chemical liquid is going to be a fragrance that wafts in the air – and it smells like lavender! Fuck yeah I’m a genius.