The Sound Of The 70s

There’s this synthesizer music from the 70s usually in movies or television that makes me feel very sad and nostalgic. I guess you call the synthesizer a Moog synthesizer and from what I know, it was the rage back then. I can remember watching movies from the 70s shown on television during my childhood years growing up in Kuwait in the 1980s. The movies or tv shows from the 70s all seemed to have this sound. If you don’t know what I sound I am referring to, listen to this 1978 video of William Shatner’s spoof take on Elton John’s Rocket Man on Youtube. The synthesizer used in this song is the same one that I am talking about.

This music makes me very nostalgic and I can get lost in it. I think about the good old days of growing up in Kuwait and the carefree childhood that I had, how happy I was just going to school, playing with my friends and watching tv in my living room. I’ve also heard this synthesizer paying music for tv series & television movies of that era. If I am not mistaken, the movie The Daring Dobermans also has music played on this type of synthesizer. Similarly a few other movies from that era had their theme music being created on this instrument.

It’s a sound from my childhood and it always makes me melancholic and nostalgic and long for the days gone by. I wonder if you too have a sound or music associated with your childhood. Do share it with me in the comments section.