I Still Prefer Newspapers

First and foremost I prefer to still read newspapers first thing in the morning and just after I have brushed my teeth and washed my face. While having a cup of coffee and sitting with some instrumental music. And yeah like a lot of males in India (and perhaps a lot of countries across the globe) I also take the newspaper into the loo. There’s a feeling like no other!

A few years ago, especially during the football world cups of 2002 & 2006 I used to spend a couple of hours pouring through the Indian Express back pages for reviews & previews of the matches. No satisfied with just that paper, I would also go two houses down to my uncle’s house and read the Hindu paper. Again, I would spend a lot of time in reading it. Mostly though here’s what I do – I glance at the front page for any headlines that interest me. If not, then it’s straight to the back sports page then the 2nd last & 3rd page also for sports.

While I am checking out the sports pages, I also read the cartoons – Henry, Hi & Lois, Beetle Bailey, the Lockhorns & The Phantom. I’ve been engrossed in this current storyline of the Phantom which is dark & brooding and has just gotten lighter. Then I glance through the business headlines (never read more than a handful of articles in my life) and then it’s the World News section, where I spend a few minutes. After that it’s national news, state news and then the local Cochin news section. And finally a cursory glance at the tv channels listings for the day.

I don’t think I would ever want the newspaper to be replaced and it is my favourite medium for getting the news. Maybe if I had an e-reader and could customize my news and got 3G on my e-reader – then I would give up reading newspapers altogether. Till then, this is the way to go!

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