More Music Memories

Some more memories about my cousins & music:

My sister Sherine liked this trio called Johnny Hates Jazz who were British I think. Well based in the UK anyway. I guess they were her favourite band during the late 1980s when she was in college. The band had one hugely popular & successful album – their 1987 debut Turn Back The Clock, which featured 3 really good pop songs. The title track, Shattered Dreams & I Don’t Wanna Be A Hero all of which were big hits for the trio. The thing is they were really good which is why even all these years later, I can still remember these songs despite not having heard them since atleast 1992.

Another favourite of hers was George Michael. Sherine and my cousin Sandhya used to spend a few hours listening to their favourite songs and writing down the lyrics, pressing pause, play & rewind as often as possible, and then singing along. This is the way I used to get lyrics of my fav songs too. Now I just google them. We had this huge book of lyrics at our old house in Thrikkakara, bought from some store, and they had lots of lyrics mainly from hit songs of 1986, 87, 88, 89 & 90.

Back in 1991 (I think) some of us with our folks went to this exhibition in town where they were showing the new satellite systems, and we got to see MTV Asia for the first time ever! This was just as cable tv was being launched in India and we got to experience the pleasure of having more than the two dumb government owned & run channels on tv. Anyway, as my cousin Manoj reminded me, we stopped to watch two songs that are classics. The videos we saw that evening were for the songs Wind of Change by the Scorpions followed by Black Or White by Michael Jackson.

Music For The Ages

A few days I posted a question in a Facebook group, which is open to only my cousins. The question was a nostalgic one and one that elicited a whole lot of responses from some of my cousins. The question was : Which songs remind you of our times together during our childhood? Let me know your songs.

Now some background on how we cousins spent our holidays – we’d wake up, eat breakfast and then go play either cricket or football. The evenings or rainy afternoons were mostly spent sitting in this big room in my grandmother’s house and listening to music tapes. Usually it would be a lot of mixed songs, recorded on these 90 minute Thompson or TDK cassettes.  We usually went to this shop in Mattancherry where the guys there would record high quality copies for your listening pleasure and my cousins & I played these tapes over and over again.

No wonder that there would be some songs that remind us about those special times spent together, enjoying our childhood & teenage years and freedom. I haven’t spent much time with my cousins in the last few years but I’d be listening to my music collection and suddenly when a particular song comes up, I’d think back to those days and yearn for such wonderful times. Here are some of the songs that we used to listen to and that remind us of those times.

Final Countdown by Europe was a huge common favourite. Don’t forget me when I’m gone & Someday by Glass Tiger, Hotel California – The Eagles, To be with you – Mr Big, More than words – Extreme, Sussudio” by Phil Collins  When the children cry by White Lion, Sweet Child Of Mine, Paradise City & November Rain by GnR, Heaven by Warrant, Holiday by Scorpions, Diamonds on the soles of her shoes by Paul Simon, I shud be so lucky – Kylie Minogue, I Think We’re alone Now – Tifanny, Black Or White by Michael Jackson, Wind Of Change by Scorpions, Vanessa Paradis’ Joe le Taxi Dire Straits songs were Sultans of Swing, Walk of Life, Money for Nothing, and Local Hero.