If I Could Have Dinner Anywhere…

Hmmm anywhere in the world and anything that I could order. That’s a tough decision. I don’t think any one particular place stands out for me as THE place to dine out and no one particular dish stands out as THE meal to have. Well, if you discount pizza. I’m not sure that I can give just one straight answer for this one. I think it’d be an insult to all the wonderful places that serve food and all the dishes in the world if you pick just one.

So let me do something even better: I’m going to imagine this great magnificent place and the food there. Let’s see now; I want to dine in this fabulous balcony seated dinning room, which is adjacent to the ocean and opposite to a cliff. The wind is continuously blowing in our faces, cool and refreshing. If needed we can also retreat to a similar dinning hall, which is indoor and has an efficient central air conditioning system. Round tables with maroon or faded purple table cloths. Chilled ice wine and little appetizers. The man courses will be fish, chicken, pork or some kind of meat with a variety of vegetables for the salad.

As the wine is being served, a flamenco band serenades the customers. My date and I sip our wine, chat and eat our food. For desert, strawberries, covered in rich dark chocolate and ice cream. My date is feeling on top of the world and so am I. Oh and my date is this hot buxom red-head who is now dying to get into my pants. We retire to our hotel room where we proceed to make love long into the night. Sigh, it was very satisfying for me and it was very satisfying for her – 3 times satisfying ;)

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