What’s Worth Waiting In Long Lines?

Rock concerts, movie tickets (if the movie is really good) and for free food or money. Sports events when your favourite team or athlete is performing, are also worth the long wait. Pizza at my favourite outlets is also worth waiting for as are fast food joints. Book or CD signings is really worth waiting for, especially if it’s by one of your all time favourite authors or your favourite musical artist.

But the longest ques that I have see on a very regular basis are at the local Beverage outlets. They are also the most civil & camaraderie building ques I have ever seen. People don’t rush the line and there’s never any pushing or shoving. No angry words spoken and never a fist fight or grumble to be heard. They will be careful not to stamp on your feet or crowd you or try to cut in front of you. If you show up and the crowd is huge and you are in a hurry, chances are that if you ask someone at the front to help you out by taking your cash & buying you a bottle, he will do it gladly. They behave like the world’s best gentlemen and any religious or peace loving group can take notes from these guys.

Every Friday & Saturday night I see snake like long cues at the beverage outlets at North Overbrige, High Court, Kaloor, Edapally and other areas when I pass by in the evening. No traffic blocks due to the cues, despite the fact that the outlets are right by the main roads. Had it been a que for a church, mosque or temple there would have been cars honking, people standing in the middle of the road, traffic blocks for miles & miles and lots of delays. Lots of unruly behaviour by people who do not care if others are hampered by their worship.

So in effect, alcoholics are much more civil, decent and caring about their fellow beings. Drink and keep things civil.

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