Essential Star Trek : TOS

For those of you still ignorant about the magnificence, brilliance & wonderfulness of Star Trek – what the fuck is your problem?

Sorry! For those of you who haven’t experienced Star Trek : The Original Series (once again, I pity you fools and want to bitch-slap you) , I suggest you either buy the DVDs of the 3 seasons or try to download them from the net or if you happen to have a cable channel that, wisely, has them on regular reruns, opt for it and sit to watch them. For the 60s this was a great show. For the 21st century, it still is great to watch.

A fellow Star Trek fanatic and blogger, Daniel Kukla has done a wonderful thing and given us a recommendation of the 7 best episodes of each of the 3 seasons. Actually he is working on the 3rd one and when he has completed it I will update this post. Each episode also has a synopsis and a reason why Daniel finds it an essential episode. Read them and then go watch the series.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

My Gadgets & Me

Ever since I first started using a computer I’ve always used it to stand out by customizing it. When I was almost 16 years old, back in 1992, I joined a 2 month basic computer course in DataPro. It was during the summer after my 10th grade, so school had ended and I would be, in 3 months, going to attend Pre-degree (the accepted 11th & 12th in those days) in a college. But I was restless and needed something to keep me occupied and make new friends as well. So this 2 month course at DataPro seemed like a good option and I had fun there. I got fascinated by computers as well and during my lab hours I would try to make colourful images on MsPaint. Remember that this was back in the Windows 3.x years. I even remember on seeing my designs, a manager of the institute asked me to try designing for sarees!

Everytime I got to use computer for a duration of time I’d end up customizing mine, even if it was in a computer lab and I’d no way of ensuring that I would get to sit at the same system the next day, like in NIIT. In December of 1996 I bought my first pc and was so happy to get some wonderful wallpapers. I’d even start making my own wallpapers, using many images from the internet and doing stuff on MsPaint. I also started making my own desktop themes, with the help of some online tool that I’d downloaded in an internet cafe back in 1999-2003. For many years, I’d spend an hour atleast searching for wallpapers that would show off my interests – my fav football & ice hockey teams, my fav movies & tv series, rock bands & singers, science fiction, actors, actresses, some abstract artwork, nature, cities & places, islands, space – galaxies, planets & stars and some poor women in scantily clad clothing – you know to bring about more awareness to their cause, ahem!

Desktop top themes were great – especially if you can get icons, sound clips for all the alerts that you normally have on widows customized to your fav tv series, rock band or sports theme. What could be better than waking up in the morning, switching on your PC and the welcoming  message is the rock anthem that is played everytime your home sports teams scores a goal? Puts you in mood to attack the day. Or the same thing for your fav rock bands as well. For those scifi inspired when you hear that ominous & yet so cool whistling tune that served as the theme for the X-Files as your computer starts – awesome feeling right?

Years later and I bought a laptop mid-2010 and guess what was the first thing I did? Changed the default windows theme to one more of my choice – which was a Star Trek themed one! Cause Star Trek is very close to my heart – it shares the vision of what I’d want the world to be more like and hope for. Subsequent wallpapers were of either a nature, scifi or music theme. And that’s basically what the wallpapers are all about – creating your own identity on your PC/laptop. Showing off a little bit of you. If I could find really cool stickers or laptop sleeves I’d get them too.

The same can be said about mobile phones. I have a Blackberry Curve 8320 and I have mp3s – full songs for my listening pleasure, ringtones, wallpapers and themes. When people call me on my cell today, I hear Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd and they hear Wings Of A Butterfly by HIM. That is me – the music I like. Ofcourse you can keep the latest Tamil movie hit blasting from yours – and I may choose to never call you. Or if you have a boyband or Hindi music number playing as your ringback tone, I may choose to hurl insults & profanities at you as soon as you pick up! But hey, atleast you can customize your phone connection! You could also get customized phone covers & pouches. Some of them are very cool too!

I recently bought a Reliance Netconnect+ USB device for internet on the move and also because I’m now renting a little place in a town closer to my place of work to lower the commute time. Since wirelan cable connections weren’t possible in that location, I choose a Netconnect+ and the USB device makes life a lot easier. I can now access the internet where ever I want (as long as there is coverage) and carry my laptop to cafes, family functions etc. Getting bored during that visit to your relative’s house? Pop open the laptop and stick that USB thingy right in there and check your Facebook updates!

You want to stand out of the crowd, be unlike them robots and have your own thing going, I’d like to keep changing the covers, wallpapers, themes & music. Cause that’s what life is about. You don’t want to be stuck in the same old boring stuff. You want to listen to lots of music, see different images and keep things interesting yet representative of who you are. As a kid you’d stick stickers on your school bag or books or your writing board. It starts from there. Change is good.

Latest Word Cloud

This blog has been through many different types of topics. Which is why you see that gigantic list of categories on the sidebar. In a way it’s a good thing with all those different stuff and in a way it might be a bad thing as it might seem unfocused and all over the park. But then this blog is about me, my life and things that interests me. And I’d like to think that there is something for everyone in here.

Here is the latest Worlde or word cloud. I customized the colours. Does it look sexy?

New Wireless Internet Connection

I’m so addicted to the internet that if it weren’t for my close friends, former team members, some tv shows, football on tv, coffee shops & the occasional bar hop, I’d have no other private life other than the internet. And usually whatever else happens in my life is always shared on the internet. So not having internet access is an absolute no-no.

So as I am renting a place in Chalakudy, I needed to either transfer my current internet connection, a wireline broadband connection with Tata Indicom, or get a new one in Chalakudy. After a long futile search in their website and calling up their customer care center, I realized last week that Tata does not offer their wireline service in Chalakudy. No idea why but they just don’t. So I thought of the other options and decided that since I was just renting I would opt for the more convenient but not always optimal choice of purchasing a USB device/internet connection option. But which one?

Turns out that my choice would be made up for me. I called up Tata Photon, MTS mBlaze, Tata Docomo & Vodafone for their 3G/broadband USB device and broadband services. To me it seemed like MTS had the better & more attractive offers with their mBlaze device. I’ve heard only good things about Tata Docomo, Tata Photon & Reliance’s USB stick devices from friends and colleagues who have used them. Vodafone does not offer 3G services in Kerala and although their service is supposed to be good I wanted higher speeds. And Idea’s Netsetter speeds are not comparable.

However in Chalakudy only Reliance has the hi-speed option for the USB device. Which made it very easy to choose – it’s Reliance Netconnect. I took a Netconnect + connection with them and so far I like their services. I’ve not used it too long, a couple of hours on Friday night, an hour in Cafe Coffee Day on Saturday evening and right now as the power is down in the apartment, I’m using it as well.

Accident In Koratty

It took me two day to even think of writing about it. I saw an accident on Friday evening at around 6:15pm. This was just after I left the office in Koratty and was standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus to Chalakudy. I had probably waited for around 10 minutes and was looking towards the right side of me and just as I turned back to the right side (from where the buses would be coming), I witnessed it.

This guy, I’d say of around 45 or so, had jumped the median in a hurry to cross the street and a white Maruti Swift was speeding on the highway and hit him! The driver of the car had jammed the breaks but as he was going quite fast it was too late. I heard the screeching of the tires and saw this man getting hit by the car, being tossed into the air atleast 10 feet and landing with a thud on the front of the car before hitting the ground. The windshield of the car had a huge crack that spanned it’s entire height and the hood of the car had these huge dents where the guy had landed. He has also hit the ground hard and when I saw & heard it, I thought he was dead.

Like most onlookers I was stunned and my hand was covering my mouth. Next thing I knew people were surrounding the car and the man but no one was touching the body. It got too crowded for me to go near and see if the man was still alive. The cops soon arrived and they escorted the driver of the car & his passenger to move their car towards the side of the road. The two were both bleeding profusely from their foreheads, obviously as they braked hard they would have hit their heads on the windshields. I heard cried behind me and two ladies with 3 small kids were quite upset on seeing this and with the help of another person, I flagged down an autorickshaw and made the ladies & kids get into it and had the driver take them to their destination.

It took me a couple of more minutes to see that the man who was hit had been taken away to the hospital, barely alive. I have not been able to find out if he made it, what kind of condition he is if still alive. The crowds were dispersed by the cops and I soon left for my place. I’ll never forget the sound of the car tires screeching as the driver of the car hit the brakes or the two thuds as the man hit the car and then the road! Shudders.

Girl, Don’t Touch That Cell Phone!

A body of the Paikali Khandayat caste in the state of Orissa have banned cell phone usage amongst unmarried girls! This they say is to prevent them from “going astray”! The decision was taken by the leaders of the caste after a 3 day meeting. About 10,000 families reside in Orissa’s Ganjam district and the Paikali Khandayat Samaj said in a statement that they feel that is no great urgency for young unmarried girls to have a cell phone. They feel that the cell phone provides them an easy way to fall in love with boys and spend a lot of time sending SMSes (texting) or on calls.

“So, we have advised parents not to encourage their unmarried daughters to use these devices. There is nothing wrong in this directive and several educational institutes have also prohibited the use of mobile phones on their campuses,” Samaj president Somanath Nayak said. Although there is no fine or punishment decided and the directive is on an experimental basis, the samaj has advised all members to follow it strictly.

Wow, India can be so narrow minded and backward thinking. Do we really live in a democracy?

But he does have a point! Take my state, Kerala, for example. Over the last 3 to 4 years I have noticed a whole lot of romances blossoming up all around the cities & towns. When I pass by on the streets I can see girls & young women talking on the phone as they make they way to or from work/college/home/shopping/restaurants/friend’s houses etc, yakking on the phone as they do so. When you see that sickly smile & a bashful blush you just know who she is talking too! It’s unmistakable; all you have to do is ride the bus on the streets or just walk by for 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes you will see atleast 5 of those girls, probably more.

Now, I am not going to say ban them cell phones. I am no dictator nor do I want to stop them for going on with their lives. All I am saying is that easy access to cell phones and cheap call rates have made it a whole lot more easier for these girls & guys to hook up and most of these romances are over the phone and they rarely meet up alone. And stupid thing is that most of these romances fail as well, just creating a lot of heartbreaks because their parents won’t approve. Most of these romances won’t end up in marriage and they look like jokers as the romance “fails”.

All because of cell phones. Anyway, do what you have to do. Most families in the state, although that is changing a lot, will not allow their daughters to marry a guy that they have fallen in love with but rather want them to marry someone who they have selected. Arranged marriages, you know. So if you can’t do something like make up your own decisions and end up marrying the guy of your choice, then why bother pursuing a romance in the first place? But ban the usage of cell phones. Fuck no! What these girls & guys need is a reality check, some common sense and perhaps wiser parents.

Home For The Weekend

Well, I’m back home with the folks for the weekend. And since I will be in Kakkanad InfoPark on Monday, I’ll only be going back to Chalakudy on Tuesday evening. The moment I stepped into the apartment it was as if a great burden was lifted off my shoulders. And that worries me! It confirms the fact that I made a big blunder in selecting the place that I have rented.

Anyways, to more pleasant things, I took a bus from the office to Angamaly and waited for a bus to Ernakulam. After a while I took the low floor Volvo that goes from Angamaly to Aroor and thought that I’ll get down at HMT Junction and see if I could meet up with some of my former team members in FirstSource, my previous company. I sent them an SMS and soon enough 3 of them would be there at the time that I would also be at HMT and we met for coffee. As I got down I saw Roopa & Rekha crossing the street and in 2 minutes Wasim also joined us and we went into a small juice & coffee joint for some coffee and snacks. We spent about 45 minutes talking about stuff that has been happening at FirstSource and then said good bye.

I went to Cafe Coffee Day on Shenoys Junction as I needed more coffee and I also was supposed to meet up a friend there. He however called me just as I was stepping into the cafe calling the meeting off as he was stuck in Fort Kochi on business. Well, I put my bags next to a table and had a cold Mochachillo while browsing on my laptop. I was there for a good 40 minutes and then left to go home. Then it’s catching up with mom & dad and chicken tikka with cuboos for dinner. It feels so good to be back home. Sigh!

Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles is a American military movie disguised as an alien invasion film. It’s a means of glorifying the bravery, sacrifice and honour of being in the US Military and such should be watched with that in mind. Infact, even though there is the factor of alien ships devastating the cities of Earth and carrying away our water and aliens fighting with humans, it could just as easily be an army of another country fighting/invading the US or a band of terrorists attacking US soil.

That’s not to say that this is a bad film or that I didn’t like it. However I wanted to watch it, just like I wanted to watch Skyline, mainly due to the alien invasion angle. However the current trend is to de-personalize the aliens, make them as (forgive this word) Alien as possible and not show anything like language or emotion from them. This gives the whole war angle a more human centric angle and glorifies the humans fighting against an almost unseen & relentlessly brutal enemy, much like emotional less machines.

Now onto the movie, here is what I like about it – it is a great war movie! It’s realistic in the fighting and interactions between the soldiers. People do die and in this case, a character I expected to die lives and one I expected to live dies! There’s even a scene that made me look for Will Smith to arrive – the unit finds a wounded alien  and they find they weak point in the torso, which gives them a target. Had it been Will Smith, he would have pounded the alien, wrapped it in his parachute and dragged it across the desert.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, and starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Peña, Ne-Yo, Ramon Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan, the movie is fast paced and there is never a dull moment. I’m gonna say this, Eckhart is brilliant in this movie and that is saying a lot as he usually does a bang up job in all of his films. After a lot of destruction, deaths and the unit being shrunk down to just a handful, the soldiers led by Eckhart’s character find a strategy to beat the aliens – blow up their command center while leaves their unmanned drones out of power and useless. Ofcourse once the victorious team is rescued this bit if information is shared with all cities under attack as a way to defeat the enemy and get them running. Or flying back in the ships back to which ever shit-hole planet they came from.

8 outta 10. Watch it!

This Is Not Home

Ok guys confession time. I am not sure that moving here to this house in Chalakudy was a good idea. I wish that I had the luxury of having premonitions or whatever seeing into the future gift. Hindsight being 20/20 I think I should have held off for a few more weeks and found a better place. I am not comfortable here and do not feel like I’m coming home at all at the end of the day.

My reasons are manifold – first of all I do not like cockroaches! The first evening that I was here, Tuesday, I came home and found a roach in the bathroom. I quickly took a toilet brush and killed the bugger. I had hoped that he was a one off surprise. But the very next evening, as I stepped in, I saw a cockroach in the kitchen, on a plate (that hadn’t been used yet) that was left sitting on the kitchen counter. I called the landowner for a broom and his wife quickly came in and killed the roach. They offered to spray the bug killing spray Hit for me in my kitchen and bathroom that night just before I was to retire for the night. I said thanks and we did the same at night around 10pm.

In about 30 minutes, as I lay on my bed watching a movie, I spied another roach coming in through a crack in the door that leads from my bedroom to the kitchen. Once again, bathroom brush in hand, I killed this roach. I was disgusted and pissed off and it took me a long time to go to sleep, and I left the lights on. When I woke up I counted the nights deaths – 3 dead roaches in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom, 1 small one near my bed and the one that I killed! What is this the Roach Motel? According to my landlord, the previous renters used to leave a lot of fruit & cut up tender coconuts & stuff in the small room next to the kitchen and hence roaches. After the previous renters had left & before I had moved in, the landlord and his wife had sprayed bug killer spray for 3 nights in a row to get rid of the roaches and they found a lot of dead ones.

About one of the most disgusting things in the world and one that I hate will all my might are cockroaches. I fucking hate them and I wish them all dead. It’s no fun sitting here in the evenings and wondering where the next roach is hiding and when will i chose to come out. I hate this feeling and although yesterday and so far tonight, after using some other bug repellent, I haven’ seen any till now, I am skeptical. This is my biggest peeve about this place.

The second thing is something that I could just not make out the two times I was here before moving in. This bedroom and living room get hardly any sunlight! The first time I was in here, it was 8pm and hence no sun. Ok and the second time it was at 7 am in the morning, so I couldn’t make out at all. I find it odd that at 9am when the sun was shining quite brightly, a brief respite from all the rains & clouds, it was so dark inside my rooms. I have to always have the lights on! I do not like that! I washed some clothes this morning and hung them on a line in the kitchen but how are they gonna dry if I can’t get sunlight in?

The third thing is they don’t have a proper waste disposal & collection system in this area. What they do here is they collect their waste in big plastic bags and toss them once full at some spots on the road. Once in a while, they are collected by the municipal workers and taken to a dump. Sheesh! I am scared to collect waste here as that will attract even more roaches!

Overall I do not get a good comfortable feeling from here and therefore I am unable to settle in. I do not what to do but I think moving in here was not a wise decision. I guess I’ll duke it out for a while and search for another place to stay in and then move. Here’s hoping that it works out.

Metallica’s New Album

Metallica & Lou Reed of Velvet Underground fame – it doesn’t sound like a likely combo to me! How about you?

But that’s the announcement from the Bay Area thrashers, stating that their follow up to 2008’s Death Magnetic is atleast 10 songs which the guys in the band have recorded with the New York music veteran. M/s Lars, James, Kirk & Rob performed with Reed during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concerts in New York City in 2009, and the collaboration prompted them to start planning a project together. A statement from the band confirms that they have just completed a few months’ work with Reed in their San Francisco studio and finished recording a 10 track album.

Calling the former Velvet Underground frontman a legend, the statement reads ”

“Ever since we had the pleasure of performing with Lou… we have been kicking around the idea of making a record together. Some of you astute Bay Area residents may have picked up news of recent Lou Reed sightings in the greater San Francisco area and we have indeed been working at our home studio at HQ on and off over the last few months. In that would be lightning speed for a Metallica related project, we recorded 10 songs during this time and while at this moment we’re not exactly sure when you’ll hear it, we’re beyond excited to share with you that the recording sessions wrapped up last week.”

If I Could Only See For A Day

Wow that is a very difficult one to answer. I do not think that most of us, who take sight for granted, can ever comprehend blindness. Not being able to see the computer screen in front of you, the sky, the trees, the birds, the road, the people, the shops, the buildings, animals. rivers & ponds, the cars, the bikes, the beautiful women, the raindrops falling after a hot summer day, the flowers, your favourite sports or tv series or movies, your friends, your family! It’s not something I often think about but the fact is, I take my ability to see, albeit with the aid of glasses to aid my short-sightedness, a little too much for granted.

Having said that I, along with millions of others I presume, cannot help but feel pity for a blind person. The things that they are missing! – is the first sentence that pops into my mind. It might be haughty of me but yes without seeing the world around you, I do not think that it is worth living. It’s just too colourful, too vivid and too detailed for someone to explain in just words spoken. How does one explain in words a gorgeous sunset or sunrise? I wouldn’t dare think that my words can even describe one to 10% of it’s actual beauty.

Coming back to the specific topic at hand, how would I possibly choose just one day out of all in my lifetime to see, if I was blind? Well I thought & thought and I can only come up with this – ok, if I was blind but I could choose one day to see, I would want to see the day that all my favourite sports teams win their sports’ biggest trophy/league, my favourite music bands all perform one after the other live on stage in front of me, my family & friends are in one room, having a big ole party with me, and it’s New Year’s eve and then to end the night – the sexiest woman in the whole world, with the most knockout body, undress herself & me in my bedroom when we are alone to make the most raunchiest of all raunchiest sex acts with me!

Good day, eh?

The Melancholic & Mellifluous Melody

In lieu of me moving from my comfort zone of my home and Cochin and a little away from family, this song keeps coming to my mind. First of all guitarist Andy McKee wrote this brilliant, melodic & melancholic piece of music on a similar situation – he wrote it when he moved away from home, quit college and decided to pursue music against his father’s wishes. He remembered the feeling of being a little scared and yet a whole lot of excitement at venturing out on his own. When he made a name for himself, his father was quite proud of him.

Although I am much older than Andy when he moved and I have nothing but my folks’ best wishes & blessings, I am still a little apprehensive at this move due to not having enough funds, choosing a place that’s not as good as I would have wanted it to be and not wanting to move from my hometown to this city. But I did it because I feel that it would be better for me rather than traveling all that time in the bus and save my back from the pain I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. And anyway, it’s a beauty of a song. Enjoy Drifting by Andy McKee.

The Bachelor’s Way

So how is everyone doing today? Me – well after work I walked in the pouring rain towards the bus stop and waited for about 10 minutes for a bus to Chalakudy. I got in, glad to get some respite from the rains. Within a few minutes I got down at my stop and had a cup of coffee at a shop nearby. The hot coffee was quite welcome, even if it wasn’t that great (some low cost brand). After that I needed to buy a couple of things from the nearby shops – washing powder for my clothes, a loaf of bread and some instant noodles for dinner. I bought these and then headed towards my new home.

Once there I noticed that I could not see anyone in any of the houses near the one that I was staying in. Not a single person to be seen, not even a silhouette and it was only 7:30 pm! Must all be hiding due to the rain! Anyway, I unlocked the door, took my shoes off and got in, placed my dripping wet umbrella in a corner and closed the windows of the living room. Let me explain – the windows were open but they have a separate screen door on all the windows, which lets in the air but keeps out the mosquitoes! So I closed them and then switched on the light in my bedroom and then…. “I thought I saw a puddy cat!” I looked closer and yes “I did saw a puddy cat”! Bugger was in my kitchen and I chased him out through the kitchen windows and then closed them.

I then spoke to my landlord and his wife – turns out that the cat is theirs and he had wandered in. I spend about 20 minutes talking to them and then closed the door that connects their part of the house to my section. I then unpacked the plastic table from it’s carton and set it up. It was easier than I expected it to be. Over it now sits my laptop, with two speakers and a mouse (the computer kind, don’t worry I didn’t have another visitor). I changed my clothes and then unpacked the kitchen stuff – electric stove, electric kettle, plates, vessels, glasses, knives, spoons & forks. I put aside some stuff into the two cupboards that are there in the kitchen and placed some on the kitchen counter. Then I went to lie down on my bed and switch on the lappy. I soon got calls from mom, dad & my sister to find out how the move went.

After speaking with them, I selected a movie – Airheads to put me in a good mood – and watched about 20 minutes of it before I began to feel hungry. I went into the kitchen and got some water in a vessel and cooked the noodles on the stove. It was slow going, as I have never used an electric stove before. Unsure and a little apprehensive, I did manage to cook the noodles and then took the bowl and a fork to my bedroom and ate my dinner in front of the laptop while I watched the movie. Oh and I also killed a cockroach in the bathroom – no way was I gonna share the tiny bathroom with it! Once the movie was over I laid back on my bed and tried reading for a bit. I must have however fallen asleep quite quickly and I woke up at around 6:15 am with all the lights on. Morning had arrived and after a while I made some coffee and sipped it while listening to some tunes on my headphones.

I took a cold but refreshing bath and for breakfast I had bread & jam sandwiches, which I ate without using a plate (hey, that’s less cleaning for me). I then dressed to get ready to go to the office and then locked the house and went to work.

Moved To Chalakudy

So I have moved into the new place today. I have been in my new place for all of 15 minutes (lol) before I left for the office.

I woke up at 6:30 am and lazed around at home. A sudden feeling on uneasiness surrounded me from last night and enveloped me as I tried to face the day. I do not know why I was feeling so; this is something that I have been wanting for a very long time. I just wish that I had more money and that the place was in Cochin rather than in the Chalakudy/Thrissur area. I love Cochin and if I am staying in Kerala, I would prefer to stay in my hometown. Unless you know it’s a really well paying job and I can get a nice apartment, which I can make as a home.

So anyway, I took my time over coffee and then had another cup much later. I stayed online not wanting to pack. But pack I had to and by 8:30 am I started doing that. By 9 am it was like the sky was crying  – it got so dark and overcast and it started pouring rain. Aww the city is gonna miss me. Don’t worry, I will be back during the weekends – atleast for now. So I watched the rains for a bit and then packed all my clothes. I took a shower and then packed my toiletries that I had just bought the previous evening – soaps, shaving cream, shaving brush, toothbrush, tooth paste, shaving razor, talcum powder and deodorant. Then it was onto the things I needed for the home – 4 normal size plates, 4 smaller plates, a kettle, coffee mug, 3 cooking vessels, 1 bowl, electric stove, knives, spoons, forks, glasses, some jars (sugar & salt included in two jars), bedsheets, pillow covers, 2 buckets and a mug – did I miss anything?

I packed in my laptop, charger, speakers, one of my external hard drives, an extension cord and a few dvds. I won’t have internet connection for a few days and so I need entertainment! Like I stated earlier, I’ve bought a bed+mattress, a pillow and a plastic table which will be my only furniture. The landlord has given me a chair which I shall gladly use for the moment. I’d like to get a computer table & chair next month. I changed my clothes and a hired driver and car came to pick me up and load this stuff into the back. I said bye to my mom and called up my dad to say that I was leaving. Just outside the apartment there is a nice store from where I purchased the two buckets and a mug. We left the city by 12 pm and with the heavy rains came the traffic blocks and so made it to Chalakudy by 1:30 pm.

I got the key from the landlord’s wife, opened the door and with the help of the driver kept all my stuff in the kitchen and my bedroom. 15 minutes later I was on my way to the office and then paid the driver and headed for the canteen for lunch before entering the office. I’m at work now but will leave soon for my new home. I’ve gotta buy some coffee powder and then see what I can make for dinner. Watch a movie on the laptop and then sleep for the first time in a new bed, in a new place.

The Night Before I Move

Moving day is here tomorrow. Let me clear something up – although I am moving to Chalakudy, which is about 50 kms away from where I currently live, I will be back home during the weekends. As my work is now shifting back to general day shifts for the next 10-15 days or so, that means that I will be back home on Saturday evenings by around 8pm and will spend the whole of Sunday @ home. Now atleast for the first couple of weeks atleast I will be back home, until things settle down.

I do not expect to be online much during the week as I will not an internet connection there for a few days. I need to sort out that – I’m hoping I can transfer my Tata Indicom wirelan broadband connection to Chalakudy and will drop in to their offices tomorrow morning to find out if it is possible. If not then my options is to buy either a Reliance Netconnect or Tata Phototon USB device that will let me get connectivity without the hassles of wires. I do not know what is the best option so I am just going to have to wait a few days and then get that sorted out.

In the meantime, I now need to buy a couple of buckets and a mug, a wastebin, some detergent & perhaps a clothes hanging stand on my way to Chalakudy tomorrow. That will do as far as purchases are concerned. I’m amazed at the stuff that I already have – plates, glasses, spoons, forks and knives along with a couple of utensils. Nothing more to do then pack my clothes and get ready for tomorrow. Excited and worried at the same time.

New home here I come!