Saw An Old Friend This Morning

This morning after my 10pm to 6am shift I had to go to Chalakudy to get my mattress and bed from the house I was renting and put it in my sister’s house which was just 2.5 kilometers away. Suffice to say that either I will stay in her house during the week (she, my bro-in-law and their kids use this house as a weekend getaway and go there about 2 weekends in a month to get away from the city) or keep the bed, a table and some kitchen stuff there for a while until I find a more suitable place to rent out.

So I waited till around 7:15 am and then left the office to go to the Chalakuddy market. After reaching there I looked around for a place to have some breakfast and, more importantly, some coffee. I found a small hotel where I ate poori & potato masala with vada and song very strong coffee. The masala was not good and I relied on the vada and poori to satisfy my hunger and the coffee to keep my eyes open. Done there, I went in search of a “petti” auto, a 3 wheeler with an open back area to transport my bed & mattress along with the various vessels and kitchen items that I had from the rented house to my sister’s house. I found one, fixed the rates and went to collect my things. I spoke to my landlord and once again apologized for leaving so abruptly but there was no way that I was gonna continue in that house.

I also noticed that a new renter had already place most of his belongs in the front porch of the house. This college lecturer is going to rent the same section of the house from next week. Good luck fellow; he’s got a laptop & desktop pc and lots of stuff. I wonder how he is going to fare in that place. He has a little fridge as well and book shelves and various other furniture. Anyways, with the help of the auto driver, I got all the stuff loaded in the back of the vehicle, I gave the landowner my key and said goodbye. Off we went to find my sister’s house, as I have never been there.

A short drive later we found the house with directions from my sis and the caretaker and his brother, both of whom live next door, opened the gate for us. We got out and they helped me unload the things that I had and the two of them lifted my bed to the second floor room along with the plastic table, which I had dismantled. While they did that I stopped by the kennels to say hello to an old friend. I think some of my regular readers will know about Shawny Junior, my sister’s dog. When my sis & her husband had got the dog as a 45 day old pup back in 2005, they hadn’t realized that they would not be allowed to raise the dog in their apartment in the city. Hence puppy was brought to stay in my parents home and I raised the little affectionate mutt for a year.

Junior is a Black Labrador & Dalmatian mix. In September of 2006 my parents sold the house and they and I moved to this apartment in the city. By that time, the construction of the house in Chalakudy had been completed and so they could take Shawny Jr there. I have never seen Shawny Jr since then as I have never been to my sister’s house till today. Over the last couple of years, she had mated and birthed her two kids, a male & a female. At first on seeing me both Junior and her son, the dog you see in the second pic, started barking and growling and looked on fiercely at me and the auto driver. I went to Junior and talked to her, calling her name in the old familiar fashion that I used to. Then I went into the house to keep my induction stove, electric kettle and various vessels in the kitchen of the house. Just as I was leaving, I went back to the kennels and called Shawny Junior softly.

By now I think she recognized me and was silent and wagging her tail in that frantic manner that I remember so well. I fondly petted her head and face and gave her an affectionate rub on her back. Seeing this her son quietened down and lay down and stopped barking. He must have thought “if Mom knows him then I guess he is ok!” I felt sad on seeing Shawny as I really love this dog and was upset that I couldn’t keep her and that’s why I didn’t want to go see her. After raising her for the first year, if I can’t keep her then seeing her just once in a while would break my heart and I purposefully kept away. But I was happy on seeing her today.

Soon it was time for me to leave. I never got to see Junior’s daughter, who was left loose and on the other end of the property. Her son was cold to me and ignored me as soon as he realized that I was an old friend of his mom’s. Look at him sitting there all disinterested! Typical teenager, so disrespectful!!! LOL