How To say Farewell In 1:38

One of the most amazing, passionate, heartfelt and mind blowingly awesome instrumentals of all time, as short a piece as it is! Be astonished at the musicality of Zakk Wylde in the ballad Farewell! The song has been compared to an orgasm, a symphony & an epic in less than 2 minutes but I’d call it the feeling of heartbreak when you have to say goodbye to someone who you have truly & passionately loved for so long! It’s a lover’s world come crashing down.


Released in 2009, Legion directed by Scott Stewart, stars Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, Kate Walsh and Dennis Quaid. It’s a supernatural thriller depicting a kind of apocalyptic situation featuring the angels who come down to earth to wipe out human kind on the orders of god. Apparently, as explained by the archangel Michael, God has lost faith in mankind and has sent down his angels to destroy the human race.

If that doesn’t scare you off Christianity nothing ever will and you are a lost cause! Not you typical benevolent angel type behaviour eh? No peace loving, wearing white and spreading love throughout the universe type proto-hippy these guys. And what a god, such a sucker for violence, the sonofabitch!! Anyhoo Michael (Bettany) falls down to earth and cuts off his wings, as he opposed god’s plans to wipe out humanity as Michael still believes that humans have good in them. He then heads for the Paradise Falls diner, near the edge of the Mojave Desert. Meanwhile, Kyle (Tyrese Gibson), a single father driving to L.A., stops at the diner. There he meets the owner, Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid); his son Jeep (Lucas Black); the short-order cook Percy (Charles S. Dutton); a pregnant waitress, Charlie (Adrianne Palicki); a married couple, Howard and Sandra Anderson (Jon Tenney and Kate Walsh), and their rebellious teenage daughter, Audrey (Willa Holland).

After a scary moment with an initially pleasant old woman turns in a wall crawling banshee inside the dinner and an attack of horseflies as the patrons try to leave, Michael arrives to arm them and as the sky turns black, he informs them as to who he is and the fact that Charlie’s baby will be the saviour of mankind and it must stay alive for mankind to survive. Michael leads the group to fight off possessed humans who are out to kill the baby and will attack and kill the patrons of the dinner to get to it. (This fucking god is crazy and a pycho) Some of the patrons are killed as time goes on and finally horns signal the arrival of the archangel Gabriel, sent by god himself t o lead the attack and just as Charlie delivers the baby. Gabriel kills Michael and the latter’s body disappears.

Finally only Jeep, Charlie, the baby and Audrey are left and they leave in a car. Gabriel chases after them and Audrey is killed, and just as Gabriel is about to kill the remaining 3 humans, Michael is back as an angel, having regained his powers back. He states to Gabriel that his angelic powers were restored because he did what god needed and not what god wanted (this fucking god is a lunatic) and thus humanity has been given another chance. This time Michael defeats Gabriel, who leaves. Enlisting Jeep as the true protector of the baby, Michael leaves and Jeep, Charlie and the baby make their way in the car to a town nearby. The end!

A pissed of god, angels that kill without remorse and possessed humans. Read my review and saw some time. 6 outta 10 and that’s only for the action scenes!