My Favorite Places To Read & Write


My bed. I’ve read many books, novels mostly while lying on my bed at times in various positions (let your imagination run wild dear reader), with some music playing in the background.

At the cafe. Sipping on a nice cold frappe or a latte, depending on the weather, and reading the latest John Grisham or Stephen King best seller is so enjoyable. When hunger pangs set in order a sandwich or a muffin or maybe a biscotti and settled for a couple of hours in the cafe. Perfect escape from the heat or the rains in the city.

The Bar. Not all bars though because the lighting usually is dull at best. But on afternoon jaunts to a local bar here called Oberois, I usually do take a novel with me as there is enough natural light and or lights above me to allow me to read without any strain. Sipping a beer or some vodka+sprite and some good food engrossed in a good book is the best way to kill a weekend afternoon.

Writing/Using my latop:

Well the first two do qualify; I wouldn’t use my laptop in a bar. But yeah I usually go to Cafe Coffee Day or Coffee Beans or Coffee Cube with my laptop. Only the last of these offer wifi; for the others I use my Reliance Netconnect+ USB modem to get online. I like blogging from the cafes and find that I usually can type up a lot more over there rather than at home.

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