On Finishing Books; Obligation?

Hmmm I like this question; are we just talking about books or books as a metaphor for the projects that we take up in life? Interesting, well I’ll answer about books here. I do feel obligated to finish all books that I have picked up to start reading. After all it’s just a book and it shouldn’t be too much trouble to finish reading it. But have you come across real snorefests, books that made you fall asleep as soon as you have read a few pages?

I have and quite a few most of which I do not remember because I ended up not finishing reading them. They were dull, long winded and written in a monotone kind of writing (whatever that is it does sound right to describe it). I think The Last Temptation Of Christ was one of them. I can’t remember as it has been so many years. I remember that I was trying to read this novel that my sister gave me, while we were vacation in my grandmother’s house many years ago. Every time I would try and read this damned book, I’d fall asleep no more than a few pages in! Like magic; I’d be all awake and alert, pick up this book at around 10:30 am and by 11am I would be snoring on the sofa or bed! I didn’t manage to finish reading it.

Maybe that proves that you shouldn’t read in bed if you want to finish a book. I usually do read in bed and that must explain why I have a few book left to complete reading. Most of them are boring and long which I why I haven’t finished them. But there is one that I have; it’s an interesting one and I can’t wait to see how it ends but I just can’t get to finish reading it. I’m about half way in and it’s a good story but I haven’t read a page of it in the last 2 months! Just crazy!

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My Own Spaceship

I finally yielded and bought one. I’ve searched for something like this ever since I saw this photo way back towards the end of 2006. I was googling for pictures of Star Trek cast, scenes and then started a search in Google for the ships. That’s when I saw this exact photo and came to know that they made such models for fans of the show to buy. What is it?

Well for those of you who do not know, it’s a model of the USS Enterprise – NCC – 1701- E from Star Trek. This ship is the one that was built for the crew that was lead by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the rest of the TNG era crew (Riker, Data, LaForge, Worf, Dr. Crusher & Troi) after the Enterprise – D ship was destroyed in the events of the movie Star Trek VII: Generations. The TNG crew called this ship home during the events that would unfold in the movies Star Trek VIII: First Contact, Star Trek IX: Resurrection & Star Trek X: Nemesis. It’s the ship that the Borg boarded and almost took over when they converted parts of it to Borg aspects but which Picard refused to yield. Infact he was downright obsessive over it for a while, showing signs of unrealistic stubbornness. Damn straight as she is the most advanced ship in Starfleet! And it is also the ship which went head to head with the Romulan warship & predator like Scimitar, literally head to head in a crash that almost destroyed both ships!

My very own Enterprise, the most famous of all spaceship, fictional though it may be. This particular model is the AMT 1/2500 Cadet Series Star Trek Enterprise E AMT663, which I was able to purchase via eBay. They had sent me a discount coupon for purchases from the Global Easy Buy option, which I used to get this for a good discount. I will get it within 2 weeks I guess. According to the information that I have, this cause this one is made to same accuracy that you have seen in the movies to the very last escape pod hatch and the rest because of the authentic star trek sound effects. Just push the bridge and you get to hear sound effects with the voice of Patrick Stewart and  the light-up engines, bridge, and deflector dish all authentic to the last voice. About 18″ in length the Star Trek Enterprise model has a stand height of 5.5″ and comes with 2 batteries.

On Money and Happiness

They say that money can’t buy you happiness. Or love (thanks Ringo, John, George & Paul) for that matter. But it’s not as simple as that, not so cut and dry. Money can lead you to get the things that you wanted and thus help you towards getting highly satisfied in life. You would need money to buy you a lot of things that are essential in life and goes a long way to making your life secure & comfortable. Without which you cannot be happy.

‘All You Need Is Love’ is what the Fab 4 sang to us all those years back (again with the Beatles quotes, what’s with me today?). Say you are a young man who is single and suddenly you find the love of your life. Don’t you want to provide for her, buy her the things you would want her to have? Don’t you want a nice apartment or house for you and her to call home? Don’t you want to buy all the household appliances, a nice big screen tv and lots of clothes? Good food for the both of you to eat and the choicest of beverages? And when you have kids don’t you want to secure their future, their feeding, their upbringing and their education? How do you think you can get all that done?

They only way is to have money, maybe not loads of it but enough and a little more so that you can do all of this and above. So you may need lakhs of rupees and not crores (or hundreds of thousands of dollars but not millions) and also retain a positive outook, be faithful and loving and if you get that in return and are successful in what you do as a career, then you might find true happiness.

Me, I have neither money nor happiness! At this stage of my life, I’d really want lots of money. So those of you who think that money can’t buy you happiness – strictly none at all, not even indirectly – I say give me all your money or most of it any way. You will find happiness and I will be very rich. And a result, I will be very happy! There, that way everyone’s a winner!!

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How To say Farewell In 1:38

One of the most amazing, passionate, heartfelt and mind blowingly awesome instrumentals of all time, as short a piece as it is! Be astonished at the musicality of Zakk Wylde in the ballad Farewell! The song has been compared to an orgasm, a symphony & an epic in less than 2 minutes but I’d call it the feeling of heartbreak when you have to say goodbye to someone who you have truly & passionately loved for so long! It’s a lover’s world come crashing down.


Released in 2009, Legion directed by Scott Stewart, stars Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, Kate Walsh and Dennis Quaid. It’s a supernatural thriller depicting a kind of apocalyptic situation featuring the angels who come down to earth to wipe out human kind on the orders of god. Apparently, as explained by the archangel Michael, God has lost faith in mankind and has sent down his angels to destroy the human race.

If that doesn’t scare you off Christianity nothing ever will and you are a lost cause! Not you typical benevolent angel type behaviour eh? No peace loving, wearing white and spreading love throughout the universe type proto-hippy these guys. And what a god, such a sucker for violence, the sonofabitch!! Anyhoo Michael (Bettany) falls down to earth and cuts off his wings, as he opposed god’s plans to wipe out humanity as Michael still believes that humans have good in them. He then heads for the Paradise Falls diner, near the edge of the Mojave Desert. Meanwhile, Kyle (Tyrese Gibson), a single father driving to L.A., stops at the diner. There he meets the owner, Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid); his son Jeep (Lucas Black); the short-order cook Percy (Charles S. Dutton); a pregnant waitress, Charlie (Adrianne Palicki); a married couple, Howard and Sandra Anderson (Jon Tenney and Kate Walsh), and their rebellious teenage daughter, Audrey (Willa Holland).

After a scary moment with an initially pleasant old woman turns in a wall crawling banshee inside the dinner and an attack of horseflies as the patrons try to leave, Michael arrives to arm them and as the sky turns black, he informs them as to who he is and the fact that Charlie’s baby will be the saviour of mankind and it must stay alive for mankind to survive. Michael leads the group to fight off possessed humans who are out to kill the baby and will attack and kill the patrons of the dinner to get to it. (This fucking god is crazy and a pycho) Some of the patrons are killed as time goes on and finally horns signal the arrival of the archangel Gabriel, sent by god himself t o lead the attack and just as Charlie delivers the baby. Gabriel kills Michael and the latter’s body disappears.

Finally only Jeep, Charlie, the baby and Audrey are left and they leave in a car. Gabriel chases after them and Audrey is killed, and just as Gabriel is about to kill the remaining 3 humans, Michael is back as an angel, having regained his powers back. He states to Gabriel that his angelic powers were restored because he did what god needed and not what god wanted (this fucking god is a lunatic) and thus humanity has been given another chance. This time Michael defeats Gabriel, who leaves. Enlisting Jeep as the true protector of the baby, Michael leaves and Jeep, Charlie and the baby make their way in the car to a town nearby. The end!

A pissed of god, angels that kill without remorse and possessed humans. Read my review and saw some time. 6 outta 10 and that’s only for the action scenes!

Me, Kripa & The Bus Ride

It was around 8:45 pm and I was waiting for a bus at the Kaloor bus stand to take me to my office area. That’s when I noticed this young girl standing with a big bag slung across her shoulder and wearing what looked like the uniform of an Engineering college. At that time of night there were hardly any other women around in the bus stand area and she looked hopelessly lost and a bit scared. A few men leered at her and they may have passed a lewd comment or two amongst themselves. The girl looked around, hoping for a bus to come quickly so she could get away. She then saw me and I do not know what it was that made her do it but she moved closer towards me and asked me if I was going to Angamaly.

Now Angamaly is onroute to the place that I need to get down at, just 2 or 3 stops before Koratty and I told her where I was going. We started talking and I could make out that she was just scared and was hoping to find a friendly face and since no one else was available, yours truly substituted. After a few more minutes we got into a bus headed for the area and I was surprised when she asked me if I would sit with her. I said ok and we sat towards the front of the bus and paid for our tickets. We talked throughout the 45 minutes that it took for us to get to her stop, or rather she mostly talked  and I listened. She was going to Angamaly to stay at her aunt’s house for the weekend as her parents live in Mangalore. She didn’t expect to leave the city so late and was a little scared as she usually never travels alone at this hour.

Kripa, that’s her name, is 21 years old and could probably pass for a lot younger and looks rather sweet & innocent. She’s probably one of those girls who have never hurt anyone or anything and has lived quite a sheltered life. She reminded me a lot of my sweet Maya, from my former office, similar in age and innocence. You know, 21 years old and going on 12! I call Maya my “dhathputri” or adopted daughter and she jokingly calls me “pappa” and I’ve kept in touch with her in the last 4 months since I left my old job. Anyways, I said goodbye to Kripa and was glad to see that her aunt & cousin were waiting for her at the Angamaly bus stop. She bid me a cheerful farewell, no doubt grateful for the company this big guy could give her and we exchanged phone numbers as she wanted to call me once in a while.

Just what happened to me that I became a surrogate big brother to some people? When did I become, to use a Sci-fi character, Dr. Carson Beckett from Stargate Atlantis? Cause you know, Beckett was described as Atlantis’s big brother! Why did she pick me out of all the people in the bus stand? Do I have “big brother” written on my forehead? I’m not like that. I am deadly, I am scary, I am dangerous. I prey on young, innocent & pretty young women like a vampire on the hunt…….oh who am I kidding! I am so the king of big brotherland! Sigh!

Stargate Universe: Episode 28 “Malice”

At the end of the last episode we saw Simeon enter Ginn/Dr. Amanda Perry’s quarters and we find out that he killed her, unaware of Dr. Perry’s consciousness being involved at all. It is Rush who finds her dead body and radios TJ for help. Simeon purposefully strolls through the corridors, shooting out a power conduit to darken the ship. He shoots two guards at the armory, and begins raiding the armory for supplies. Lt. James visits homeworld and reports back that although Ginn, in Amanda Perry’s body, was able to deliver quite a lot of useful data, she is now dead as is Dr. Perry.

Simeon enters the gate room and holds Volker & Park at gun point and makes them seal the doors. He takes Park as hostage and has her hands tied behind her back. Simeon has Volker dial the gate to a desert like planet nearby and enters the wormhole along with Park. After the rest catch up to the gate room, Rush goes off to the planet behind Simeon, followed by Greer, Scott and some soldiers. They find Park alone with a bomb attached to her.

Rush manages to remove the sensor and throw the bomb far away to denote without causing any harm. More soldiers join the hunt for Simeon, who Col. Young wants to be captured although Varro advices against it. The team on the Destiny try to delay the countdown before the ship goes to FTL. On the planet, Scott’s team manages to catch up with Simeon. Since he’s out in the open, Greer is able to shoot him. Greer hits him in the leg. Rush urges Greer to fire again, but Greer’s next shot goes wide and while distracted, Greer gets shot by Simeon. Scott carries Greer back while Rush continues to chase the Lucian Alliance soldier. Through his binoculars, Rush spots a herd of animals,  native to this planet and without Simeon noticing, he plants a block of explosives in their vicinity. Later he detonates the explosives by remote causing the herd to get scared and rush away to safety.

Simeon is caught in the stampede and as he lays down injured Rush approaches him and shoots him dead, avenging the deaths of Ginn and the woman he loved.

If I Could Get Away With Committing A Crime

Aha, the perfect option! Getting away with crime is something that we all wish we could do; however my requirement is only that of ridding the world of evil & pests to mankind and I wish no personal gain. Other than the pleasure of having gotten rid of some really bad rubbish, no doubt! I do not wish to commit any heists or raid the coffers of a bank or some other monetary & financial benefits. I wish that I could kill some low life vermin who do not deserve to be called as human.

These people go about their lives making profit out of cheating people, rape, murder, incest, looting and/or generally making the life of others miserable. They seem to exist only for these purposes and hence do not go by the philosophy that I maintain – help other people if you can and if you can’t atleast do not trouble them! Oh no, these people are out to manipulate, use & abuse and make you wish that you were never born!

Why should we feel that way? If you and I go about life without initially causing any harm and if we do find out that we have done some, then we go and fix it. We apologize and we help. These people? No chance in hell.

So I would like to get away with murder; kill them and not be punished. I have a target list of such people which includes even distant relatives, people I have worked with in the same organizations, religious & political figures, criminals and rapists! That’s what I would do – exterminate them!

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Saw An Old Friend This Morning

This morning after my 10pm to 6am shift I had to go to Chalakudy to get my mattress and bed from the house I was renting and put it in my sister’s house which was just 2.5 kilometers away. Suffice to say that either I will stay in her house during the week (she, my bro-in-law and their kids use this house as a weekend getaway and go there about 2 weekends in a month to get away from the city) or keep the bed, a table and some kitchen stuff there for a while until I find a more suitable place to rent out.

So I waited till around 7:15 am and then left the office to go to the Chalakuddy market. After reaching there I looked around for a place to have some breakfast and, more importantly, some coffee. I found a small hotel where I ate poori & potato masala with vada and song very strong coffee. The masala was not good and I relied on the vada and poori to satisfy my hunger and the coffee to keep my eyes open. Done there, I went in search of a “petti” auto, a 3 wheeler with an open back area to transport my bed & mattress along with the various vessels and kitchen items that I had from the rented house to my sister’s house. I found one, fixed the rates and went to collect my things. I spoke to my landlord and once again apologized for leaving so abruptly but there was no way that I was gonna continue in that house.

I also noticed that a new renter had already place most of his belongs in the front porch of the house. This college lecturer is going to rent the same section of the house from next week. Good luck fellow; he’s got a laptop & desktop pc and lots of stuff. I wonder how he is going to fare in that place. He has a little fridge as well and book shelves and various other furniture. Anyways, with the help of the auto driver, I got all the stuff loaded in the back of the vehicle, I gave the landowner my key and said goodbye. Off we went to find my sister’s house, as I have never been there.

A short drive later we found the house with directions from my sis and the caretaker and his brother, both of whom live next door, opened the gate for us. We got out and they helped me unload the things that I had and the two of them lifted my bed to the second floor room along with the plastic table, which I had dismantled. While they did that I stopped by the kennels to say hello to an old friend. I think some of my regular readers will know about Shawny Junior, my sister’s dog. When my sis & her husband had got the dog as a 45 day old pup back in 2005, they hadn’t realized that they would not be allowed to raise the dog in their apartment in the city. Hence puppy was brought to stay in my parents home and I raised the little affectionate mutt for a year.

Junior is a Black Labrador & Dalmatian mix. In September of 2006 my parents sold the house and they and I moved to this apartment in the city. By that time, the construction of the house in Chalakudy had been completed and so they could take Shawny Jr there. I have never seen Shawny Jr since then as I have never been to my sister’s house till today. Over the last couple of years, she had mated and birthed her two kids, a male & a female. At first on seeing me both Junior and her son, the dog you see in the second pic, started barking and growling and looked on fiercely at me and the auto driver. I went to Junior and talked to her, calling her name in the old familiar fashion that I used to. Then I went into the house to keep my induction stove, electric kettle and various vessels in the kitchen of the house. Just as I was leaving, I went back to the kennels and called Shawny Junior softly.

By now I think she recognized me and was silent and wagging her tail in that frantic manner that I remember so well. I fondly petted her head and face and gave her an affectionate rub on her back. Seeing this her son quietened down and lay down and stopped barking. He must have thought “if Mom knows him then I guess he is ok!” I felt sad on seeing Shawny as I really love this dog and was upset that I couldn’t keep her and that’s why I didn’t want to go see her. After raising her for the first year, if I can’t keep her then seeing her just once in a while would break my heart and I purposefully kept away. But I was happy on seeing her today.

Soon it was time for me to leave. I never got to see Junior’s daughter, who was left loose and on the other end of the property. Her son was cold to me and ignored me as soon as he realized that I was an old friend of his mom’s. Look at him sitting there all disinterested! Typical teenager, so disrespectful!!! LOL

Almost Peed Myself

I was just speaking to a lady friend of mine who recently got engaged and come back to town after a long trip away. During her trip, which I hadn’t known about, she wasn’t online save for a few hours here and there to check her emails. But once she reached her sister’s place she could use get online, using her brother-in-law’s laptop and internet connection. Now she couldn’t chat with her friends as she couldn’t get Gtalk on it and didn’t want to try installing it as it wasn’t her laptop….but this is how she told it to me

Now what my innocently talking friend said was “I didn’t find Gtalk on the laptop but I didn’t want to try downloading and installing it and experimenting on the lap (short for laptop ofcourse). It wasn’t my lap and not even my sister’s lap but since it was my brother-in-law’s lap, I didn’t want to experiment on it!!!!!”

Can you see why I almost died of laughter???

Things People Are Surprised to Learn About Me

Hmmm, I’m not a very surprising guy but there are things that people, over here atleast, are surprised to learn about me.

That I am an atheist – in the land of a 1000 gods and 10000 temples! Yeah, I get a lot of questions and incredulous responses on that one.

That I can’t read Malayalam – I am ashamed of that one but I don’t let it affect my life.

That I don’t like cricket, Bollywood, Malayalam classical music, Tamil music (especially by that hack Rahman) and Hindi songs! Sue me!

Some people are surprised when I tell them my age! A vast majority think that I am younger than my age but a handful of people have thought that I am older. I do not know what to think of that. I think I look around my age & probably a bit younger but people are, you know, stupid! But I don’t think I look 4 to 5 years older than my age!

People are surprised in my taste in music. I do have a varied taste and as I grew older, have cared two farts for what is trendy and popular. I listen to what I like and the artists that I like are vast and varied.

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Star Trek’s Ultimate Tragic Figure?

After completing watching the entire Deep Space 9 series, and having already seen the entire Star Trek TNG series, I have this feeling that the ultimate tragic figure in all of Star Trek is Worf.

Think about it, from early on itself he has had tragedy befall  him. His parents were killed by the Romulan forces when they attacked the Khitomer Colony, where Worf and his parents were briefly staying. He was separated from his younger brother Kurn, who was left in the care of a family friend back on the Klingon home world Qo’nos as he was very young. 6 year old Worf was orphaned and found by Chief Petty Officer Sergy Rozhenko, a human Starfleet officer, when Starfleet ships answered the distress calls by the Klingons. Rozhenko took Worf in, and along with his wife, raised him as his own son along with his biological child Nikolai .

After a period of adjustment, Worf integrated himself with the mostly human colony where his foster family were stationed but at age 13 he accidentally killed a boy; while playing football Worf collided with Mikel who died from having the Klingon’s strong cranial ridges impacted against his head. This incident who have a deep affect on Worf and was a large factor for his serious demeanor and for his restraint against the frailness of humans.

Having been raised amongst humans Worf felt part of two cultures & worlds but never felt as a human and rejected (with a few exceptions) as a Klingon amongst his own people, even though he became a warrior and completed the rite of ascension. While uncovering a conspiracy, in order to help the Klingon council save face he had to lose his honour and his family name. He mated with o K’Ehleyr, a female Klingon who was half human, but she never married him as she wanted to further her career. Their union did bear a child, Alexander Rozhenko, who was later sent to be raised by Worf’s parents on Earth. For a while Worf did find love and became husband to Jadzia Dax; but she was later killed. Worf’s brother Kurn also was wiped clear of his memory in order to save him from shame and took on a new name. Briefly Worf has romantic liaisons with Deanna Troi & Ezri Dax but both times it never felt right and the relationships turned back to just friendships.

Thus Worf has always been left alone and with the exception of his parents and his son, who also briefly served with him, been a true tragic figure. Never fully Klingon and never really human, Worf would however be given assignment as the Federation ambassador to Qo’noS and to go and help his friend chancellor Martok.

Can You Get Work Done While Music Is Playing?

It really depends on the situation. I tend to like having music played at work on a Saturday but not on other days. The work tends to be light and hence it’s a very relaxing atmosphere and somewhat of a party mood because most of my colleagues at my previous office knew that we’d be going to get some drinks in the evening. Or if not drinks then atleast coffee & sandwiches at a cafe.

I like music being played in the background as long as the workload is not too heavy. If I’m going to have conference calls, knee deep in creating presentations and stuff then no, music would only be in the way. I’d make mistakes or get too involved in the music, with the lyrics & the melody and not want to concentrate on my work. If it’s my fav rock songs then I’d be air guitaring and headbanging and you know that only makes typing very hard to do!

Some people I know can actually work better if there is music playing. They sit at their systems with the headphones on and keep working and they feel that they are shutting the outside world and other distractions and can really hunker down and get stuff done. I have never been able to do that. I guess because I love music so much that I get too involved in it and work goes out the window. So I’d prefer not to have any music playing if I am working.

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WordPress 3.2 AKA Gershwin Released & Upgraded

Ah, Gershwin you have won me over. The latest version of WordPress, v. 3.2, nicknamed “Gershwin” in honor of the composer and pianist George Gershwin, was released yesterday and I’ve just upgrade to it. And it’s looking mighty fine.

Admin section  has been revamped and it has a sleek and even more highly organized look. I just wish that they had added a little bit of colour here and there. As it is, it’s just white, grey and the link are a light blue. You also get an option for a full screen post writing experience, distraction free as they say. And the Admin Bar has a lot more options to make it easier. They have dropped the support for IE 6, just like a hot potato.

It doesn’t look like much else is different other than aesthetics. Some buttons have been changed to text links and other stuff that increases speed. I really can’t make out much of the differences other than the fact that it looks sleeker and seems to be faster. Upgrading is also supposed to be improved in speed.


Back To The Vampire Shift

Well I am back to doing night shifts once again. I haven’t seen my agents for the past 3 weeks with the sole exception of one guy who lives quite near the office. Every Friday he goes to the mosque along with the tech guy from the office and once they are back, he drops in to say hello for a few minutes. Otherwise I haven’t seen any of the agents but have spoken to some over the phone.

I spent the morning at home doing nothing and watched some Stargate episodes from both SG1 & Atlantis and one more from Buffy. That took care of my afternoon and with all that rain and heavy winds blowing in, I was almost asleep on my bed. I love me some rains & cold breezes in the afternoons. Good for creating a napping environment. I spent most of the evening in bed, right uptil 7:30pm. After a couple of cups of coffee, a shower and a shave later, I was on my way to the bus stop.

I had a nice bus ride from Kaloor to Koratty, the bus wasn’t crowded and I could put my feet up and listen to some tunes during the 75 minute ride. I had homemade sandwiches packed for my dinner and a lemonade to drink. I reached the office premises by 9:45pm and dove right into work.

Temple Treasure In Kerala, What A Loot!

Over the last few days the biggest news in the state of Kerala is the finding of a major treasure in the cellars of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in the capital city Thiruvanathapuram (Trivandrum). Gold ornaments, gold and silver coins, stone studded crowns, idols and figurines inlaid with precious stones and jewels estimated to be worth around whopping over Rs.90,000 crore ($2o billion) have been found. Among the recent findings include a huge idol of Lord Vishnu that is studded in diamonds and precious emeralds. Two other secret chambers are yet to be opened. Following the massive treasure find, security has been stepped up with additional forces from the special armed police also employed in the temple with the state police have put in place a three-tier security arrangement. Of the total of the six underground vaults, that has been named A to F, only A,C,D and F have been opened so far. Vaults B and F remains to be opened and is expected to opened on Monday (Jul 4).

While similar treasures possessed by many other princely states in pre-colonial India were plundered by attackers, or wasted on luxuries by members of the royal houses themselves, the Travancore kings are believed to have zealously guarded them as reserves of the state. Coins from other princely states like Vijayanagar empire and European countries have also been found which might be part of the gifts received by the rulers of the time. While all major temples of the area were handed over to the Travancore Devaswom Board after merger of the princely state with the Indian Union after 1947, control of Padmanabhaswamy temple was retained by the royal house through a covenant with the government.

I always knew that places of worship were nothing more than storage places for money, gold and in some cases weapons! So you can say that Malayalees had one up on the rest of India, or I shall say most of India, in hiding the good from the grabbing hands of the Portuguese, the Dutch & mainly from the British. Ha! We hid it well. Had the British been able to get their hands on this loot the William & Kate wedding would have been even more lavish! But now that we have all this loot, even if it does belong to the royal family & the temple council, can we now fix the fucking roads in Kerala? Or get a better drainage system and better waste disposal methodology? Or better yet do something for the beggars & homeless people out on the streets!!