The Longest I’d Want to Live Without Internet

WHAT? Live without internet access? Are you crazy? How would I get entertained and spend my free hours? The longest that I have gone without internet is 3 weeks; forced to do so as my desktop pc had died on me and I was like a zombie during those hours. I used to have internet access at the office but a few months before that they had cut internet access to all those who had direct access to our client’s data. Thus only the highest management and people who worked in HR, Tech & Admin got to go on the web from the office. So other than sending a few emails from a tech guy’s laptop, I didn’t use the internet at all.

I hated that time period. My blogging suffered and I couldn’t get online with my buddies who lived far away. I was so bored outta my skull when I wasn’t at work and hence would go to coffeeshops on alternate days just to have something to do after I left the office. I did watch some tv but was glad when the 3 weeks got over and I could buy a new laptop. It was such a relief when I got the net connected once again. Other than that gaps away from the internet have been either 2 or 3 days at the most due to my ISP having major work at their end or a cable gets cut.

I might however not mind being without internet access if I do get my holiday trip planned. I need to save some more cash and if I do I will take a week off and go to a small cottage resort and spend a peaceful week there. Internet connections are hard to come by there and hence even my USB device will not work there. I will take my laptop but only to watch movies & tv series and maybe some advance blogging which I can post once I reach back home. That would be the only kind of choice I would make to go without internet access – a week but only if my terms are met.

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