Getting Rid Of The Cassettes

I stopped buying audio cassette tapes back in 2003. Music cds are still ridiculously priced in India (when will we ever catch up with the rest of the world?) and it was only by 2003 that I started dedicating my music collection solely to cds. What I would do before that was go with cds for my favourite artists and cassettes for the next level of artists that I liked. By 2005 I stopped listening to cassette tapes as I had gotten most of my favourite albums on cds and what sense did it make to pay your songs on a dumb tape anymore. By 2006 I no longer had a working cassette player/recorder and only listened to cds.

I didn’t have a computer from 2003 till September 2006 so once I got it, it was a long process of ripping all my cds into mp3 format and saving them on my computer hard drive and I also have a copy of the files on an external hard drive that I keep just for my music. I also have another copy of all my mp3s burned into writable cds. As of now my music collection is 51.5 GB worth ~~ fucking awesome ain’t it?  I play them on my laptop and rock along with it or copy them onto my BlackBerry so I can listen to them on the go.

Today I decided to clean out part of this big steel almirah that I have in my bedroom. I have my cds & cassettes in it – after I rip the cds into mp3s I dumb them into this almirah. So the cassettes are just collecting dust – of which I am amazed there is a lot of – in the bottom section. By the way this is only part of what once used to be a much bigger collection. I have been collecting tapes from 1987 to 2003; you figure it out. And a lot of my tapes were once blank tapes that you could buy, like from TDK or Sony, and get copies of albums recorded on to them. But when we sold our house in 2006 and moved here, I only kept around half of it and sold the rest. I have been meaning to get rid of the ones I have left for a long time as they are of no use at all. This evening, I put on some tunes and cleared out the cassettes and collected them into two big garbage bags. They will be chucked out tomorrow to scrap.

So long tapes. You gave me years of pleasure!

The Most Destructive Force to Mankind

Hands down Religion is the most destructive force know to mankind. Combined with racism and you have one tough bitch to handle. And if we are not careful religion will be the death of man. Every major war has a reason – expansion, wealth, power, greed but religion tops it all. Religion can destroy a nation and it’s people and if you though that religion is the reason for our morality – we have morals inspite of religion! The idea of a god was first created by thinking men as a means to explain that which we cannot explain but it has since evolved into something much more complex and dangerous.

Despite all the progress we have made as a species, we are still held back by the disease called religions. Imagine what all we could have achieved if it wasn’t for religions. We would certainly be exploring the galaxy by now! Religion is like a cancer; it spreads and fucks up everything in it’s past. As I type this some hindu fundamentalist leader is planning the next attack against what he thinks is “immoral”, some muslims are planting a bomb and christians fundamentalists are plotting to terrorism a non-christian community.

Religion keeps us from progressing. My family’s religion wants all of us to forgo everything and stay at temples, singing prayers and kissing the ass of some deity. Do nothing except that while our families are taken advantage of by fake “swamis” and give up our worldly possessions. Your religion does too. Most religious people don’t realize what the Bible, Gita, Ramayana, Quran, Torah really are – bad science fiction & fantasy novels! I like Star Trek – that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna be beam up anytime soon! Or apprehend someone because they violated the Prime Directive (lol, I am killing myself). Grow a brain!

“Imagine no heaven”!

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