If I Could Be Two People

Now let me get this straight – we are talking about splitting me into two Roshans both who look like me or a duplicate of me right? Both Roshans would be equally the same in all aspects and have the save abilities & memories. That’s what I am talking about, two mes. Ok – so if I could split myself into two equal Roshans here is what I would do:

1) The two mes would take turns going to work and resting at home. No wait that would not be good. We’d have to get two jobs to make enough money for the both of us. But we could swap jobs in between when we get bored and no one would come to know.

2) One guy would go away on vacation while the other me stay back and work and vice-versa.

3) I’d play tricks on people, women especially and laugh as they get confused. I’d pull a lot of funny stuff on my friends too.

4) I’d do a little Roshan sandwich with willing women who want TWO much of a good thang! Oh the explicit stuff that this threesome promises is just too much for words.

5) Might be strange but for the first time a little me-on-me action might also take place. Just to see what it feels like to go fuck myself!!

LOL, ok I am a dirty, dirty boy! :D

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If I Could Star In Any TV Commercial

There are so few things that I would like to represent in a commercial ad for n tv. I really believe in and always use Old Spice shaving cream and after shave lotion. I love that stuff, especially their fresh lime fragrance once – it really makes shaving in the morning a fresh invigorating experience. I also love Gillette shaving razors & blades but because they are more expensive than the local stuff, I rarely use their products. I would like to endorse them though; then I would get a lot of their stuff for free.

I would be so cool in their ads – at this point of my life I get my 5 o’clock stubble at around 12 pm if I shave at say around 9am! So I would always have stubble for them to shoot an add. Plus I look really haggard if I do not shave for a couple of days and I look pretty cute when I am clean shaven. So that would be cool for a before & after shaving look in the ad. Throw some busty babes in the ad who want to drape themselves on me after the shave and caress my face over & over. What a great commercial!

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