Customer Service Winners and Losers

This is in my humble opinion the companies that provide the best customer service. It’s my experience and it may vary from yours.

HDFC bank, Federal Bank – Fed bank in particular have extremely nice & helpful people in their Kacheripady branch. The few times I have had to go there for sending a money order or cashing a cheque, it has been pleasant all the time. Very helpful and customer friendly. HDFC is cool too.

I like the TATA Indicom store on Marine Drive. I haven’t been to another branch and only visited this a couple of times but they have been knowledgeable and helpful. Even when telling me that their product couldn’t be of use for me in a particular place! MTS – I’ve only called the call center and couple of their stores over the phone but great helpful service. Oh and I like Fort Cafe’s services.

Now the bad ones – ICICI; unfortunately I have been banking with them since 2007 due to work reasons and they are so bad. Lies to your face and lies over the phone. Terrible! I think their infrastructure is good and their web services are good but they are terrible at customer services. People who work there are arrogant & obnoxious. They even treat their employees really badly, atleast according to 2 women I know and 1 guy who quit because they had enough!

Music World staff treat people like suspects at a police lineup. They make you feel like you have flicked dvds & cds all your life. Really bad and when you get to the front of the counter to pay for your stuff, the women are yakking their heads off.

I really can’t call it customer service type situations but Kerala has the worst bus conductors in both the private bus service and the state run service. Some people are nice but most are assholes! Really the worst in the world.

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