How I’d Spend a 28-Hour Day

Four extra hours is always welcome – on days off as well as on work days would be awesome. More time to relax and more time to sleep. More time for fun and watching tv or internet on the laptop. You know the fun stuff. I’d like to have a marathon tv series watching session and then have enough time to sleep. Most nights I only sleep 5 to 6 hours but I could use an 8 hour sleep as much as the next dude.

Other than that at the moment I wouldn’t know what else I would do with an extra four hours. Rest & relaxation; you can’t ever have too much of it. Probably spend it watching some of the new movies I got. I know that’s not too exciting but hey – bite me!

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Arsenal : Tragedy & Despair 2011

Arsenal just seem to be going from bad to worse. In mid-week the Gunners drew 1-1 against German club Borussia Dortmund, after leading till the last minutes of the match. On Saturday Blackburn Rovers came from behind to beat Arsenal 4-3 at Ewood Park. It was an end-to-end encounter in which defending appeared to be a lost art for long periods. Arsenal were twice in front but two own goals and a determined Blackburn comeback sealed victory for the home side.

After 5 games played the London club has 4 points and a -8 goal difference, a truly pathetic performance at the start of the 2011-12 season that puts us in 15th place in the league. When was Arsenal last seen at 15th place after 5 games? Losing 3 times already Arsene Wenger looks like a desperate general sending his soldiers to certain defeat week after week. We need a change and we need it badly. Say good-bye to this season and maybe sell a few players and get some talent in. Fans are asking Wenger to resign and for the club to get former defender & Arsenal captain Tony Adams to take hold of the reins of the squad.

Whatever happens, I’m glad that I’m unable to get the sports channels that show the EPL matches from my cable company at present. It would have been too depressing to watch.