Today’s Technology

Today’s technology is not as advanced as I think it should be. It doesn’t impress me on an overall level. I guess Star Trek and other Scifi tv series/movies has spoiled it for me. Where is the food & drink replicator? Where is the deep space travel in comfortable spaceships? Where are the transporter rooms and beaming us from point to point? Where is the ability to travel to different stars? Where is the highly advanced medical technology that heals broken bones, cuts, bruises, burns & shots within a couple of minutes? Where are the aliens who are our friends?

So do not think for a moment that I am that impressed with today’s technology…..but here are the things I am grateful for & enjoy the most :)

  • Advances in medical care
  • the internet
  • file sharing
  • mp3s
  • data storage devices
  • airplanes, trains & cars
  • elevators & escalators
  • ATMs
  • automated processes
  • electric music instruments, etc etc etc.

I was just joking, I love the technology we currently have. Just hurry up to the stuff that I see on my scifi series. OK?


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