The Hair Chronicles : Part 2

Long time readers & friends of mine know of my crazy obsession with hair – body hair & the stuff on my head! My main issue is ofcourse the fact that I am balding. It’s beyond just thinning on the front, there is a patch at the back devoid of hair. It’s bad, the end is inevitable folks! One day in the coming next years the twain shall meet and I shall be officially bald. If I grow my hair longer I can cover the bald patch or mostly people do not notice it much as my messy hair naturally can cover it. But 3 days ago I just went to cut my hair short and it should be more noticeable.

Looking at all the hair that was left on the ground after the barber had had his way with the clippers, I am upset. All that hair and I can’t cover my head properly. Worse I could shave all the body hair that I have and create a long & luxuriant wig for myself! Can anyone tell me something about this – what the fuck is body hair useful for? Does it have a purpose? No. And you say that there is a god! There is no purpose for body hair. Armpit Hair, leg hair, chest hair, back hair (ugh of which, thankfully, I have very little), ass hair and the worst thing ever – pubic hair! No just look at this fact people a little further people!

Us men are losing hair on our heads. We need that, to be more presentable and fashionable and it’s the only hair that we have that is beloved to us and that makes any sense. And yet there is plenty of pubic hair – what good is it? I’m not gonna oil & shampoo it, style it and showcase it to the people on the streets or in public places! Pubic hair serves no purpose at all, just like the rest of the hair on your body. You can take all of mine. Shave me body please and I do not want it to grow back. Instead can I have more hair on my head? I don’t want a whole lot of hair or for it to be very stylish. Just cover the parts of my head that is supposed to be covered; a full head of hair if you please.

Oh and one more thing? I remember a couple of guys, former colleagues of mine who had the kind of body hair that looked like they were wearing a sweater when they were actually bare chested! You would need a lawnmover to shave them! Sheesh and they were both balding! Cruel, cruel world!

Anticipating Autumn

Autumn is pretty much like summer for us here in Kerala, with occasional showers. I love the autumn that I see in some parts of the US & Canada. The last couple of days I’ve been viewing some awesome photos in people’s blogs and long to be in those places. All those leaves, oranges & reds. Also they tend to have sumptuous feasts like on Thanksgiving (turkey man, I’d love turkey) and the awesomeness of handing out chocolates & other types of candy on Halloween. So good!

What am I looking forward to this autumn? I’m looking out for another job or things to go much better at the current one. I hope to enjoy myself, have some fun with my friends and have some nice meals with them. More drinks, yeah that would be great. Watch some cool movies and keep increasing my tv series collection of all the great shows that I want to watch. I’d like to go out and see new places. That’s it. And I dunno why but I am craving a large chocolate bar right now!

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