On Luck

“Luck be a lady tonight”! I can’t seem to make up my mind. I don’t think that we can influence that much stuff that happens in our life or that there is an outside force that helps people. You can make your own luck but doing certain things or doing things in anticipation of other events to come. Hard work is also something that helps. But don’t you think that some guys have all the luck?

I know some people – they get the well paying jobs, won’t work hard but everything is given to them on a silver plate, get the woman they like, get married, have kids, live in nice apartments or nice homes, drive a bike and a nice car, have the latest gadgets, buys things that they want, luxuries and all that jazz. Their luck just doesn’t seem to run out. Always get what they want. And you know what? These guys are the biggest mother-fucking assholes on the planet!!

Meanwhile there is me. Luck just isn’t my friend. She never plays nice to me, not a smile nor a glance in my direction. Well to be fair, lots of people have had it a lot tougher than me and I shouldn’t be ungrateful for whatever I have had. But those guys, the assholes who have everything going for them. They certainly don’t deserve it but they always seem to get what they want. I think I’m a nice guy but I don’t want to be one. Nice guys, always seem to finish last!

Sing it Alice Cooper “No more Mr. Nice Guy”!

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Afternoon Visit To Couchyn

I was going crazy sitting at home and thought that I should go out today for a little while. With the work situation taking time to get sorted out, I had a few days to myself. Sitting at home the last couple of days made me go a little wild inside and I just  needed to get out for sometime. After I woke up this morning, I thought hey, I could use some beers!!

I also had an errand to run so around 11am I was out of the apartment and headed to get that sorted out and completed. That being done I needed more coffee in me and I took an old novel with me to read as I chilled in the cafe for 90 minutes or so. Cafe Coffee Day at Shenoy’s Junction is the place I went to, one of my usual hangouts but they are getting terrible in the service department. I finished two chapters before someone came to hand me the menu! 2 chapters people. They are always changing staff all the time, I dunno why the attrition is so high but it is affecting their service. Anyway, I got my coffee a little after that and atleast my Kaapi Nirvana was really good. Slurp, ah, cool stuff!

Around 1pm I left the cafe and walked around for a bit before heading to the Couchyn lounge bar. I have featured this bar before in my blog but I’ve only been there a few times, 5 I think in total. And that’s because their wares are very expensive and I am not rich. I can only afford the beer over there as all other drinks are priced way above my budget; but they do have a lot of imports and hence the price is high. Their food is delicious; again overpriced and they can lower that because hey, the food is not imported. But according to some people, they do that to avoid the riff raff (too late, I’m already in :) ) and hence ensure a more decent crowd. Well yeah ok! They have a huge bar counter area with all kinds of foreign brands, expensive looking glasses and stuff. There’s bar stools and some lower tables + chairs near to the counter.

I usually sit on the other side of the bar which is semi closed due to the huge tv that they have there. I sat at one of the tables, the second one from the left and that’s the same table that I have sat at everytime I’ve been there. I ordered beer and a plate of their delicious barbecued sausages. Just thinking of them sausages makes my mouth water. They give you some free snacks – tapioca chips and masala peanuts, which goes well with drinks I must say.

A couple of tables behind me sat the only other patrons in the tabled part of the bar/lounge. A guy and his woman sat crunching on their snacks and sipping their drinks. As they were talking loud enough I could hear most of their conversation and I found it funny when they were talking about the menu. Couchyn serves only snacks, no rice, curries, porottas or any other main food dishes. Out of 24 items on the snack menu, there were 2 or 3 Chinese styled dishes. Yet this woman was saying that there were mostly Chinese dishes to eat. Did she even go through the menu? How does Kerala styled fried prawns, fish & beef fit in the Chinese section woman? What about kebabs?

Yet I must admit that she had a sexy giggle. That of a woman and not that of a girl. The kind of giggle that suggested sexual experience, long hours between the sheets and that she knew how to please a man in the sack! I couldn’t see her as there was a huge table blocking my view. And I couldn’t just get up and go and look her up. But I bet she is sexy and is buxom. My imagination was running wild each time she spoke with her throaty voice and that sexy giggle sent shivers down my spine. I have got to get laid soon!

One other good thing about Couchyn is the music that they play. Mostly soft rock, hard rock and stuff from the lates 60s, 70s and early 80s. Each time that I have been there that is what they have been playing Today’s music selection was songs by the Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Joan Baez, Art Company (Suzzanna), Janis Joplin (I think that was her), Cream – and I was headbanging lightly to Sunshine Of Your Love –¬† mostly blues based rock and they ended with Ozzy Osbourne’s Mama I’m Coming Home as I was leaving. And yeah I did go home to my mother!!!