Rapist & Murderer Gets Death Penalty

Back in February, Soumya, a young 23 year old woman who worked in a mall in Cochin was returning home to Shornur via the usual train that she takes. A vagrant named Govindachamy, approached her in the train and made sexual advances towards her which she refuted and tried to move away in the ladies only compartment. The beggar, who was one armed, followed her and assaulted her, hitting her head against the compartment wall and then pushed her out of the moving train and then jumped himself. He dragged her to an isolated spot and proceeded to rape her and then hit her head with a rock. She was found unconscious and taken to a hospital, where 5 days later she succumbed to her wounds.

From a total of 154 witnesses, statements of 82 were recorded before the court. The accused had been caught by the cops due to statements from eye witnesses. Witnesses who had seen him following her but didn’t know what had happened after that. Besides that, 105 documents and 43 pieces of evidence were produced before the court. The prosecution had produced documented evidence that Govindachamy was a habitual offender and was convicted in eight cases in TN from 2004 to 2008.

Govindachamy was found guilty of rape and murder by the special court judge, KN Raveendra Babu, on October 31. Special Prosecutor A Suresan had pleaded for the maximum punishment of death. Yesterday a Fast Track court here on Friday sentenced the accused – he was awarded the death penalty and a heavy fine. I hope he rots in hell, that bastard!

City or Countryside?

Oh, I prefer the city so much more. The Indian countryside – speaking of Kerala – it’s not something that I can get used to. It may be green and in some cases peaceful and lots of people may like it but not me. I cannot see myself ever settling down in a countryside or village area where you cannot get a good cafe. What’s life good for if you can’t get a caramel latte within 30 minutes of where you life? Plus the people in villages tend to be more religious and their idea of a fun evening is going for a temple (interchange with mosque or church) and listening to repetitive drumming and blowhorns while standing around with their arms folded and some elephants in the background. Me? that music (and I use that term lightly) makes me want to kill myself!! So some of you may like it, great! I don’t!

Also fast internet will be difficult to get, not impossible, but difficult and how the fuck am I gonna survive without the net? Shops, transport and commodities are different than what it is over here. Ofcourse the city has a lot more pollution but take a look at the villages – it ain’t exactly clean & tidy son? A lot of people here say, ah the peace and quite of the villages & countryside. Keep it, I’d rather have the hustle and bustle of the city. I don’t even see me staying in a village for a vacation – no thanks! Retirement – not a chance. Semi-urban areas is about as much as I can stand.

My sister & brother-in-law bought some land in Chalakudy and built a house there. It’s right next to a river – that has crocodiles for fuck’s sake – and although it’s an ok looking area, it’s just too interior for me. It’d be difficult for someone to stay there if they don’t have a motorbike or a car and shops are atleast 20 minutes away. I can see them spending their weekends there, with plenty of cool breeze, easy chairs for relaxing, couple of shelves filled with books and spend the afternoons & evenings reading a ton of stuff. But living there is not for me. And that’s not really a village, just a little interior of the town.

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Rise Of The Planet Of the Apes

I finally watched Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, the 2011 reboot, please note – remake and not remake, of the classic Planet Of The Apes movie & tv series franchise from 1968 to the 1970s. If you remember back in July I had watched & blogged about the 5 movies that as become such movie legends & in particular science fiction classics. We did have Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes, which although was successful, is now to be considered a stand alone film. The makers of the movie hope that they can create a new movie franchise and hence this movie focuses on the origin / beginning as to how the apes first evolved and revolted against the humans.

This movie is directed by Rupert Wyatt and stars James Franco, Frieda Pinto, John Lithgow and features Andy Serkis as the motion capture actor for Caesar – the main chimp & leader of the revolution that sees the apes rebel against being experimented on & locked in cages as well as being treated as inferiors. We also have David Hewlett in a small role. The movie also does pay some homage to the original franchise as the storyline is slightly based on the 4th movie, 1972’s Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes.

The only thing that I did not like about the movie is that it’s apes are all CGI based. It is good CGI effects, but in certain places it is very evident, especially the scenes of the riots on the Golden Gate bridge towards the end. I’m, like a lot of scifi nutcases, not a big fan of the CGI style of shooting effects. I like the storyline, the film never gets boring and overall the acting is good and no one can really complain about the film. One thing I would like to point out which is a big difference between the original franchise and this new one is the evolution of the apes – while in the original the apes evolved normally as mankind destroyed himself & thereby controlled & ruled over human, in the reboot it is genetics and tampering of the natural order that causes the apes to become more intelligent and hence revolt. One assumes that they will soon evolved further in future movies.

Best parts of the movie are the relationships – between Will & his father Charles, between Will & Caesar and between Charles & Caesar. The Rodman’s basically raise the highly intelligent ape as a younger son and protect him. There are some rushed parts of the movie and the cruel nature of the animal handler in the primate sanctuary is needed for the film, but I just don’t get why he does it! Frieda Pinto, while lovely, doesn’t really have much of a role in the film, except as the love interest. A chemical compound, created to combat Alzheimer’s  that exponentially increases the intelligence of all apes but is fatal to humans – aren’t we evolved from our ape forefathers? That seems kinda of convenient! And Hunsiker, an airline pilot, spreads the disease throughout the world! Oh and why did Koba dislike Jacobs so much? I know he is a greedy businessman and rushed the process but still.

Anyways, it’s a really good movie and I hope they can develop this into a series of sequels that can be successful. I’d give it a 9 out of 10!

Summer 1999 With Cousins

I was watching an interview on Youtube and for some reason something the interviewee was talking about reminded me about a few things from years ago,  involving my cousins Sree Harshan & Aswin aka Sree & Awa. I spent a lot of time with these two cousins of mine back in 1997-99, when I was 21-23 and they were 6-8 & 10-12 respectively. Although they were much younger than me I loved spending time with those two nutcases, watching tv and playing games and general goofing off and teasing the girl cousins. I haven’t seen Aswin in ages and I last spent some time with Sree in 2008 when my grandmother passed away.

Anways, I remember that the two of them spent a few days in my parents home in Thrikkakara around early 1999 I think. I was not working or studying at that time having just completed a 2 year computer diploma course and was awaiting the results of the exams. So while they were at my house, we spent almost all of our time playing video games on my old computer and watching cartoons. Well, although I still enjoyed cartoons, I would go listen to rock records in my room while they watched tv. I remember I was listening to Meallica’s Reload a lot during that time. Anways, I just remember enjoying my time with them playing a bunch of games like some F1 & Indy car race games, some football game demo that only allowed you to play USA vs Russia (doh!), some funny cartoony race game called Wacky Wheels and lots & lots of DOOM!

Well I played Doom; they were forbidden to play Doom by their older sisters and hence I played it while they cheered me on. They liked it that way but would get scared when some monster came rushing! LOL, and we would play it between 9pm and 1am and when I needed a break to go take a leak, they would be too scared and ask me “take us with you”! Hahaha, also another funny incident took place. The three of us slept on this big bed in my room – Aswin at one end, Sree in the middle and me on the other end, crank up the air conditioner and huddled under a large thick blanket. One morning, I woke up and stretched and felt my left foot’s big toe go into something wet and hear a “plop” sound. I lifted the blanket and – LOL – it was Aswin’s mouth. In the night he had woken up perhaps to go to the loo and came back to sleep the opposite way, with his foot near  Sree’s & my feet. We had a big laugh over that one!

Rugby Player Suffers Stroke, Woke Up Gay

Ok, so reading the news and not really concentrating. Drinking coffee. And then bam! I read it, read it again twice and then once more to make sure. But I still can’t comprehend it. A British guy, rugby player & who also was working in a bank, suffered a stroke during a training exercise and was taken to the hospital. When he recovered he realized that he had woken up……..GAY!

I swear that I am not making this up. You can’t make up shit like this, it’s true. Chris Birch, who weighed at 19 stone before the stroke, attempted a back flip on the grounds and broke his neck and suffering a stroke. The 26 year old was rushed to the hospital where for days his fiance and parents waited by his bedside to recover. When he did wake up, as he says he “woke up gay”! Before the stroke he was never interested in men before or had gay friends, according to him. He spent his weekends drinking beer and watching sports but now is not interested in sports or women! Chris broke up with his fiance after this astonishing change.

He ditched is bank job, lost some weight (he is now 11 stone) and trained as a hairdresser and now lives with a 19 year old boyfriend in South Wales. Birch sought advice from his neurologist and was told it could all be down to the stroke opening up a different part of his brain. So he has embraced his new lifestyle and says that he is extremely happy.

What the fuck??

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Favourite Singers Male

  • Ronnie James Dio (RIP) – former Rainbow, Black Sabbath & Dio singer
  • Bruce Dickinson – solo & Iron Maiden
  • Eddie Vedder – Pearl Jam
  • Geoff Tate – Queensryche
  • Klaus Meine – Scorpions
  • Brad Roberts – Crash Test Dummies
  • Robert Plant – Led Zepplin & his solo stuff
  • Roy Orbison
  • Rufus Wainwright
  • Rob Halford – Judas Priest
  • David Coverdale – Deep Purple, Whitesnake

These are my fav singers, in terms of their voice and what they do with it. I’d also like to call it the most powerful & emotion evocation voices that I like.

Stargate Universe : Episode 33 “Alliances”

Label this one as the episode in which Sgt. Greer & Camille Wray bond and finally become friends. As we start the episode Col. Telford uses the communication stones to meet up with Col. Young & Dr. Rush and demands an explanation of what happened. Telford is quick to accept their story since he has more pressing matters to discuss. Senator Michaels (Kathleen Quinlan), the new head of the Offworld Spending Committee, is coming to Destiny to investigate Rush’s “signal from God” – as others on Earth are calling the cosmic radiation that Rush discovered. Rush protests the name, which he didn’t coin, but Telford explains that others on Earth have started using it.

Wray offers to switch minds with Sen. Michaels and talk to the IOA for a way to dial the gate on Destiny by looking for an Icarus-like planet. This may not provide a passage home (as they can only dial to Destiny and not vice versa) but it can provide them with food & other supplies. Sgt Greer switches with Dr. Andrew Covel (French Stewart), a scientific adviser who is accompanying the Senator and is a former colleague of Dr. Rush. Once she is aboard the ship, the Senator is all business but is genuinely glad to see Chloe, who she is very fond of and has known her as a family friend for many years. While at Homeworld Command in the different bodies, Wray & Greer are caught in a massive blast caused by a bomb intended to destroy the offices.

Greer and Wray are trapped in the remains of the building unable to find a way out and with the possibility of more bombs in the base. Telford is out safely and is trying to get to them but the path is blocked by debris. They are also unable to get to the stones to disconnect themselves and return to the ship. It is up to Greer, who is also injured, & Wray to find & defuse the bomb. They run into another soldier, Evans, who initialy helps them but turns out to be the Lucian Alliance spy who set the bomb. When Evans makes his move to hold Wray hostage, he is shot by Greer. Later, as Destiny comes out of FTL and they switch back to their bodies, they are able to tell Col. Young of the situation, before switching back to Homeworld Command. However it takes Senator Michaels & a reluctant Covel with instructions from from former Lucian Alliance member Varro to defuse the bomb. Michaels and Covel prepare to return to their bodies. Rush disconnects the base, returning them to their bodies. Michaels prepares to disarm the bomb.

Although the crew is unable to connect back to Homeworld Command after that, perhaps the communication room in the building was damaged, we later find out that the bomb was indeed defused. And it is likely that Michaels & Covel died soon after as their bodies were exposed to leathal levels of radiation.

Close Encounters Of The Asteroid Kind

Today a potentially hazardous asteroid will approach the Earth’s atmosphere. The asteroid 2005 YU55, which is about 1,300 feet (400 meters) across, will make its closest approach to Earth at 6:28 p.m. EST (2328 GMT) today.

Fortunately for us, Asteroid 2005 YU55 will miss an Earthly encounter by 0.85 lunar distance, or approximately 208,000 miles (335,000 kilometers). In space standards, that is a close shave. At that point, the space rock will be traveling at about 29,000 mph and be closer than the moon, which orbits 238,864 miles (384,499 km) from us on average.

With a diameter of 400 meters, the approach will mark the closest a known object this large has ever gotten to a collision with Earth and will continue to hold that record until Asteroid 2001 WN5 gets within 0.6 lunar distance in 2028. 2005 YU55 was only discovered 6 years ago, so there is still the possibility that Space Watch may find other monstrous floating rocks in the run-up to 2028.  The approach will be closest at around 7:30 p.m. ET and viewable in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres with a visual brightness of the 11th magnitude, but will not be easily spotted according to Robert McMillan of the Space Watch Program in Tucson, Ariz.

Researchers are excited about 2005 YU55’s close approach, because it gives them a chance to study the space rock as never before. The asteroid was discovered in 2005 by astronomer Robert McMillan of the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

My Top 5 Websites

I’m gonna skip blogs from this list because there are way too many blogs that I love reading and I also think that every who goes online should have their own blog or one shared with either family or a friend. So here are five websites which I just cannot live without:

1. Wikipedia – my source for everything & everything in the universe. To reading plots of movies, to finding out what my favourite musicians, actors & sports teams are upto. Tracking people, learning new stuff and reconnecting with old stuff. It’s just the greatest.

2. Canoe.ca – It’s where I get my sports gossip, scores & news. They als have sections for music, television & movies and I just love going through their links.

3. Memory Alpha – it’s a Star Trek wiki, a great source for the greatest tv/movie franchise in history. I’m a Trekkie and its very close to my heart. I’m always on it, checking our my fav stories and details of every Trek franchise movie & tv series. Books too!

4. National Geographic – It’s the best site out there for a great organization. Check out insightful articles and great photos.

5. Youtube – it’s replace tv for me. I love it and spend hours on it.

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A couple of days ago I review a movie about a duplicate planet Earth approaching us. Slightly similar in view but more catastrophic is Melancholia. I hate this movie!! I go so bored that I fell asleep twice while watching this movie and waiting for something to happen. I want my 90 minutes back. This is supposed to be an award winning movie, with Kirsten Dunst winning best actress award at Cannes! It’s a boring art-house film by Lars Von Trier that takes forever to form.

Ok, let’s get this thing straight. Justine (Kirsten Dunst) is a young & successful career woman who is marring the perfect man. At her wedding party she acts happy and then goes and broods. She prefer to spend time with her young nephew. She sulks and gets upset that her divorced parents don’t get along. She is an ungrateful bitch because her sister & bro-in-law spent a fortune to arrange a lavish party for all the guests and is she thankful? No she ruins it for her and her new husband. Did she ever love him? I don’t think so. She keeps him waiting while she takes a nap – a fucking nap at her own wedding party? And she tells her sister that she is just dragging herself through it!

And then she goes to her bedroom with her groom and then leaves him there, takes a walk on the golf course and then proceeds to fuck some guy she just met that night. Pushes him onto the sandpit and lifts her expensive wedding gown and fucks! What the hell? She ruins everything and even before the night is done, she alienates her boss who just promised her a promotion and insults him. She loses her job and her new husband. Marriage ended even before it began. So act II, she is depressed and almost catatonic. And we are supposed to feel sorry for her? No way.

She comes back to stay with her sister Claire & her husband John. Next thing you know a roue planet, much larger than the earth is headed this way. It’s supposed to be a fly-by and miss the earth but there is a fear that it will loop back and crash into the earth effective destroying all life on it. So now, miss depressive 2011 claims to her sister that there is no life on any other planet. Ok – who died and made her queen of the universe? And oh how is this for a lark – her sister catches her wandering in the night as the rogue planet lights the night sky. Justine is lying on the grass completely naked and caressing her boobies in the light of the planet Melancholia!! Her brother-in-law kills himself when he realizes that the planet which just missed them is on a slingshot return back to crash with the earth. So now Claire is sad and upset and tries to protect her small son but ofcourse there is no escape. So Justine, Claire and the little boy sit holding hands as the planet crashes and kills everybody. The end.

Amazing cinematography. Amazing effects in the beginning with some stunning images that go by slowly. Movie sucked though. I’m sorry but I need to have something more. Charlotte Gainsborough manages to be the British sister to an American Dunst. Yes, they created a new planet for this movie but didn’t bother to have similar accents for two sisters who grew up together!!! Oh and Keifer Sutherland plays the brother in law. Best part of the film is Ms. Kirsten Dunst showing us some nice cleavage, in her wedding gown no less, and looking very beautiful. And then, oh, she shows us some nice bosoms as she lies naked in the grass. Kirsten Dunst is very sexy. Best part of the movie are her boobs. I’m sorry, I hate this movie. Don’t bother watching it. If you are a guy or a lesbian, Google her lying in the grass and admire her nice nipples. Good night!! 3 outta 10!

Remembering Dreams

Ahem, yes I do and that’s why I name this blog as Awake & Dreaming.  I often remember some dreams and often I try to type them on my laptop so that I don’t forget the details. Handy thing right? Plus if you have a blog like I do, blog it on the next morning and you can always look it up at later dates.

Here are a few of them (onetwo, three, four) that I did remember to blog about. Sometimes I forget and sometimes they are so vivid. I remember this one dream I had when I was around 8 or 9 and I still remember every detail of it. It’s probably because I’ve told it to family members over the years that I never forget it. It really was a weird kind dream for a kid of that age to have. I don’t try to deconstruct dreams and find out hidden meanings. Some of them are pretty simple enough – I’m lonely, a bachelor (not by choice) and there’s no special gal in my life, so I do dream about a woman and falling in love and being together. You don’t a supercomputer to understand why I have those dreams.

And then I have some monsters, fighting zombies and weird creatures in my dreams – and that’s because I watch a lot of scifi and horror stuff. A few episodes of Buffy or Angel will bring the vampires & demons to life in your dreams. But I have had some weird dreams and then some that seemed so real that they disturbed me for days after that. And none of those involved the supernatural or aliens or things like that. It’s usually things or people from my past.

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Saudades de Rock – Extreme

Most music lovers of the late 80s & 90s know Extreme from their acoustic love ballad & super hit #1 single More Than Words. That song was so huge that Extreme were wrongly & sadly categorized as a one-hit wonder and a ballad band. Not true as long time followers of the Boson based band will attest to. However they could never replicate the success of their sophomore album Extreme II : Pornagraffitti and disbanded in 1996 after their 4th album & tour. Since then, as some people know, singe Gary Cherone had a stint as the vocalist for Van Halen before creating Tribe Of Judah along with bassist Pat Badget and a couple of other projects, while guitarist Nuno Bettencourt had a solo record & couple of bands. Original drummer Paul Geary  now manages several rock bands including….. Extreme.

The band reunited in 2007 for touring and have put out their 5th album in 2008 called Saudades de Rock (Nostalic Yearnings of Rock). The first track Star is a fast number about all the trappings that come with the power, riches, glam & glory that comes with becoming a popular star in show biz. So great to hear Nuno’s guitar solo here. Comfortably Dumb is more bluesy rock nroll, peppered with drum rolls and solid guitar work. A little hilly billy style guitar playing in Take Us Alive makes for a fun footstopping number that is sure to be a hit in pubs & arenas alike. Riffs from the bass & guitar followed closely by the drumming makes the nest track, Run. Last Hour is a love ballad but it’s not one that will ignite passions. So far it’s my least weakest song on the album.

Sounding more like a Brit pop song, Flower Man, and Cherone even sings in a more punk edge style. WTF? But hey, the song is not bad and infact is even a bit infectious. I don’t know how to describe King Of The Ladies but it doesn’t sound anything like Extreme have put out before. This is new territory for the guys in the band. We have another ballad in Ghost with a piano adding to the atmosphere and Gary singing in a falsetto during the verses. Slide starts of with, dare I say it, a Led Zepplin-esq riff. The rest of the song doesn’t sound anything like M/s Page, Plant, Bonham & Jones though. Starting off with just vocals & acoustic guitars, Interface is a nice track. It’s probably one of the best songs ever, with some emotional lyrics. Sunrise is up next with a funky rock track and nice riff.

Track # 13 Peace (Saudade) is a piano piece and is a gentle prayer for peace. We get guitars, drums & bass only towards the end. This is easily a light up your cell phones (as it is these past years instead of lighters) kind of song and is a thoughtful & beautiful track. As a bonus track we get Americocaine, which is a demo from 1985 when the band was first forming up. Sounds a lot like Van Halen here. Good album, better than 1995’s Waiting For The Punchline but far from their best effort. Bassist Pat Badger & new drummer Kevin Figuereido are awesome. Still Extreme coming back was a big deal for their fans, including me. In 2010 they released a live album too. I’m sure we will have more Extreme albums coming up.

Holiday Plans??

No plans for the holidays. We don’t get the lengthy holidays that people in the West (damn you lucky people) get but even if we did I couldn’t afford it anyway. I’m flat broke, searching for a new job as the one I am in is slowly dragging me down. I don’t think the company is going to do well and I think there are some good opportunities in the city coming up and I hope to have a new job by December.

I wish I had some extra cash right now. I would take a full week and go someplace. Tah, I always say that I want to go someplace and keep wishing to do so and promising myself each year that this will be the year that I do something like that. But it never happens. I had a couple of chances to do so in 2008 and 2009 and didn’t take them and I am regretting it much more now in my current situation.

So those of you who can go someplace please do and enjoy yourselves. Go to a new place, town, village or city. Another state of country if you can afford it. Enjoy new sights, try out new things. Especially food & drink. We got just one life. Make the most of it.

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Cheapest Full Meal I Ever Ate

I’d like to take you back to early 1992. I was in grade 10, a very young lad of just 15 years old. Until this particular day I’d only gone to the movies with my family & cousins. Never had I gone to the theatres with friends. From 16 till 28 I would go quite often with friends or a cousin or 2 (or 3 or 4 or infinity) and many, many times on my own as well. But the memory that I am digging up from my cellar of a mind is this day, I think late January or so. My best friend Samir and I decided that we would go out on a Saturday afternoon and catch a movie and then have an early dinner before heading back to our homes.

So post a quick lunch I caught a bus to Edapally Toll, where he was waiting for me and then we both headed out to the city (we used to live in the suburbs) for some window shopping and bird watching. So we roamed around for a bit and then went for the movie. It was sold out. We tried another one that we thought would be good but that was sold out too. What do we do now? Well Samir was a closet Kamal Hassan fan and so he talked into going for this really dumb Tamil movie and 8 minutes in, I almost killed him because it was really quite stupid!

Anyways, 3 hours later we came out of the theatres, minus a few brain cells that didn’t survive the movie viewing and then walked for about an hour talking about stuff. We came to the North Railway station area and selected a small hotel that was known for their good food. For 9 bucks each we had a belly full of dinner – 4 porottos each and beef curry! Just 9 bucks per person. Nowadays that will cost you 40-60 bucks easily, depending on where you eat. The hotel had since closed down and demolished and rebuilt, I think 7 years ago after the owner died of old age. It’s now a store that sells books but everytime I pass it, I always remember my buddy & I having dinner there all those years ago. Cheapest full meal I ever ate.

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TATA Indicom – Train Your Agents!!

I’ve been a call center agent working in two call centers. One outbound telemarketing to the US & UK and then for a domestic mobile service provider as their inbound customer care. I’ve also trained for another one before that. It’s not an easy job. And then I was in supervisory positions and in training positions. Therefore I usually have lots of considerations for people who work in these call centers. When they call me for selling or upselling, I’m usually very polite and listen to their pitch before thanking & declining the offer. Unless ofcourse it is a good one, which I will sign up for. When I have complaints with my services like mobile or internet, I call up and always appreciate the good agents. When the interaction is exceptional, I make it a point to tell them so.

But I also hate it when the interaction is terrible. I get annoyed and impatient although I’d seldom say anything really rude. I was not the best agent during my time, but I was among the best. And let me tell you in our group, the very worst was still damn good. I’ve called Tata Indicom, my ISP, three times recently to complain about service outages and have appalled at the horrendous efforts of the 2 boys & girl who have picked up my calls. A few days ago I called up and this young punk was trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I told him that I wasn’t getting connectivity and he said “maybe there is a cable cut or there might be some technical problems”. I told him to get his facts correct and check it up. And he was speaking rather unprofessionally. He did and then sheespishly said that there was a server error in my area and he’d raise a complaint on my behalf. Idiot didn’t want to bother to check it out at first!

Today twice I had to call up as my services were down from morning! The first time it was a girl and I could make out that she was probably a trainee – not at all professional and she kept saying “sir, 1 minute” instead of asking me to be on hold! I can’t blame her for taking a long time if she was infact a trainee (hey I can understand, atleast she wasn’t rude and she kept trying to reassure me that things would be fixed soon). But they should teach her that a customer isn’t her friend (she kept speaking to me like I was her bosom buddy, and by that I mean the way she spoke) and she should be more professional. In  the afternoon I called up again to follow up on my complaint – the agent spoke to me in Hindi, even if I had selected the option for English!

That’s ok but once again, thoroughly unprofessional manner of speaking and he put on multiple long holds. Looks like they were facing software lags and his system was slow. I can’t blame him for that can I? Still I wouldn’t have said anything but I kinda lost it when he told what that he cannot open my complaint link and that there is an error there. Listen up – so fucking what??? I told him, son do not tell me what the error is, tell me when my complaint is gonna be fixed. Once again looooooooooooooong hold and he gave me a vague promise of a technical person who will check up on my issue and call me. No call yet, it’s 7 hours or so since I spoke to this guy but my problem got fixed.

I wish that Tata Indicom would fix their technical problems and regular outages. I must have raised a dozen complaints this past month. I’m not in a position to change ISPs at the moment and I’ve been with then for over 5 years now. But I do not know how much more I can take of their crappy services.

Another Earth

Got a tip about this movie from someone I know; he’d actually tweeted about it and I asked him how it was. I then checked out the trailer in Youtube and loved the feel of it and just had to watch it. A 2011 movie, Another Earth is the directorial debut of Mike Cahill and stars William Mapother and Brit Marling.  It was highly praised at the 27th Sundance Film Festival.

There’s two storylines in this film; the main one is about Rhoda (Brit Marling) a bright student who gets admission to MIT and has a party with friends. Intoxicated at the end, she still drives home in her car when a story on the radio catches her attention. As Rhoda listens to the news reports a planet that looks exactly like earth approaching us, she inadvertently slams into a car, injuring herself and killing a young mother and her son. The father John Burroughs’, a Yale music instructor & prominent composer, survives but is in a coma. As she is a minor, her name is kept out of the records and is unknown to John. She serves time in a juvenile jail and comes back to her family 4 years later.

During the 4 years the second earth has approached closer & closer. Deeply affected by the accident Rhoda does go to college but joins up as a janitor at a high school. She also enters an essay contest sponsored by a millionaire entrepreneur who is offering a civilian space flight to the approaching mirror Earth. One day she sees John putting flowers on the spot where the accident happens and follows him home. She pretends to be from a maid service company offering a free cleaning as part of a marketing program. A depressed & drunk John agrees and once she is done he asks to come back the same day every week for cleaning. She agrees tentatively but she does come and develops a caring relationship with him. John has no idea that it was her in the car that caused the death of his wife & son.

They like each other and are intelligent and compatible conversationally. Meanwhile, Rhoda also develops a friendship with an elderly janitor Purdeep (Kumar Pallana). Purdeep is defeated in life and one day blinds his eyes by pouring bleach into them. As he lays in hospital, Rhoda comforts him, lying next to the grandfather figure. Later her relationship with John becomes more romantic as they make love. A few days later Rhoda gets a call informing her that she has won the contest and will be one of the first to explore the other earth. Rhoda tells John she has won the space flight, but he asks her not to go. However, when she tells him that she was the one who killed his wife and son, he forces her out of his house.

Rhoda then hears in a telecast that the citizen of the second earth were identical to the ones on our earth in every way until the moment that each learned of the other’s existence. From that moment on, the lives of the identical people on both earths began to deviate in small ways, each action independently changing the lives. Rhoda hopes her identical self on the other Earth did not make the mistakes she made on the night of the accident. She runs to John’s house and convinces him to take her ticket and go to the other earth, with the  small hope that his wife and son might be alive on that planet. John accepts the gift and becomes one of the first civilian space travelers to the other Earth. 4 months pass and as Rhoda comes home one evening, she see her twin from the other earth standing at her doorstep.

This is not a movie for everybody; a little movie with a big heart that excels in the performance of it’s small cast. In what should be a scifi fest, it becomes a story about a young girl repenting for her one big mistake, one that cost the lives of two innocents. In the backdrop of the movie is the approaching alternate earth on which all of us on this earth has an identical twin. Good film and I think you should all watch it. 9 out of 10!

What Animal Were You In A Former Life

I’m a leo so I must have been a lion….hear me roar…..ROAR!!!!!

I must have been a cat, cause I am so graceful and have used up 8 lives already!

I must have been a wolf……cause when I see a hot chick my wilder instincts kick in and I go “awooooooooo” and wolf whistle!

I must have been an eagle, cause I’m balding :_(

I must have been a horse and hung like one too. And because I know you’d like to ride me cowgirl!

I must have been a dog, cause I love doing it doggie style

I must have been a tiger cause I was the inspiration for that wonderful rock song “Eye Of The Tiger”

I must have been a bunny, cause I’d to be doing it like bunnies!

Maybe I was like Gizmo in the movie Gremlins. All furry and cute. Just make sure you don’t feed me after midnight!

I just know I wasn’t a donkey…..but if I was one, wouldn’t you like to touch my ass?!???!!

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