She’d Sell Me 2 The Devil For A Glass Or 2 Of Gin

I think this is a Newfie folk song that is popularized by the band the Great Big Sea. Scolding Wife is such a fun song to sing along, stomp your feet and clap your hands. The lyrics are below:

Well, I came into a scolding wife a few short years ago
And ever since I lead a life of misery and woe
My wife she is a tyrant around the room and in
Ah, she’d sell me to the devil for a glass or two of Gin.

Sure I’ll get up and go to work as mild as any man
And she’ll get up and dress herself and go and have her dram
And if I chance to say a word, it’s well I know my doom
She’ll follow me with the fire shovel up and down the room

And if the devil’d take her I’d thank him for his pain
I swear to God I’ll hang me self If I get married again
And if the devil’d take her I’d thank him for his pain
Oh, I swear to God I’ll hang me self if I get married again

When I get home at breakfast time she’ll tap me on the head
When I come home at dinner time I’ll find her drunk in bed
When I come home at supper time my patients I must stop
‘Cause she drank what’s in the teapot and I must drink the slops


Well, once I asked me scolding wife if I could go to bed
She scarce gave me an hour on the pillow to lay me head
When like a roarin’ lion she came bustin’ down the door
She caught me by the middle and threw me naked on the floor


Now, me and my companions go to a public place
She’ll search around the neighbourhood until she finds my face
She’ll hoist me up and ridicule me for the company
Saying, “Petticoat is you master, and forevermore shall be.”

Stargate Universe : Episode 36 “The Hunt”

On an alien planet members of the Destiny crew are hunting for food & fruits when they find a couple of animals that look like deer from earth. Wondering if they could get edible meat from those animals Greer prepares to kill one and is joined by Scott joins him to corner the animal. The pair are distracted by a roar and before they can get their bearings, a beast bursts from the brush, knocking the Kino aside. Within moments, it tackles Scott, sending him flying. Though Greer has time to shoot, he hesitates & the beast knocks Greer aside and darts past him. It then attacks a few more of the crew causing some injuries and as the crew picks themselves up they find TJ and Reynolds missing. Young orders Scott back to the ship and personally heads the rescue party.

Meanwhile Eli & Brody open one of the doors in the unexplored areas and find a large room with lots of stasis pods. Rush assumes the pods were meant for lengthy intergalactic travel periods. Both Eli and Rush are fascinated by the discovery, but Rush unexpectedly decides to ignore it for the time being. He intends to check the ship’s database for information on the pods first, given recent events. Fed up with waiting, Eli decides to check out the stasis pods himself, asking Brody not to tell Rush. Brody decides to follow him instead of moving on. As they examine one of the pods, Brody gets stuck in one and is frozen. A panicking Eli tries in vain to release him and then calls Chloe to assist but she is also unable to open it. Unknown to them an amused Rush had observed the activity and had activated the pod from the bridge. He later releases the pod door and Brody is thawed from his frozen state.

Young is unable to raise TJ & Reynolds on the radio but refuses to admit that they could be dead. He sends the rest of the team to the gate and when he is alone with Greer he asks him about the hesitation in shooting the animal, for which Greer doesn’t have an answer. Varro and the remaining former Lucian Alliance  crew asks Young to join the search for the missing two, as they have had lots more experience hunting wildlife, which will come in handy as the creature that attacked the crew seems to be a smart one. This would prove to be more than true as the creature attacks at night and kills most of the crew leaving only Greer, Varro & an injured Young remaining. Varro advises Young to go back to the ship as he is in no condition to help.

TJ & Reynolds, who has a broken ankle, find themselves in a cave, the lair of the huge cat like creature. They find many bones of dead animals in the cave and assume that they have been left for a latter meal. The creature is also guarding the cave from a distance and with Reynolds injured they can’t make a run for it. Apparently there are also younger ones of the creature in the forest. TJ manages to reach Greer on the radio and alerts him to the situation and location. As Varro detonates C4 to distract the young creatures away, the adult beast returns to its lair. It observes TJ and Reynolds, as well as the fire TJ has made.  The adult beast isn’t drawn away. Greer comes in, ready to shoot, but TJ stops him. The beast seems to recognize that they’re intelligent from the fire, which is why it hasn’t killed them. Greer has them move away, then lowers his gun to show he’s not hostile. The beast sniffs him, then backs off, allowing him to leave. As they head back to the gate, joining Varro, they come across one of the space deer. He kills the deer and the meat is cut up, cooked & served by Varro to the rest of the crew who are ecstatic to have some meat.

If I Won Free Plane Tickets

There are so many places that I would want to visit and stay in if possible. If I won two free plane tickets I would be spoiled for choice as there’s so many wonderful places that I could go to and have fun watching the sites and taking in all those that the city has to offer. Canada has been my top place to visit for a very long time and I would consider myself lucky if I could go to one of the cities there. I also like the UK, Spain, Holland, parts of the US, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Italy etc etc. But which city?

Well for a few months now St. John’s in Newfoundland has been enticing me to come and share in the fun. This is a beautiful & colourful city, at the Eastern End of Canada & North America. It looks like a fun & charming city with plenty of pubs to have some pints and lots of sea food. Republic of Doyle has also done wonders to promote this fab city. I’d like to go there if I could.

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