2012 Stanley Cup Finals – LAK vs NJD

Did not see this final coming? I certainly did not and from the looks of it neither did a lot of fans & critics. I’m surprised that both teams have made it to the finals and it’s a credit to both sets of coaching staff & players alike. So too the fans of both teams for they cheered and they believed. Now, who’s gonna win the cup? Starting May 30th we have our finals a best of seven slugfest. LA seems more attack oriented while NY will go defense first.

Will it be a tale of two goalies, a rising star in LA’s young American Jonathan Quick on one end with Hall of Famer, 3 times Stanley Cup winner & hockey legend Martin Brodeur for the Devils? At 40 Marty is in the finals again and it would be great if he could win the cup for the 4th time – what a way to retire!

The LA Kings haven’t been to the finals since their Mark Messier inspired 1994 cup win. I the 18 years since then, the Devils have been to the finals 4 times, this one making it 5, and won Lord Stanley’s cup 3 times. The Kings haven’t been close since. It will be interesting.

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