2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs : Semi-finals Lineup


St.Louis Blues vs. Los Angeles Kings          New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals

Phoenix Coyotes vs. Nashville Predators      Philadelphia Flyer vs. New Jersey Devils

Boy I did not see that lineup coming at all. In the West Vancouver & Detroit are out in the first round itself and how. Detroit met their boogie team the Predators who have done themselves proud with that showing. Vancouver battled the LA Kings to a 7th game but it wasn’t enough. In the East Boston lost in the first round to Washington.

So how does the semi-final or second round look? Tough to call in the east but I’m going to stick with my pick for Philly to beat the Devils in 7 (and for Martin Broduer to announce his retirement from the game post that) and for New York to beat the Capitals in 6. As for the West I pick the Blues & the Coyotes to win their respective rounds.

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