Say What?!

What’s the most unexpected thing a stranger has ever said to you?

I’ve been approached by stupid people on the street to read my palm, tell me my future & predict something good or bad happen to me in the past & the future! And this is not just the usual palm readers and astrologers of the guy with the parrot in a cage that pulls out cards. I’m talking about normal looking people, dressed as if they are on their way to an office job or store job but with this astrological bullcrap that they spout off.

That is the usual stuff that a total stranger has said. I have blogged about the awesome conversations that I have had with strangers – one is the BRSC Man and that other was an auto driver who back in April 2007 spoke to me about Judas and how he was a scape goat for Christians and was wrongly prosecuted. Those were amazingly & refreshingly wonderful conversations that I can never forget.

But the most unexpected thing a stranger, a woman, has told me was the lady in the bus. I have never had that experience before or since.