“What Are Your Intentions?”

I’ve been searching for a new job for the past couple of months. Although I haven’t found one yet I believe that the search will end soon as I am tired of searching for one. However I would like to share a few interesting things that have happened during an interview that I have attended in January:

I attended the preliminary rounds, two to be exact, at a company quite near my residence on Dec 24th. A few weeks later I was called in for the final 2 rounds and was told that I was one of the 5 finalists for the post. I was quite hopeful that I would get the job and since I had been doing a very similar kind of work for almost 3 years in the very same industry, I was quite confident that I could well if selected. I waited for a long time in the lobby for the final round, with the owner/Managing director of the firm and while sitting there I noticed that there were a bunch of Christian Trends magazines lying on the coffee table! The owner/MD and some of the top brass there are devout Pentacostals and I was told by a friend who knows them well that to be careful. When I met the MD he asked me, rather roughly, “Why are you not married at the age of 35?”

I felt that was quite a personal question and none of his business to ask me that question. I replied something that seemed to satisfy him as he went on to other questions. But the nerve of that asshole! Anyway, they selected someone from within their organization.

Have you had someone ask you such an inappropriate question during an interview? He was quite gruff when asking me some of the questions as if I would violate some of the women at his office being a bachelor myself – that’s my my friend says that the MD asked me that to check if I would have any plans to play the field with women staff at the firm and that’s how this guy thinks. I thought that was a lame reason, if it actually was true.¬†

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil

Now here is a movie that turns the sterotypes on it’s head and makes you think that perceptions are not always true. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is a 2010 Canadian comedy-horror movie, hilariously evil I might add, starring Tyler Labine & Alan Tudyk as the main characters Dale & Tucker respectively. The support cast include Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss, Chelan Simmons, Travis Nelson, Brandon Jay McLaren, Christie Laing, Alex Arsenault, Adam Beauchesne and Joseph Allan Sutherland as the college kids who go head to head against what they mistaken believe to be vicious evil killers. Finally a movie that does not depict the rural rednecks as preying on innocent city people who just happen to pass through the hicks.

So a group of college kids Allison, Chad, Chloe, Chuck, Jason, Naomi, Todd, Mitch and Mike are on a camping trip in West Virginia. On their way they stop at a gas station for supplies and beer and run into two hillbillies Tucker & Dale. Tucker & Dale are also on their way to a vacation in an old run down cabin in the woods that Tucker recently bought. On his friend’s advice Dale tries to talk to Allison who he is attracted to but only ends up scaring her and bringing her friends to her apparent aid. The kids go their way and pitch their tents in the woods, drinking beer and telling ghost stories. Chad tells everyone a story recounting an event known as the “The Memorial Day Massacre,” a hillbilly attack which took place twenty years previously in the same section of the woods, leaving only one survivor among the college-aged victims. They go for a swim in the lake nearby where Allison, not wanting to be near Chad and his sexual advances, chooses to move away from the rest.

Tucker & Dale also happen to be on a boat on the same lake,, drinking beer & fishing, when they spot Allison. The girl gets frightened when they startle her by accident and falls in the lake bumping her head. Tucker & Dale save her and lift her to the boat and they wave to the rest of the group saying “Hey, we’ve got your friend!” This leads the college kids to think that the hillbillies have abducted Allison and they run away. Dale takes care of Allison, dressing her in his shirt and covering her in a blanket and lays her on his bed. The next morning Allison, although initially frightened, wakes up to a big breakfast that Dale has made. She learns that he & Dale are just decent & well meaning guys and befriends Dale. Meanwhile outside her friends have tracked them to the cabin. Chuck leaves in their vehicle to get the police. As Mitch approaches the cabin, Tucker appears frantically waving a¬†chainsaw¬†after accidentally hitting a bee hive while cutting a tree stump. The college kids scatter through the woods, and Mitch accidentally impales himself on a broken tree.

Then it’s all out misunderstandings & war between the kids and the hillbillies – the kids even believe that Dale is making Allison dig her own grave, when in reality she is helping him dig an outhouse. Mike tries to rush Tucker but jumps head first into a¬†woodchipper. This leads the hillbillies to believe that the kids are in a suicide pact and want to kill Allison too. Chuck gets the local sheriff, who knows the duo, and he is killed in an accident when he rests on a broken beam. Chuck accidentally kills himself by shooting the gun at himself but Chad gets the cop’s gun and starts shooting at the cabin and they even grab Dale’s dog. Tucker is captures when he sneaks up to free the dog and two of his fingers are broken in retaliation for the assumed murder of their friends. Chad & Naomi break into the cabin where Allison tries to sooth out the differences and tries to convinces them that Tucker & Dale are harmless but Chad accuses her of suffering Stockholm syndrome!

Tucker and Dale return, and Allison attempts lead a calm discussion, leading to Chad revealing that his mother was the lone Memorial Day Massacre survivor, while his dad was killed by hillbillies, which is why he hates them. Jason and Chloe rush in with a trimmer but mutilate Naomi by mistake. A fire breaks out in the melle and Jason is killed.¬†¬†As the fire spreads, Allison, Tucker, and Dale escape, but Chloe is trapped by it and a still-breathing Naomi grabs Chad’s leg as a stockpile of fuel cans explode. ¬†Naomi and Chloe are killed but Chad survives, horribly scarred and all the more determined to kill Tucker and Dale. Allison, Tucker, and Dale escape in a truck, but they crash it moments later. Chad, who has lost it all by now, catches up and abducts Allison and when Dale recovers and an injured Tucker tells him to go get Allison back. Dale tracks them down to an old mill and is able to rescue Allison and they find old news clippings on the Memorial Day Massacre and the truth about Chad’s father: Chad’s father was not one of the victims, but the¬†Memorial Day¬†killer himself, who raped his mother, making Chad “half hillbilly.”

Chad is enraged but is apparently killed when he falls out of a high window, after Dale throws a bag of chamomile tea powder on his face, triggering his asthma. Afterward, the police and a news crew arrive at the sawmill and conclude that what appeared to be a mass suicide by mentally-unstable college students may have been the work of a deranged killer whose body was not found. While convalescing in the hospital, Tucker asks Dale whether he managed to ask Allison on a date and is happy to hear the two of them are going ten-pin bowling. Later that night at the bowling alley, the two confess their feelings for each other and kiss. Meanwhile, Chad has survived his injuries and attacks a news crew investigating the murders.

Hilarious and fun to watch, this is the way to make a spoof of the hillbilly horror genre without using a lot of lame tricks. 9 out of 10!