Coffee Shop Noise Maker

I hadn’t been out for some coffee & good food in a while. That had to change today and by golly I was planning to relax today. I had to go the bank and to meet a consultant and the plan was to stop for coffee and a bite in between. I chose to go to Fort Cafe out on Convent Junction and armed with a book I set forth. The bank thing took me very few minutes to settle and I went to the cafe, chose my favourite table, sit down and ordered a Mozzarella chicken sandwich and a cold coffee chocolate. I wanted some ice cold water to drink first as it’s been quite a hot day, as the last few have been, and I was parched. So there I was sipping my ice cold water and reading my book and waiting for my coffee & sandwich to arrive.

I was all alone in the cafe and the servers got me my coffee first and the sandwich followed close behind. I set the book aside long enough to smell the sweet bouquet of the coffee and the mozzarella chicken sandwich and proceed to take a big bite out of the sandwich. As I sat and chewed and read, a family came in. At first only the dad and daughter came in and they ordered the same sandwiches as mine and mocktails. The mother and other daughter went back to their shopping and they would return later. Both daughters would be in their late teens. Unfortunately for me they took the table right next to mind. They were noisy as hell and annoyingly so. They spoke in Telugu I think, I recognized a few words, and they were doing it loudly and standing way too close to me. When the mom & other daughter went to a clothing store next door, the daughter who sat in the cafe proceeded to talk my ears off!

Seriously, she just yakked and yakked and I could understand most of what she was saying cause she used a lot of English words in between. I couldn’t relax and read my book because of her motor mouth. She went into a detailed description of the items on the menu to her dad and then went on to explain that mocktails weren’t with alcohol in them! Apparently one of the parents thought that mocktails were like cocktail drinks with alcohol and she kept rambling on about it. The dad was only half paying attention but the moron was sitting like he owned the place. Arms and legs all over the place, just like it would be if in his living room. I can’t relax when people do that, I wanted to tell him to learn some manners and sit properly. Idiot!

I managed to get my concentration back to my coffee and my book and tried to tune out the blabbing girl next to me, when she started to sing!! Oh lordy, she was singing along with the videos of songs playing on the flat screen. I need to get out of here. And then a ninja came in! No not a real ninja but a fulled veiled muslim lady with two men. One of the men rushed to the counter and asked for two coffees in a parcel! Wait, what? Parceled coffee? He meant in the paper cups and the server understood and served them quickly. I paid for my stuff and then went on my way. I needed beer after all that.