Saturday Chat

I went for a long day out with my cousin Sujith. We hadn’t seen each other for around 6 months so it was high time we had a get together for some good food, drinks and a long chat/discussion. We arranged to meet today at around 11:15 at Fort Cafe for some coffee. I reached first and waited as he made it through a bad traffic block and we then went into the cafe. We both ordered Butterscotch coffees, he has a mozzarella sandwich while I had a beef burger.

We sat there and chatted for almost 2 hours and then left to go get my new pair of glasses from Lens n’ Frames. I wanted to try a different style of frame but decided finally to go for the one that I am used to. I think it’s still a good pair.


The beef burger wasn’t as good as I remember. It had been a good 7 to 8 months since I had a burger from here but I remember it as being as juice & delicious. This one was dry as dust and the bun was crumbling badly. I think they either have new personnel in the kitchen or their standards have fallen badly. Sujith’s sandwich looked smaller than the ones we have had before too.

Can’t complain about the coffees, they were very good and refreshing. We enjoyed them and Sujith had another one too as he was really disappointed in his sandwich. Much later we went to have a few vodkas (with ice & 7up) and some late late lunch & continuing our very long talk. By the time we were done it was 5:30 pm ~ good golly Miss Molly, where did the time go? It was fun.