Disconnected – Yet Again

This month seems like disconnection month for me as far as internet and Tata broadband are concerned. I’ve been disconnected so frequently now it’s getting ridiculous. The problem they say is due to huge lorries and trucks pulling the cable out when driving by a block away from here and that’s why the internet goes out for me and a few other people in my area. If this is the truth, I can understand it’s not their fault that my service is getting disrupted. But Tata’s response is totally their responsibility.

I called them up in the afternoon when I noticed that the connection was down and had a complaint registered. Their tech team here called up to find the status of lights on my modem. I informed them of the same and they said “Ok, let us check and call you back.” I’m waiting and waiting and finally at 7pm I lost my patience. I called the call center again and find that my complaint is in progress. Which means that since tomorrow is a Sunday, they will only fix it on Monday. This has happened once too often.

Enough is enough, I have decided to cancel the connection and move to either Airtel or Reliance.