What Have You Been Reading Lately?

I’ve been trying to read more these last couple of months. I tried reading a few old novels that I had lying around. I re-read The Da Vinci Code for the 4th time recently. I also re-read The Bretheren & The Vampire Lestat last month – the former for the 3rd time and the latter for the 2nd time. Not mind boggling titles but it’s still stuff that I like a lot and will probably read a few more times before my death. I am now almost halfway through Stephen King’s Thinner which I have read 3 times before.

I’d like to read a lot more as there is a ton of good books but I don’t really go out to buy new books as 1) I don’t want to spend too much money on books 2) I don’t want to clutter up my place as space is at a premium and my two shelves are already filled up with my collections and other stuff. I have a bunch of books collecting dust in a big built in cupboard that I have read at one point and have no interest in reading again at this point (but might change my mind a while later) and I either need to clean them up and try reading them or sell them and get new books which I can store in the same space. I want to get all the Game Of Thrones books (or whatever the books that inspired the tv series are called) by George R R Martin at some point this year. Unfortunately, I have only seen them being sold as a set in one of the premium book stores which means I cannot buy them one at a time to adjust with my budget. I tried looking for the same set at a discount and/or used book store but they hadn’t eve heard of it! (Blasphemy)