I Call This Cheating & Lying

If you haven’t read this post & then this one, I’d suggest you go and read them first and then come back and read on here.

This happened very recently. A first cousin of mine who is about to turn 39 later on this year has been on the marriage market for quite a few years. By that I mean that he & his family have been searching for a suitable bride for him, as per the traditional and usual way for Hindu people. And that means, looking into your horoscope (or horrorscope as yet another cousin of mine calls it) and family status and if those match then the family of the two meet and then the prospective bride & groom meet. If they feel like they like each other then the families of the two will then proceed with making arrangements for the marriage, seek the “services” of an astrologer and find a suitable date from him (after he looks into his stuff and declares a date & time as being auspicious for the wedding) and then the bride’s family goes about booking a hall and making arrangements for the wedding. And that’s exactly the way that my cousin’s wedding was to be done. Only thing is because of the dependence on matching horoscopes he has been finding it difficult in finding a suitable match.

So while I hate this arranged style of marriage and haven’t found a suitable mate my way either, I’m still single. His case is different. Anyways, it had seemed that his folks had found a suitable match and with a woman, around 34 I think, who works in Bangalore. The families met and my cousin and the woman met and everything seemed to be going right. My uncle, this cousin’s dad, also informed all his family members who were happy to hear about it. A few days later however on not hearing back from the bride-to-be’s family, my cousin’s family contacted them. Turns out that they weren’t really sure and that they might not actually going to go ahead with the wedding of their daughter to my cousin! Fuck what is wrong here? So we were all informed that, hold your horses – looks like we started celebrated too soon and there wasn’t going to be a wedding. Fast forward a couple of weeks later the family contacted my cousin’s father and said that they had decided that my cousin was indeed the best match for their daughter and could they go ahead and decide on a date for the wedding? Well – my cousin was happy and so were his parents and they said yes. So start planning. Once again we were all informed and we were happy for my cousin.

2 day, just 2 short days later – the wedding plans were off!! You know why? Cause that stupid good for nothing bitch who had told her parents that she was ok to marry my cousin, emailed my cousin and told him that she wanted him to back out of the wedding as she had an affair with some guy and she wanted to marry that guy instead!!! But ofcourse she doesn’t have the cojones to speak about this to her parents – she wants my cousin to say that he is not interested in her!!!! So she can weasel out of the arranged marriage! Of all the fucking nerve. This fucking cunt came to my cousin’s house, spent time with her mother and father pretending to “bond” with my cousin and his mother, hugged my aunt when it was time to leave and called her “mother” and then she does this! Fuck you bitch! I hope you never get married as you don’t deserve to be happy. Bitch aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You are 34 and not 20 or 18! Grow up!