Zombie Mode Phase On

So I’m feeling like a zombie who needs a bad case of the coffee fix really badly. The night shift, vampire lifestyle is not agreeing with me at all. At first we were doing a 3am to 10am shift. That’s right, just 7 hours. The cab comes to pick me up from my residence at around 2:30 am and I reach there by 3am. By 10 we are ready to get out of there and I reach home by 11am. Get online for a couple of hours and then have an early  lunch and sleep for a few. Evening coffee, watch some tv and then take a shower at around 8pm. Post dinner I’d either watch some more tv or even get some shut eye till 1am. Get a coffee, get my gear ready and wait for the cab. Repeat! That was a good routine. And I never felt too tired or sleepy.

This week we had to change our timings to suit the clients. 1:30 am to 9 am. Ok – how does an hour and a half do so much damage to your system? I dunno but it has. It’s a weird little timing and everyone is feeling tired and out of sorts because of it. It’s got to do with the fact that u still have some time to take a nap after dinner in the 3am-10am shift but you do not get that much time to do so in the 1:30 am – 9am slot. And it does damage to your body and mind. Yesterday I couldn’t get to sleep for a long time. I tossed and turned and the sunlight bothered me even with the curtains. Plus I got some calls from the office and that broke off any sleep I was going to get. I managed 2 and a half hours and then tried to take another nap just before the cab arrived. 30 minutes! And once I woke up I had the fricking headache right smack in the center of my head. My head was throbbing and I thought I was gonna throw up.

A cup of hot coffee did not help much. I managed to be ok and by 2 am I was almost close to being normal. But there were moments during the shift when I just wanted to close my eyes and drift off but I didn’t allow myself to do that. I thought let’s  get back home and you sleep for hours. I dozed off a bit in the cab ride home and got back to my apartment. I washed my feet and hands and changed and got into bed. I watched a bit of a tv series just to put me to sleep. 30 minutes later – it arrived. And I hoped that I would sleep for atleast 6-7 hours. All I got was 4. Damn! No luck after that. Shit!

So now it’s a quater past 8pm and I am still a semi-zombie!