Guiding By The Hand

This morning I was on  my way to the bus stop on my way to work. Once I reached the junction that turns towards the main road I saw two men crossing the road and heading the same way. At first I was looking at them and wondering “why the heck are these two men holding hands and walking on the road?” I shouldn’t have thought that. It was presumptuous of me to do so; I had jumped to conclusion well ahead of time. Cause when they were close enough and passed right in front of me I could make out that it was an older man, most probably the father, and the son. But still…..the son was around 16 years old or maybe 17 – why the heck were they holding hands? Turns out that the boy was mostly blind!

Yes that was a loving and concerned father holding hands with his son who could barely see and leading him towards an eye clinic/hospital for an appointment with one of the doctors there. I felt immediately bad and sorry for the state of the kid as well as his dad. Parents who have disabled children have it hard and they must do lot o ensure that their children have a life as good as can be. Only a parent of a disabled child can know what such a person goes through. The connection between parent and son was there for all to see. I let them pass in front of me so I could observe them both until they reached that eye hospital which was a few meters before the bus stand (my destination). I had a good vantage point as I was just a few steps behind them and I could hear everything that they said to each other.

Once they neared the hospital the boy wanted his father to let go of his hand. He stated that he could walk to the hospital entrance on his own, without his father leading him. His father reluctantly let go of his son’s hand and watched as his son put his own hands in front of him and slowly walked to the hospital. The son looked to be proud of himself that he could reach the gate without someone else’s help and guidance. That was the look on his face. And I looked at the father – his face was filled with concern for his son. “Will he trip and fall? Will he bump into a wall or into someone?” And the duo walked into the hospital, with me stopping to watch this for a minute of two, until I could no longer see them as they went into the hospital building.

I doubt if they realized that their walk towards a doctor’s appointment was watched intently by a total stranger and how much it touched him!

25 Things

01. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what’s the first thing you look at? my glasses

02. How much cash do you have on you? Rs.2500

03. What’s a word that rhymes with “TEST”? breast

04. Favorite plant? banana tree

05. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? Sandhya (from work)

06. What is your main ring tone on your phone? ‘Smoke On The Water‘ by Deep Purple (the main guitar riff)

07. What shirt are you wearing? green & black stripes

08. Do you “label” yourself? yes, rock n’roll GOD

09. Name brand of your shoes currently wearing? Red Tape

10. Bright or Dark Room? depends on my mood, as of right now…DARK

11. What do you think about the person who took this survey? Never meet him but he seems like an alright block

13. What were you doing at midnight last night? watching a movie in bed

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell phone say? a dirty limerick

15. Do you ever click on “Pop Ups” or Banners? occasionally

16. What’s a saying that you say a lot? “With blessings from Satan”

17. Who told you they loved you last? I don’t know. Guess it’s been a while

18. Last furry thing you touched? ahem!! no it was the dog

19. How many hours a week do you work? 48

20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed? none

21. Favorite age you have been so far? 28-29

22. Your worst enemy? myself

23. What is your current desk top wallpaper? A wolf in the snow

24. What was the last thing you said to someone? “I just took my medicine now”

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to go back in time and fix all your mistakes which would you choose? The Million … I could use it

The Sounds of Youth

Hmmm good little nostalgic prompt there. There are a lot of things that remind me of my childhood and when I specify it into just sounds there still remains a big enough list. The sound of some cartoons remind me of my childhood, just the theme. Also tv shows themes like the A-Team, Remington Steele, The Jeffersons, Misfits Of Science, the original BSG & V. Very nostalgic indeed.

I also would put in the sounds of the waves lashing against the beach shore, the sound of popcorn popping, the ringing of bicycle bells, the sounds from the schools & children laughing and talking. The sounds of sports games being played – footballs kicked around and into nets, basketballs bouncing on the court and the ‘plop’ as they are tossed into the net of the hoop, the sound of tennis balls being hit by rackets and badminton shuttle cocks being hit by badminton rackets, and the yelling of hide n’seek shrills as the kids play!

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Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

That is a difficult question to answer. Does a person only get one true soul mate? I believe that you can have that great relationship with more than one person. I have personally felt that I have had more than one soul mate, some one who understands me and believes in me and wants only the best for me. Who laughs at all of my jokes and gets me and who is a big supporter of mine. I call that type of supporter as my cheerleader! I have met two such women but… of them is married with kids and I have had no romantic feelings for her at all.

The other one – we met at our then place of employment when we were both 27 and she was already married by then. However we had so many things in common, we liked the same kind of tv shows and science fiction in general and we had similar other interests like the same kind of novels and favourite authors, some favourite bands, same interest in movies etc. It was so odd to click with a person who I had just met and we could talk for hours on end. She is also the same age as me and we were born just days apart, with her being born 9 days before me. It was so odd and she being rather attractive and all with a great personality and a sweet temperament, I kept wishing – why the heck couldn’t I have met her earlier in life? Sometimes life ain’t fair.

Well, so in each case I have felt that soul mate connection and keep in regular contact and I wish that I do find my real soul mate – the woman who will enter my life and be my partner and my wife. Someday, someway! I keep  hoping.

3 Types Of Facebook Status Updates

The first type of status update is the religious kind. Teaching or preaching the word of god to the flock. Irrespective of which religion it is, there is an over all feeling of belittling oneself and lowering oneself to be a nothing without their god of choice. Is that all we are? A planet of playthings, muppets on a string for some imagined & make believe celestial body to toss & turn around with? Some of these posts are of a person throwing themselves at the feet of their deity and crying and saying that they unworthy but to please listen to their prayers and pleas. And worse is taking all credit of someone’s achievements and giving glory to a fucking god! And liking a particular status post / pic if they like Jesus or Mohammed or Allah or Ganesh etc etc. What about using a dangerously ill or injured baby or child or even a grown up and saying that for each ‘like’ and ‘share’ god will give blessings; or if that post reaches it’s target of a certain number of ‘share’ or ‘likes’ that ill baby will be saved!

The second kind is of the preaching kind, mostly related to religion. Showing up on certain days and telling us that we are sinners, we are wrong and that we should atone right now! And they will tell you the right way to do things. The right way according to whom? Some bronze age bigots & fanatics who couldn’t distinguish morality if it came and fucked them in the ass? No thank you. And worse, a tragedy is attributed to the wrath of a god because the person or persons who had the tragedy befall them did not believe in a god or worshiped the ‘wrong one’. Well since tragedy is unbiased and will happen to people of all caste, creed & religion I guess every religion & god are the wrong ones!

Status updates that I hate also is announcing the birth of their child and giving the credit to god. ‘By the grace of god we are bless with a baby…”. I mean come on! Is life so insignificant that everything is attributed to a non-existent sky daddy who is so interested in your sex life but does nothing to save the millions who are killed each year? Who demands your complete devotion and total obedience without explanation or questioning but hasn’t proved it’s existence or  that it is really responsible for everything in this universe and beyond, the creator and preserver? Please! I know some of you will not like this and have your own comments. Shove it, I am not in the mood to listen to your preaching. Besides I have heard it all before and you have nothing new to offer to the debate. I got the load off my chest and I am a bit satisfied now.


Dark Vs Light

While in a cafe a couple of days ago, I was listening to some mp3s that the owner of the place was playing on his server. They were mostly a mixed selection of Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi hits from 2003 onwards. I wasn’t really paying attention for most of the time, other than noting which songs were being played. After a while, I realised something. Most of the Hindi film songs had the word “Gori” in it. It could also be “Goriyan”. Now all those who speak, read and understand Hindi know that it means “Fair or White girl”. And then the Malayalam hit songs had several references to “Karutha Penne”, dark skinned girl!

It seems that the Hindi speaking public (read that central and North India) or should I say men, prefer girls who are quite fair-skinned. Whereas we Mallus seem to like our women to have some colour on their skin (and flesh on their chest & butts; but that discussion is for another day). It was really funny if you paid notice to the lyrics. So many references to “That fair skinned girl stole my heart away from me” or in Malayalam, “I would like to spend time with the Dark skinned girl”. Does that really imply that we Malayalees like darker women while the north only go for the fair ones? There seems to be no dearth of Fairness cream products and their ads are always on the tv.


It I had earlier seen parts of this film but couldn’t quite understand what the bits I saw had meant. The movie was Saw in which two men, “Gordon” & “Adam” awake after being attacked by a serial killer named “Jigsaw” and find themselves chained to big pipes in a filthy, grimy old bathroom with no windows. Between them lies the bloody corpse of an older man with a gun in his hand, an apparant suicide. The two men find a cassette tape and recorded in which they play the voice of a man who tells then what they have to do. “Gordon” has to kill the younger “Adam” by 6pm in order for his family to live. They find a pair of hacksaws, but they aren’t strong enough to cut through their chains; they are, however, strong enough to cut through flesh and bone. “He doesn’t want us to cut through our chains,” notes Gordon. “He wants us to cut through our feet.”

“Jigsaw” is a killer who puts his victims in twisted mind-games that usually end in tragedy. The case was investigated by Det. David Tapp (Danny Glover) and Det. Steven Sing (Ken Leung). The earlier victims included: A man who faked suicide for attention (He was put in a maze of razor wire), a man who faked an illness (He was burned while poisoned), and a drug addict named Amanda (Played by Shawnee Smith, she was one of two survivors of Jigsaw’s traps after she had to cut open and find a key in a heavily sedated man to prevent her jaw from being ripped apart).

The two men try to fake “Adam’s” death but that does not work out. Finally while listening on a cellphone, “Gordon” gets desperate as he hears his wife and child nearly killed by a man called “Zepp”. At the same time, one of Adam’s photos reveal that Zepp, Gordon’s assistant from the hospital, is the one holding his wife and daughter hostage. The clock strikes 6:00, ending the time limit. Zepp and Diana fight for the gun while Tapp rushes to save her. The fight turns into a chase as Tapp tries to catch Zepp before he can get to the bathroom. Believing that his wife and daughter are still in danger, Gordon finally saws off his own foot. Tapp nearly emerges victorious, but Zepp kills him first and rushes to the bathroom. Free of his shackle, Gordon shoots Adam. Zepp arrives in the bathroom and Adam, who is surprisingly alive, beats him to death with the toilet lid. After a tearful goodbye, Gordon leaves, saying he has to “get help, or he’ll bleed to death”.

Adam, however, is still trapped. He searches Zepp’s pockets for a key, but instead finds another cassette. Zepp was a pawn in Jigsaw’s game all along. The real Jigsaw, it turns out, was the “corpse” on the floor, which rises up and explains what happened: Adam’s key was lost when he first awoke. Jigsaw has been killing people to make them learn life lessons, as he himself is bitter from his approaching death of cancer. Jigsaw shocks Adam and abandons him in the locked bathroom. “Game over,” he says, ending the film with Adam, being trapped in the pitch-black bathroom, screaming into the credits.

It is a creepy movie and I found the scenes disturbing. I read that critics really panned the movie and that the killer’s character was not fleshed out. However, I was deeply disturbed by the movie and …… I wish to see the sequels!! 8 outta 10!

Bitter Sweet

This is an old post in my previous blog, written back in May, 2006

There she stood, beautiful as always. Innocent to the beholder, pretty as a picture. A picture that can tell a thousand words and hurt a thousand different ways. I was not expecting to see her today but fate can play you like a violin. Fate, that worst four letter word, can do tricks on you that would shame the most versatile magician. It conjures up images of what once was, what it should have been and what will never be. I almost stopped in my tracks – almost. But it was plain to see that I was caught off guard, it did not help that she looked so pretty as usual. That lost face, those beautiful eyes, that half-smile that rarely appears but will entice you and make you long for more. That smile!

A glass door stood like a barrier between us when my eyes fell on her. Yet it might as well have been made of lead and a few hundred miles thick. I recovered quickly to smile at her and give a wave of sorts. I finished talking to the person on this side of the door and opened the glass door towards her. “Hi!” we both said at almost the same time. “What are you doing here”? she said although she had no reason to say anything more. Was I even sure that is exactly what she said? I mumbled about the reason why I had come and said that I had to be going and would see her around. “Bye” was my last words to her and it could be the very last that I say face to face to her as she will be going away from here soon.

Am I upset about the chance meeting? Did it bring back my memories of hours spent talking to her? Yes to both but lesser to the former. It is like she is two different people to me : one her true self and what I have now known her to be, the other is the image in my mind of what I thought she was. I have a nickname for her from he first few weeks of me meeting her; Doll. Cause she remind me and many people of a doll, a very pretty doll. She has that kind of quality. So she is her and she is Doll. My Doll, the memory of what I thought she was will always be with me and be my hairshirt for as long as I have the memory to remember.

Hairy Scary

The last couple of days have shown me some weird hairstyles that are truly hair raising. First I saw this guy in the bus who wore a comb-over that was truly disgusting to look at. I turned away in laughter at this audacious style. It has been called the male’s denial of his lost glory. This guy really was ridiculous to look at.

Then there was this guy who had an Afro that looked liked it came from the lost and found department of the 70’s decade. And it smelt like it hadn’t been washed since the 70’s as well. I got a full wiff of it, no choice since he was sitting in the seat right in front of me. I could almost see him heading to a disco singing some old ditty.

Today I saw a guy who must be having Osama Bin Laden as his inspiration. He had a humongous unkempt beard that looked like it had never been shaved at all. He sat in the back and stroked his…..beard all the time he was there. I looked to see if a sparrow had built it’s nest in his beard and if there were some little eggs just waiting to be hatched.

Supernatural – Season 1

It took me a while to get into Supernatural. I had seen some of the first season on tv but lost interest about halfway through. Some of the elements of the series seemed great – monsters, demons, ghosts and killing them, two brother hunting to get a particular demon who killed their mother, following in the footsteps of their father who was also a demon hunter, classic rock music. Still it wasn’t enough to hold my complete attention. Sam was too ……. almost Twighlightish and I didn’t know exactly how the series would pan out. So I stopped watching it for a long time. Then a couple of months ago I caught some episodes on tv and I thought “ok, it looks a bit more interesting and so why not give it a go once again.” I’m glad I did, cause even if this is in no one a contestant for one of my top 10 or even top 20 series of all time, it still is good enough.

So starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, the series follows the brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and other figures of the  supernatural. Their father John raised them to be hunters, with Sam being the reluctant one with his longing for a more normal life. Due to a fight between Sam and John, Sam goes to college in California and lives with his girlfriend Jessica. John & Dean continues in their hunt for the demon, later revealed to be Azazeal, that killed the boy’s mom many years ago. Dean catches up with Sam in the pilot to ask him to help in the search for their father who has gone missing. After a tryst with a female ghost and finding John’s diary, Sam returns home only to find Jessica killed in the same fashion as his mother – pinned to the ceiling and being burned by Azazeal. He joins Dean in the search for their father and stopping in at towns across the US to hunt any supernatural events.

They battle a wendigo, the ghost of a young drowned victim in a lake, a demon in an airplane, several ghosts, a shapeshifter that takes on Dean’s form while trapping him in his lair, a Native American curse with bugs attacking people who now live on their land, a scarecrow that comes to life, a reaper, a haunted house, killer truck haunted by a ghost,  a vampiric witch known as a shtriga who steals  life force from kids, a haunted painting, vampires,  and run into their father. They get their hands on The Colt – a gun specially designed by Samuel Colt that can kill almost any supernatural creatures including demons. Azazeal’s daughter Meg comes into their lives. After learning that their father has been captured, the brothers go to family friend and fellow hunter Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) for help. However, Meg tracks them down, but is caught underneath a mystical symbol known as a “devil’s trap”, which renders her immobilized and powerless.

The brothers proceed to exorcise the demon though they know it will kill the real Meg due to her injuries sustained in Chicago. Before the real Meg dies, she offers a clue to John’s whereabouts. Sam and Dean head to Jefferson City, Missouri, and rescue their father. However, Azazel soon reveals himself to be in possession of John, and attacks them. As Azazel tortures Dean, though, John is able to temporarily gain control, and begs Sam to use the Colt to kill Azazel. Not able to bring himself to kill his father, Sam instead shoots him in the leg, and Azazel flees. On the way to the hospital, the three are then crashed into by a large semi-truck with a demonically possessed driver.


I seem to be watching quite a few horror / slasher movies these days and almost all of them at night as well. This one, I watched in it’s entirety starting at 1:00 am and let me tell ya; going to sleep after that was no peice of cake. Creep (2004) is a British slasher film directed by Christopher Smith, starring the German actress Franka Potente. Potente plays Kate, a student who is trapped overnight on the London Underground after missing the last train. Two sewage workers, Arthur and George, discover an unknown tunnel in the sewers beneath London, and we see them attacked by some unknown horror.

The film then follows Kate, a popular German student living in London, as she travel between parties. Intending to catch the tube, she falls asleep on the platform at Charing Cross and misses the last train. Though finding that the station has been closed for the night and that she is locked inside, she sees a train pulling into the station. On board, she encounters Guy, an unwanted acquaintance from the last party. When he attempts to rape her, something pulls him out of the train’s door and brutally attacks him. The film then follows Kate’s attempt to escape from the underground and the hideous ‘Creep’ of the title (Sean Harris). Along the way she is helped by a homeless couple, Jimmy and Mandy, who spend their nights sleeping in the station, and by George, who has been captured by the eponymous killer for food.

One by one, the characters are picked off in a variety of different ways until Kate comes face to face with the killer. She helps George escape the killer and find Mandy, whom George declares to be dead. While fleeing they hear a scream, and it transpires that Mandy is in fact alive, but Craig, the ‘creep’, is now performing a casaerean on her with a very large, rusty, serrated blade. They encounter Craig in a room, and George’s head is impaled on a blade sticking out of the wall. Kate escapes and battles with Craig on a station, eventually slitting his throat by stabbing him with a hook attached to a chain, which she throws into the path of an oncoming train. Afterwards she finds her way back to Charing Cross Station and the dog runs up on her knee.

7 outta 10!

Error Of Judgement My Ass

I haven’t watched a bit of the Olympics this year. I haven’t watched anything of the Olympics for many, many years except for maybe a bit of the opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies. I think perhaps a few snippets during the news or sports round up watching some medals being handed out. I’ve never had much of a passion for the Olympics but yeah any Indians going for victory will have my support. This year I was hopeful that Sania Nehwal would get a gold for us and although she did get a bronze (and that too when her opponent had to retire with an injury) that’s still a proud moment for us. She is one sportsperson that I support with a lot of passion and she seems to be a very sensible person.

Ofcourse this year we had that huge stupid little scene of a gatecrasher, a fucking gatecrasher, at the opening ceremony. A young lady who was a volunteer for the Indian Olympic delegation and a dancer for the opening ceremonies, who was supposed to escort the Indian contingent up to the entrance and then back off, decided that she had to join them as they marched into the stadium. Clad in a red track top, blue pants and sneakers, Madhura Honey Nagendra marched in the front of the contingent alongside flag-bearer Sushil Kumar, smiling and waving at the cameras, before disappearing midway. This has got to be one of the most stupidest things I have ever heard or seen of in a major sporting event. That was so stupid. And it was so funny to see her bright red top and blue jeans clash (badly) with the smartly attired women athletes in yellow saris and the men in suits. She look so dumb walking along with them. And this is what she has to say! “Error of judgement!” Watch an interview with her

A Dramatic Turn Of Events – Dream Theatre

If you are a serious rock/metal musician, interested in approaching your art with the passion and dedication of the greats, look no further than Dream Theater to find a suitable role model for a band. There are hardly any other quintets who are as proficient on their respective instruments of choice as these guys. A Dramatic Turn Of Event, the eleventh studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater, was released worldwide on September 12, 2011 and in the United States on September 13 through Roadrunner Records. It is the band’s first recording to feature drummer Mike Mangini following the departure of founding member Mike Portnoy in September 2010. And their fans flocked to see if the sound would change with the change in personnel.

A commercial success, the album moved 36,000 units in the United States in its debut week, charting at number eight on the Billboard 200. Since July 2011, Dream Theater have been on tour in support of the album. They sound much like the DT we know and love. was produced by John Petrucci and mixed by Andy Wallace. It was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered between January and June 2011 at Cove City Sound Studios in Long Island, New York. First single and opening track On The Backs Of Angels starts things off in, pardon the pun, dramatic fashion. The song was written by the band’s guitarist and producer John Petrucci, keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and bassist John Myung with lyrics by Petrucci. Rudess and Petrucci’s works will make you feel damn good. Build Me Up, Break Me Down is the next single with a riff that will please headbangers and fist bangers. S inger James LaBrie did a three-layer vocal hook, which is insane. John Myung’s bass riff is insane and fits perfectly. The drums are amazing in this track. The chorus is catchy and Petrucci’s amazing solo followed by fucking insane keyboard work by Rudess owns.

The next song is a technical fest – Lost Not Forgotten starts off with a delicate piano intro before Petrucci’s monstrous riffs take over with Mangini following up with some intensive drumming. With many twists and turns all over the song, this is already one of my favourites of theirs – of all time! Amazing guitar solo too. The next  track is more of a ballad with some heartfelt solo guitar work and Jordan’s melodic keyboard riffs. James delivers some of his best vocal performances to date. Bridges In The Sky starts off with some fuzzy noizes and then a throaty bellow (some kind of tribal vocal performance?) before the church style chanting starts and then the band kicks in. A furious guitar solo follows later and the song ends with the same sounds that launches it. Outcry begins with some delightful keys play by Rudess laid on a synthesized drum beats before the rest of the band joins in. The keyboard work is uplifting over here. The drums, bass & guitar lock in for a rhythmic heartbeat style riff-age and James takes over.

Far From Heaven is a gentle piano work and some strings & LaBrie outperforms here, with intense emotion. This is an extremely melodious and personal song. Breaking All Illusions, the longest song on the album which is written by John Myung, after 11 years, he has penned down stuff and boy does he deliver. Everyone is at the top of their form for this track. And we come to the end of the album with Beneath The Surface; which starts with a dripping tap before gentle acoustic riffs and James’s emotional & melodious vocals starts. Jordan’s lovely keyboard solo gives you goosebumps.

I would call this one of the better offerings but not their best yet. Still awesome to hear and with a few listens you should be easily able to include this as a staple of your collection. Here is the video for On The Backs Of Angels.

The Notebook

I finally got to rewatch a movie that I had been wanting to for a long time – The Notebook. I just missed a bit of the beginning but enjoyed the movie just the same. The Notebook is a romantic novel by Nicholas Sparks. The story opens in a present-day nursing home, where an elderly man reads a story to an elderly lady. Though her memory has faded, his words give her the chance to relive her turbulent youth and the unforgettable love they shared. The story is contained within a notebook that was written by a woman to her husband. The story is about young Noah Calhoun, a lumberyard worker, who is instantly smitten with seventeen-year-old Allie Hamilton, the daughter of a well-to-do Southern family who is spending the summer at their vacation home in 1940s North Carolina.

Allie’s parents disapprove of their relationship, and Noah and Allie are separated. However, Noah and Allie’s paths cross again seven years later, but by then, Allie is engaged to wealthy Lon Hammond. Noah is dating a neighbor named Martha Shaw. It is evident that they still have feelings for each other, and Allie has to choose between her fiancé and her first love. As the story in the book draws to a close the ill woman realises that the man reading the book is Noah, her husband, and that he is reading the notebook that she, Allie, maintained. But her illness proves too much for her to handle and her memory lapses again to her husband’s distraught. They both die together on a bed at the end of the film.

The film version was released June 25, 2004. It starred James Garner, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Marsden, and Gena Rowlands and was directed by Rowlands’ real-life son, Nick Cassavetes. The Notebook film adaptation became a “sleeper hit” in Summer 2004 and put Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling on the map in Hollywood as “up-and-comers.” Funnily enough, Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling have been linked together since the movie and are were supposed to be close to getting married at one point. Both Gosling & McAdams were born in the same hospital in their hometown of London, Ontario, Canada.

9 out of 10!

Alfie To Stay One More Year With Senators

Thirty-nine-year-old captain Daniel Alfredsson stopped the speculation Tuesday and confirmed he won’t be hanging up his skates. Instead, he’ll put on his No. 11 sweater and return for his 17th season with the Senators. Alfredsson confirmed an Ottawa Sun report last week that he’s been talking about an extension with GM Bryan Murray, but said he will play out the final year of his deal at his $1 million salary. That will make him one of the NHL’s best bargains. Alfredsson said he made the decision last week and his wife Bibbi along with his four kids are fully supportive.

Alfredsson said he needed to test himself in rigorous off-season training to see if his body could withstand another NHL campaign before deciding whether to return. The result was positive. Alfredsson will return for a 17th season with the only NHL team he has known and where he has been captain since 1999-2000.

The gifted playmaker and scorer has amassed 416 goals, 666 assists for 1,082 points in 1,131 games — all team records. He holds the same records in the playoffs, with 111 games, 47 goals, 43 assists and 90 points. He had suggested he might retire after last season, when he had 27 goals and 32 assists in 75 games and helped Ottawa reach the playoffs. The Senators lost in seven games in the first round to the New York Rangers. He also said staying on for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia did not factor into his decision as it was too far in the future to contemplate. Alfredsson won Olympic gold in 2006 with Sweden.

Alfredsson’s history goes back to the club’s early years. He was drafted 133rd overall in 1994 by Ottawa, and won the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year in 1996. The six-time all-star had a career-high 43 goals and 103 points in 2005-06.

Birthday Dinner

We had a harthal (bandh/strike) declared today by the CPI(M) political party (I dunno, nowadays we can arrest anyone for commiting crimes/instigating murder & violence if they are part of a political party without their supporters rioting in the streets). So Kerala shutdown the shops, offices, business, educational institutes etc for a 12 hour period. Lots of violence in some areas. What about my birthday?

Since I couldn’t go out I thought that a quiet day at home. Watching some tv shows during the afternoon plus a light nap. After hat the evening was open for suggestions. I got some Chivas Regal whiskey and a bottle of coke. So it was a couple of drinks with a light spicy snack.

Post that I order in dinner from Chick King. I think I’m going to stop ordering from them because the buns that they serve have become smaller, the supposedly ‘Large’ portions of French fries have gotten smaller and if you order a 6 or 9 piece bucket of chicken you get atleast a couple of really small pieces. But the prices remain the same! Damn – anyway, I ordered a 6 piece chicken, 2 large fries (laughable quantity), a pepsi for my mom and 4 buns (these teeny tiny little pieces)!

The boxes below are what Chick King labels as Large for French Fries! Anyways, I enjoyed my meal with some more whiskey + coke and now am back at the laptop. So Happy Birthday to me. No Cake. Too old for that!

In The Blink Of An Eye I Turned 36

It’s that time of the year. My birthday again. Yes sir, my world has completed one more revolution and 366 days (since it is a leap year) have passed on by and I am  now 36 years old. Yippee (sarcasm drips)

It blows getting older. 36 – shit in 4 years I will be 40!!! We had a deal Satan – I sold you my soul in exchange for eternal youth! In my mind I am always 18 – so I could say that I have 18 years of experience in being 18 years old!

The beard, if I grow it, has some grey in it. The sideburns has a grey hair or two in them – I cut them off. I am getting further and further away from my youth – but still holding on it as hard as I can I have a lot to do before I can ever be happy in my life. Someday I wish to find that true happiness and be content. Till then this lonely bachelor will walk the road all alone and keep hoping.

Happy birthday to me!