Dracula 3000

Last night I had the misfortune of watching a movie called Dracula 3000. As a huge vampire and Dracula in particular fan, I will watch almost anything with that label attached to it. There are some really interesting things done to the Dracula phenomenon and on reading about the plot for this movie I was intrigued; a small crew stuck on a derelict spaceship out in space with a vicious killer out to get them – who could resist? Turns out that there are bad movies and then there is Dracula 3000! A pathetic excuse for a movie.

Dracula 3000 has a cast of Casper Van Dien, Erika Eliniak, Coolio, Tony ‘Tiny’ Lister and Udo Krier. Despite a known cast, this movie is beyond redemption. The crew of a salvage ship led by Captain Van Helsing finds a long lost ship called the Demeter. They board it to claim salvage rights and on exploring it find the corpse if the Demeter’s captain tied to a chair with a crucifix clutched in his hand. Despite the misgivings of his vice-captain Aurora and intern Mina Murray, van Helsing claims salvage rights and decides to tow the ship back to earth. As the crew prepare to do so, their own ship is dislodged from the Demeter and moves away from them, leaving the crew stranded aboard the derelict Demeter with no means of communication.

Cargo specialist 187 and deckhand Humvee find a cargo bay full of coffins. As Humvee heads back to the bridge 187 stays back to examine the coffins and is attacked by a vampire. His crew hears his screams and rushes to him but finds the obnoxious 187 is now turned into a vampire who attacks his crew. Mina falls prey to him. Aurora runs away and finds herself in a room with the master vampire who calls himself Orlock who reveals his intentions to make his way to earth and conquer it. He makes his way to bite Aurora and we assume she is bitten. Aurora is then seen running to the rec room where she tells Van Helsing and Humvee about her encounter. Believing to he turned, they tie her up. 187 attacks them at this point but is killed by Humvee using a pool cue as a wooden stake. Aurora confesses that she is infact an undercover android cop who was sent to investigate salvage activities. Although feeling betrayed Van Helsing and Humvee release her from her binds. The captain and Professor use the ships computers and finds out that the captain is a descendant of the legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing and that Orlock is another name for Dracula. They also feels that in order to save earth from Orlock, they must set the course of the Demeter right into a neibhouring binary star.

Van Helsing and Aurora search for and fight Orlock. The captain is soon killed by Orlock who then promises Professor freedom from his wheelchair and immortality. Aurora and Humvee then have to kill a now vampiric Mina and Professor and escape Orlock by sealing themselves into the bridge and locking the door. However neither can pilot the ship and hence they both resign to inevitable doom as the ship heads towards one of the suns. As they take comfort in the fact that Orlock will also be destroyed, Aurora says that she used to be a sexbot programmed for pleasure before she got updated! The last scene is the destruction of the Demeter.

One of the worst scripts and acting ever, especially from that moron Coolio who is so bad, you want to jump into the screen and strangle him to death! The cast seem to take their roles as a joke and the story is ludicrous – despite the Dracula and Van Helsing history, Orlock is said to be from a planet of Vampires called Transylvania, in the Carparthia star system. Really? 2 out of 10!

Happy App

I keep seeing a lot of apps on the market. Some seem interesting and some don’t. A few, when I look at them, I think “what the fuck where the developers smoking before coming up on this ridiculous idea?” So I browse the list of apps for all the smartphones and then see which ones seem interesting enough to add for my BlackBerry. I admit that I am very choosy and also do not want to crowd my phone’s memory with all kinds of shit and therefore I only have a two sports related apps for latest scores, news and transfer updates (football & NHL), a photo app, social network apps, chat apps & WordPress blog app for blogging. That’s it; which is what I call the basics.

But what I don’t see are the real useful apps. An app that says “this are is filled with religious fundamentalists and assholes. Beware! Logic means nothing over here. Take deviation”! and conversely will also alert you to “Relax! Well read, secular and humanist freethinkers area up ahead” so you can breathe out and relax. Or for relaxing an app that alerts you to best drinks, food and happy hours at bars as you walk by in a particular area. Why the heck can they not make such apps???

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Tablet PC : Is It For Me?

I could be wrong but I have this feeling that a majority of folks are buying tablet pcs or tabs for status symbol reasons and not for practical reasons. And this is based solely on my observations of people in my hometown. What is the reason one would opt for a tab? And why would one go for a tab over a regular laptop? Is it worth the effort and price?

I’d think that if you have a desktop or notebook and you wanted a secondary option then yes you may look at a tab. It’s compact, it’s handy and it’s easy to slip into a cover and carry it. If you want to use it for an hour or two in a cafe or while traveling in a train or plane – perfect!

But would you choose it as your primary computing device? Not me! I hear some people saying “notebooks are passe and no longer something to be desired! Err….. Why and how come? I am in the market for a new laptop to replace my now over 2 year Lenovo. I’d go for a laptop now and later if I have some cash lying around I’d get a tab as well. I don’t have the cash to be like this one person I saw – walking around with a laptop, a netbook, a tab and an iphone! I ain’t that rich$$$

The Only Villain I Love

Well as much as I admire some villains in a movie or a book but I’m mostly old fashioned in the sense that I root with as much as passion as the next fella for the good guys. The ones who stand for truth, liberty, justice, goodness and fairness. That’s how most people do I guess. Ofcourse the exceptions are the anti-hero, the wronged character who then doles out the justice his own style and takes matters into his own hands or the ones that beat the crap out of a bad or corrupt government or system.

But yes there is one villain that I and, from what I have seen or heard, a lot of other fans of the movies that this character appears in do support. And we cheer and we yell at the screen and we do all sorts of encouragement even though most of the movies have been shot in the 80s, a few in the 90s and 1 in the last decade – as if we were going to affect the outcome. And that is Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th movie franchise. Yes that Jason – the man behind the hockey mask, although he didn’t have a mask for a couple of movies, the man with the machete. He is probably the only villain that I have ever rooted for – yep not even Dracula (a character I just love) can take that claim!

And that’s because you see, Dracula is mostly evil even though he has oodles of charm and style and grace. Jason is a simpleton, isolated from the outside world for so long by his mother after he was presumed to have drowned in Crystal Lake. He knows nothing and probably was made demented by his mother’s lunatic rantings. Therefore he has no choice but to be a killing machine, fueled by his own rage and by what he considers to be punishment for immoral acts! He only knows one way; stalk and kill his victims one by one and in the process he kills a lot of likeable people too who haven’t done any harm. How he gets his magical resurrection powers is not really explained and I have had to shake my head and not think too much about the ways or number of times in which he has come back to life and continued killing. So Jason it is. Watch out – he’s right behind you. And all he wants is a hug!

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Safe House

Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds? Gotta see this one then! Safe House is  2012 political action thriller directed by Daniel Espinosa, starring Washington & Reynolds and co-starring Vera Farminga, Brendan Gleeson with small roles for Joel Kinnaman & Robert Patrick. The movie deals with the corrupt world of international espionage and the dealings of the CIA.

Tobin Frost is a an ex-CIA agent turned international criminal, acquires a file from renegade MI6 agent Alec Wade. Attacked by the mercenary Vargas, he enters an American consulate and is moved to a CIA safe house in Cape Town, South Africa. The safe house is managed by Matt Weston, a low-level CIA agent who is itching for some action and would relish a meatier assignment than being a “housekeeper” for a safe house. He watches from the one way mirror as veteran agent  Daniel Kiefer interrogates Frost and subjects him to waterboarding.  Vargas and his men attack the house, killing off all the CIA agents, save for Weston who was asked to keep an eye on Frost. Weston & Frost escapes in a vehicle the former commanders and Weston contacts his mentor, David Barlow, at CIA headquarters. Catherine Linklater, another CIA operative, intercepts the call and orders Weston to lie low and call back later.

Weston hides Frost in a hotel room and then calls his French girlfriend Ana, who doesn’t know about Matt being a CIA agent. Barlow later tells Weston to go to a football stadium and retrieve a  GPS device with the location of a nearby safe house. At the stadium Frost fakes his abduction and cop arrest the two of them. Frost escapes his apprehends by killing them, leaving Weston to fight his way out and track him in the stadium crowd but is unable to capture him back. Weston is ordered to visit the nearest American embassy for debriefing. Instead he meets with Ana, where he reveals that he is a CIA agent and sends her away for her safety. He then finds out about Carlos Villar, a forger who lives in a shanty town and is an old contact of Frost. At Villar’s house, Vargas and his men shoot and kill the forger and his family but Weston is able to help Frost to escape in his vehicle.  They learn that Vargas is actually working for the CIA, which is seeking to retrieve the files Frost received from Wade. It is revealed that the files contain detailed information of corrupt activities by many intelligence agencies, including the CIA itself, and that Weston’s own superiors may be implicated.

Weston takes Frost to the safe house where he is attacked by the “house keeper” there. Injured and bloodied, he pleads to Frost not to leave him behind and then faints. When he comes to Barlow, who is Vargas’s employer and has killed Linklater, is sitting by his side He confirms that the file contains incriminating evidence against him, and encourages Weston to lie about what has happened. Frost returns to rescue Weston by killing Vargas and his men but is shot by Barlow. Weston then shoots Barlow in the chest, killing him. Frost gives Weston the file and tells him he is better than Frost before he dies from his injuries. Weston makes his way back to the US and goes to Langley,  meets with CIA Deputy Director Harlan Whitford, who informs Weston that unflattering facts about the CIA must be removed from his report, but that he will be promoted. He asks Weston about the file which Matt feigns ignorance about denies having been told about it by Frost. Whitford states that whoever has those files will have many enemies. Weston leaves, then leaks the files to the Internet, incriminating personnel from many intelligence agencies, including Whitford. As the movie ends, we see Weston meeting Ana in Paris, making eye contact before disappearing.

Intriguing and engaging although I found the production could have been a bit better. I still liked the movie a lot; 8 out of 10!

Supernatural – Season 3

Season 3 begins with the brothers Winchester hunting down the demons that were released from the gates of hell. They realize that hunting down the hundreds of spirits that escaped from the Devil’s Gate—a doorway to Hell briefly opened at the end of the previous season—will be an enormous task. With only a year left to live—he made a demonic pact to resurrect Sam—Dean decides to live life to the fullest and exhibits a carefree attitude that troubles Sam, who is trying to find a loophole. Bobby calls their attention to the manifestation of the 7 deadly sins. During the scuffle, a mysterious blonde named Ruby (Katie Cassidy) saves Sam and kills three demons with a magical knife—demons are typically immune to physical harm—before departing. The rest of the Sins are exorcised. As Sam continues his research the next day, Dean reveals that a clause in his pact will end Sam’s life if he tries to escape the deal.

Dean reconnects with an old love who has a young son and initially thinks her son could be his. It turns out to be not but the brothers do help them against changelings. Ruby reveals herself as a demon to Sam. Sam is soon the target of fellow hunters Kubrick & Walker who believe that Sam must die due to his inhuman nature. Bella Talbot in introduced as a procurer and seller to the highest bidder and steals a cursed lucky rabbit’s foot from the brothers.  Dean tricks her into becoming cursed, forcing her to allow the foots destruction. Kubrick later visits Gordon in prison again. Believing the coincidences that helped him to locate Sam were caused by God, he agrees to help Gordon break out of prison. Casey, a demon, reveals to Dean that her world is in disarray following the demon Azazel’s death and Sam’s failure to replace him as leader. The brothers & Bella have to join forces to battle a ghost ship, the viewing of which makes a ghost kill the viewer.

Gordon is tuned into a vampire and kills Kubrick and is later killed by Sam. Next the brothers tackle a killer Santa Claus. After helping the brothers stop a trio of powerful witches, controlled by a single on, Ruby admits to Dean that she cannot save Dean and asks his help to prepare Sam for life without him. Bela steals the Colt from the brothers while they help Bobby battle his dreams. The Trickster plagues the brothers making Sam relive Dean’s death over and over again, until they face him face to face. The brothers are caught by Henriksen and his men, tipped off by Bella, and have a showdown with a bunch of demons at a local prison. Henriksen finally is convinced that the Brothers are innocent but after the Winchesters leave, Lillith in the form on a small girl comes and kills them. Sam & Dean next meet up with the Ghostfacers – Harry & Ed and their crew who are shooting the pilot of their new reality show. They then have to face a monster that makes people listen to the voices of dead loved ones/people who’s death troubled them and thus victims are committing suicide.

Rufus, a semi-retired hunter is also introduced to the series as he helps Dean. Bella is presumably killed when her 10 years is up – she had made a deal with a crossroads demon for fortunes and a life of riches away from her abusive father. With only 30 hours left until Dean’s contract ends, Bobby tracks Lilith to New Harmony, Indiana. Dean does not want to attack unprepared, but refuses to seek help from Ruby due to her ambiguous nature. Sam nevertheless secretly summons her and requests her demon-killing knife. In their fight against Lillith, Ruby’s human body is killed and her demon spirit is sent away. Lilith telekinetically pins the brothers down as her hellhound mauls Dean to death. Lilith then blasts Sam with white energy from her hand. Horrified to see that it has no effect, she flees her host before Sam can retaliate. A devastated Sam cradles Dean, whose soul is then shown in Hell hanging from a vast landscape of chains and meathooks.

Classroom Crisis

Overall I think I had it pretty good at my school. I had some bad days and some bad times but I look back at my school days as mostly good and I have a nostalgic good feeling in my heart when I think about the school. For the most part. Now, I have already posted earlier about my worst ever experience at school, which was terrible, so I guess I will tell you about my second worst experience.

This is when I was in the 8th grade, 13 years old in 1989. I was a rotten little rebel that year and my grades suffered and I usually got into a lot of trouble that year. One day when one of our teachers was ill and we didn’t have a substitute teacher available, the class was left to it’s own device. Hence there was a lot of noise and students were either yakking a lot, reading something or playing little games at their desks. Someone decided that it would be fun to play a little basketball – using our class football and a makeshift “hoop” which was just the triangular gap between the opened door and the wall, when pushed open inside and touching the wall. I hope you get that image in your mind! So I joined in a bit but mostly I was at my desk while a few guys played at the door. The principle, owner of the school and overall wicked witch of the state was away from the school and happened to be coming back in her car and saw the activity as her vehicle approached the building.

She was furious and rightly so and I could see my classmates, my buddies scrambling to their seats and avoid being caught. She sent the school clerk to the class and said that the culprits had to go and report to the principal’s office right now. No one moved or offered anything! Surprised! Then she said that if the culprits didn’t come forward, the whole class would get punished. Groans and gasps were heard all round. Now, I had a devil may care attitude and didn’t give a fuck, so I stood up and thought I’d “confess” rather than have the whole class suffer. As I stepped forward, Nikhil, a close friend of mine decided to give me company and also stepped forward in a show of sacrifice to our friends. And we weren’t really among the guys who played ball in the class. So we followed the clerk to the principal’s office and went to face the music. The principal hadn’t seen who it was that played but was happy enough to put the blame on anyone and she started yelling at us. Although we bought couldn’t give a damn! We just stood there and listened.

And then – she made the clerk get the ball from our school and told us that she was going to destroy it. And then she made the stupidest mistake ever! She tried to rip a hole in the football with the sharp end of her high heel! Man, she almost tripped and fell down in front of us and we couldn’t hold back our laughter. Both of us giggled at the funny scene which ofcourse made things worse. She was livid and took a pair of scissors and ripped a couple of holes in the ball and then proceeded to take a cane to us and gave each each a couple of swift beatings on our arms. But it hardly hurt at all since we were laughing on the insides and as he and I went back to our class bonded over the event. Thanks Nikhil, wherever you are, for giving me company on that afternoon

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Jeff, Who Lives At Home

I’m trying to watch anything that has Jason Segel in it. I like this actor and find his stuff funny. Jeff, Who Lives At Home is a comedy movie written & directed by Jay & Mark Duplass. The movie stars Segel with Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon, Judy Greer & Rae Dawn Chong. Don’t expect a slap stick, laugh a minute, pee in your pants rib tickler. This is a sweet, laid back comedy and very whimsical in nature. If you like those kind of movies, remember that it isn’t for everyone, yet those who like it will love this movie.

Jeff is a slacker, pot smoking former high school basketball player who now spends his days smoking weed, obsessing about the movie Signs and lying on his couch in his mom’s basement. His brother Pat is a somewhat obnoxious middle management level employee who is obsessed with image. His marriage to Linda is failing as he buys a Porsche, without discussing with her and she blows a fuse. Their mother Sharon is a widowed woman who is frustrated with her sons, especially Jeff’s refusal to do anything with his life, longing for something interesting in her life. One morning Jeff gets a call on his phone by someone asking for a ‘Kevin’ and when Jeff says there is no Jeff there, the call shouts at him.

Despite it being a wrong number he will soon follow things & signs with the name Kevin it it. He heads out to a store after his mother nags at him over the phone to fix a shutter at home befre she comes back home that day, incidentally her birthday. On the bus he sees a young man in a basketball shirt with the name ‘Kevin’ written on the back. Jeff follows him and then plays basketball with Kevin and a few of his friends. While smoking a joint, Kevin’s friends hit Jeff and mug him. As Jeff walks back home he passes by a Hooters and his brother Pat sees him. The two of them fight and then get into the new Porsche. They see Linda get into her car with another man and follow them but Pat’s anger make him dive rashly and they crash into a tree. Pat makes Jeff spy on Linda talking & complaining about Pat in a restaurant. As they leave Linda sees Jeff and is flustered but she leaves with the other man, a co-worker. Pat’s car gets towed and the brothers have to walk. At their father’s grave Jeff sees a truck for ‘Kevin’s Kandy’ and hitches a ride on the back to the factory.

He then follows the truck to it’s next spot – a hotel and he is stunned to see Pat there. That’s the same hotel where Linda & her friend have taken a room to talk and Pat happened to see the car parked there as he was going home in a taxi. Jeff is sure now that he is following his destiny and helps his brother to confront Linda. Linda and Pat fight with she saying that he doesn’t pay her any attention and that their marriage has been over for a while. After she leaves Pat & Jeff talk and decide that Pat needs to open up to Linda and say that he wants to fall in love with her all over again. They head out in a taxi to find her. Meanwhile their mom, Sharon, had been receiving notes and chat messages from an anonymous admirer and she confides in her best friend at work Carol. Sharon is elated that a co-worker finds her attractive and tries to find out who the admirer is only to be stunned when she finds out that it is actually Carol. Carol and Sharon later share an intimate moment and they kiss and plan to go for some adventure. Their car is stuck in traffic on a bridge when Sharon sees Pat running on the bridge to meet Linda in her car.

Jeff sits in the taxi and spies a car sinking in the water below. He jumps into the river and saves two kids and then goes back to get their father. The father and kids are moved onto a boat but there is no sign of Jeff. Seeing this Pat jumps in and rescues his brother. The family is reunited and mother hugs her sons while Linda & Pat hug and make up. Later at home they – Pat, Jeff, Sharon, Linda & Carol – celebrate Sharon’s birthday with a cake and dinner and as the movie ends, Jeff goes to get some glue and fixes his mother’s kitchen shutters, having a new lease on life when he sees & hears on the news that the man who’s life he saves was a city councilman named – Kevin!

Very engaging movie and sweet and funny and moving. Loved it a lot. 8 out of 10!

Where I Belong

Sea or sky? I want to be out in space. The final frontier. That’s where the excitement is and the beauty is and the glory of the universe for mankind to explore & find. Imagine how it was when humans first started exploring the seas and finding new lands, new routes to places that they wanted to go to? Adventures along the way? Imagine what it’s gonna be like when we really start exploring the universe!!

I’d so much like to be part of an exploration team that goes to various planets. Not in the way that we do it now, ofcourse. I want it to be like the futuristic Star Trek or any one of the other good science fiction series that we have seen. To be able to see new planets, stars and other celestial bodies, to be part of the landing party on the soil of a new world, to explore and map out a till now unexplored planet and drive around on the land. That would be so awesome.

Burn the land & boil the seas – you can’t take the sky from me!

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Guest Post : On BSG Old Vs New

This was a comment by Greg on an old post of mine, Battlestar Galactica : Old vs New – it is so epic in nature and I enjoyed reading it so much (infact I read it 3 times) that I just had to post it here.

To me Battlestar Galactica showed science fiction what not to do when you pick up a well established name. You don’t cover over what people loved. You don’t try to wipe out or re-imagine something that is dear to people. We got to see with this show what happens. A loyal fanbase gets defensive of a show that they had been entrenched with for 20 years (yarhens) and then you get the old vs. new happening. Yes, the new Battlestar tipped its hat many times to the original series. The series itself from what I gathered rebuilds the whole timeline of the original series told in one and a quarter seasons and expands the story to four seasons.

For one, I wished the Battlestar Pegasus has stayed around longer than two episodes. In the new series you get that. The new series also fills in a lot of “what if’s” that were asked with the original series. I’ve heard a lot of this. My friends sifted out a lot of the good of the series for me out of the quagmire of seemingly aimless writing that happened around the third season.

But like I mentioned earlier, Battlestar Galactica showed what NOT to do. Don’t try to tell fans something they loved never happened. The first thing the fans will say is “F*** you, I know it happened and you can’t deny it.” (see also “The Star Wars Holiday Special” and George Lucas.)

Thanks to Battlestar Galactica, when Doctor Who continued on, they might have been tempted to say the previous years and regenerations never happened, but instead, they fully embraced the past, (even including the American movie). And now Doctor Who, while always a popular show in Britian, is probably more popular throughout the world. Doctor Who is no longer for geeks (as I remembered in the 80?s), but also of many many hot girls and women throughout the world!! (I certainly don’t remember THAT happening in the 80?s, but it is certainly the case now.)

When the Star Trek movies came out, they wanted to go in new directions. They establish in the movie that Spock prime came from a alternate timeline. Bravo!! Now they have said that BOTH will be cannon. You have the Trek we used to know with the Trek we will come to know. Both are legit. Very well played. And now the new Trek is loved quite a lot by old and new fans.

And speaking of the “… that we used to know…” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJlbPXZEpRE

…Star Wars made a very similar mistake that Battlestar made, only on a much much smaller scale. You have George Lucas claiming that there was no Holiday Special, that Greedo shot first, and as the song above said, that the first three movies were inferior. This alone led to some ill feelings, and those are only minor changes.

In time the books and comics would establish that there was a re-imagined and classic Battlestar universe. This made me happy. Basically what Star Trek was able to say in its own cannon to fans that as Battlestar fans we had to figure out on our own. At conventions I have talked to Herb Jefferson Jr (Boomer) who didn’t seem overly impressed with the new series, but seemed to have a attitude that they will do what they want to do with it. Talking to Anne Lockhart (Sheba) (a real sweethart) said she just hadn’t seen the new show last I talked to her. We all know what Dirk Benedict thought of the new show (at least as of 2007 and 2011). And in truth I can agree with Dirk on what a lot of what he says.

However, on the times I’ve come across Richard Hatch (at conventions), who was at first avidly against the new series, he has had some interesting things to say. Basically said he liked working with the new series. And the reasons given were very good ones. Basically said there seemed to be more thought and planning put into the new series, along with resources. And it is true, ABC gave Battlestar more and more limited support as the show fought to stay on the air. By the time “Galactica 1980? rolled around, the budget was cut in half and the story was severly limited to limited acts of violence since it was during family prime time hours. The new show would have all the support and leeway and time needed to tell their story. Ultimately, I am glad that Richard Hatch found working with the new crew to be a enjoyable experience.

As for me, I have read articles like this, talked to friends, talked to cast members. I salute the new series but remain in the classic universe.

I would have actively watched the new series if it had been called something else. I would have loved the show too I’m pretty sure. I might have said (as I said with Space Above and Beyond) “this show is a lot LIKE Battlestar Galactica… kinda a rip off, but I like it!!” But now I won’t watch it simply because they went about presenting this new story, as I perceive, the wrong way.

Funny eh?

My Recent Rants On Facebook

Just a thought: Rock music, hard rock, rock n’roll is the best music & art form in the entire world. Bar none. No contest at all.

If you disagree or have a doubt just think of this – when someone does an awesome job at something, anything – work, sports, arts, anything – everyone says “you are rocking” or “your rocked” or “that was rocking” or even “you are a rockstar”!
No one appreciates the person by saying “you were a bharatnatyam dancer man” or “that was so kathakali man” or “that was so rap/hip hop/rnb” or “you were such a Malayalam semi-classical dude”!


To the asshole who smoked a cigarette in the loo of a non-smoking bar – I hope u get inflammation of the gonads!


Have u seen some buggers choose their drinks and brands in a bar? If only they spent the same amount of time in choosing their brides!


Dear Cochin private bus conductors,
The people who sit in the aisle seat just before the door – they chose to sit there so they can rest while riding the bus. Just like me – my shoulder isn’t a resting place for your elbow or your hip or your ass. If you want a place to rest your hip or ass against, I could suggest one – on your FUCKING mother!!!
Warm regards

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan, nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the 1999 film “The Green Mile,” died Monday morning at age 54, according to a representative for his family. Duncan “suffered a myocardial infarction on July 13 and never fully recovered,” a written statement from Joy Fehily said. Clarke died at a Los Angeles hospital where he had been since having the heart attack more than seven weeks ago.

Duncan was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in a single-parent household with his sister, Judy, and mother, Jean Duncan (a house cleaner), after his father left. Duncan went to college at Alcorn State University in Mississippi with plans to major in communications, but he dropped out and moved home. In his 20s, he worked digging ditches for Peoples Gas during the day and as a bouncer at night. He told CNN in 1999 that his coworkers at the gas company called him “Hollywood” because he’d often talk about becoming a movie star.

In 1990, he decided to measure up his nickname and he moved to Los Angeles. He worked as a bodyguard then got a part in a commercial as a drill sergeant. More roles followed — often ones that depended more on his 315-pound frame than his acting ability. He was a guard in “Back in Business,” a bouncer in “A Night at the Roxbury,” a bouncer for 2 Live Crew in “The Players Club,” and a bouncer at a bar in the Warren Beatty film “Bulworth.”

Known for his roles in The Green Mile, The Whole Nine Yards, Armageddon & Daredevil, his most recent work was on the TV series, The Finder, on the Fox network which was cancelled in May. He was 54 at the time of his death.

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan


Slave is a 2009 movie directed by Darryn Welch and starring Sam Page, Natassia Malthe, Michael Maxwell.  The movie is mostly shot in Spain and is about the horror stories of what can happen to a beautiful woman in a strange country. On the surface it’s another movie about Americans who go on vacation overseas and then all hell breaks loose when mad men & psychopaths come after them, kidnap them or worse. However the twist at the end of the movie more than made it a bit different to keep me interested and think that it wasn’t a bad movie after all.

Most of the movie is narrated by David Dunsmore who tell us about his gangster father Robert, a former boxer, who spent most of his time with various women. Finally David’s mother had enough and moved herself & David to the US and started life afresh. David strived hard to be the opposite of his father – hard working, reliable and loyal. He also falls in love with the beautiful Georgi and they get engaged. However he loses his job just as he is to head out on a vacation with his fiance. Georgi wants to meet David’s estranged father cause she wants to see how David will look like “when he is old & fat.” So the lover head out to Spain and are greeted at the airport but Salim, Robert’s longtime friend, associate & fellow British expat in Spain.

Salim takes them to the huge villa that Robert owns. When David and Georgie arrive at Dad’s house, he’s not there but leaves them a note saying that he can’t wait to meet Georgie when he sees them tomorrow. Later that evening, they have Salim drive them to a hot nightclub and say that they will take a taxi back home. At the club they are initially refused entry but on hearing that David is Robert’s son, the nightclub owner comes to invite them and sets them up with a little drugs and some champagne. When David goes to the loo he comes back to find Georgie, who he had left dancing after taking the pill, missing! A frantic David immediately asks everyone where she went, but the staff as well as the other patrons have suddenly come down with a severe case of amnesia. What did she look like? Who was she again? He is soon thrown out of the club and told to go home. A complaint at the police station leaves him disenchanted as the chief asks for a bribe just to do his job.

David turns to his father for help but Robert tells hiim that when women come to Spain for the first time, it’s natural for them to get caught up in all of the atmosphere and excitement and just run off. She’ll come home, he says, when she’s ready. David gets upset and leaves, upset with his father. He meets up with a man he saw at the club and accosts him at his bar. This other man, a Spaniard tells him about the White Arab, a nasty sort of gang lord who abducts beautiful women and keeps them as sex slaves on his big white yacht. He uses drugs to sedate them until they break and they comply to the sexual needs of him and his associates. This man’s sister is also onboard but he hasn’t been able to infiltrate the White Arab’s boat. David and him decide to head out that evening to climb aboard and rescue the women. At the same time Robert makes a plan with Salim to visit the White Arab and get Georgie out by force. That night while Robert & Salim are “guests” of the White Arab, Robert is taken down to meet the new “recruit” Georgie.

David and his new friend bust aboard the ship and kill a bunch of the men there with machine guns. Salim is killed in the gunfire. The Spaniard goes to find his sister sitting with the Arab, who is holding a knife at her throat – she is now his wife and refuses to come with her brother. In a fit of anger he shoots at the Arab who slits his wife’s throat with the knife – both husband and wife die. The Spaniard goes mad with grief and kills himself. David runs into Robert who is trying to help Georgie up, but mistakes it for Robert trying to take advantage of the drug dazed girl. The two fight and David gets the upper hand when Robert is distracted by the sound of gunfire – the Spaniard shooting himself! David kills his father with his bare hands and then leaves the boat with Georgie. At the end of the movie David narrates that a week after they reach home, Georgie leaves him, unable to get the horrific images and her turmoil out of her mind.

Although it starts out like a typical abduction movie in a foriegn country, the last 10 minutes really do make it worthwhile. The White Arab is a truly menacing & dangerous looking man, mentally torturing his slaves. 6 out of 10!

Keep It Clean

If I am heading to work in the morning then I take a 20 minute shower say around 8am. Best thing to freshen yourself up in the morning is to brush your teeth, shave and then take a nice long shower. In that order; shakes out any left over sleep remaining in your head. Especially if you use a lime essences in your soap and a nice shampoo. Best thing ever when your senses get awakened.

When it gets too hot it’s good to take a shower in the evening once you get back from work as well. Cause you know, sweat and dirt from the busy day plus using public transport and all that shit. It’s good to get that done as soon as you reach home. I’d prefer doing that to showering after dinner and just before I get to bed. Some people like that but it’s not for me. So during the really hot days, here’s a tip. Take a shower about 15 minutes after you get home.

I’ve been doing late night shifts for my new now 2 month old job. That’s 1:30 am to 9 am people. Although I am moving back to day once again. Anyways, if I am doing that shift then I usually take a long bath or shower at 8pm (it’s a trend, do you see it?) cause I don’t like to take a shower after dinner. It still leaves me feeling all fresh and clean by the time the cab comes to pick me up at 1 am. Happy thoughts, stay clean and shower atleast once a day.

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