2013 NHL Playoff Lineups – Round Of 16

Well the shortened 48 round regular season is over and the playoffs are upon us. I think this year was quite exciting and there was a rush at the end for some teams to catch up on points and make the playoffs. Sad news again this year for the Winnipeg Jets, my second adopted team (read all about the reason why in the archives; just search for Winnipeg Jets in my blog), as they just missed out on qualifying for the playoffs. They seemed to have the points in place but it just didn’t happen for them as they finished at #9 in the East. Calgary & Edmonton failed miserably and the former has some rebuilding of the squad to do this off season (who ever say the Flames trading off Jarome Iginla before the season started).

The Toronto Maple Leafs make it to the playoffs for the first time in 9 years and they look good enough to reach the semis. No playoffs for regulars Philly & New Jersey – look for those teams to be trading some players – and no playoff for Tampa Bay & Carolina again. In the West it seemed for a while that Detroit wouldn’t make it but they knocked in enough goals and wins to finish 7th in that conference. Phoenix failed to qualify and we could finally see that franchise being relocated after 4 years of no ownership & being run by the league itself. What a mess in Arizona, sell the team and relocate to Quebec City already! Dallas doesn’t qualify either.

My Senators did well but they started failing badly towards the end and finished #7 in the East. They play the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the playoffs. Can Ottawa pull a win here? Who can say? I really wanted the team to trade for some big name & scoring players in order for us to have a chance. I don’t see it happening this year. Can they pull off an upset and beat the Habs? Time will tell.

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