2013 NHL Playoff Lineups – Round Of 8

playoff image from Fansided

That was an eventful Stanley Cup quaterfinals. The Vancouver Canucks folded and were beated 0-4 by San Jose. Favoured Montreal Canadiens were beaten 1-5 by my Ottawa Senators and the Leafs battled it to 7 games before blowing a 4-1 lead and losing to the Boston Bruins. Detroit made it through, although they had some scares and so did Los Angeles & New York. Now on to the semi finals for both conferences.

Senators vs Penguins – I don’t expect the Senators to win this round. But then I didn’t expect them to beat Montreal either. This squad is fighting like a team and if they can score enough goals they might squeak through. But in all honesty I expect the Pens to win in 6 and go on to win Stanley’s cup.

Bruins vs Rangers – expect it to be high scoring, expect it to be heavy hitting and some battles on the ice. I expect the Rangers to win it in 7 games. This could go down to the wire and it could be a very entertaining series.

Blackhawks vs Red Wings – Detroit are always there in the thick of things, always expected to go far in the playoffs and be regular contenders. They failed to impress this season but that’s due to the very high standards they have maintained. Still I pick Chicago to win in 6.

Kings vs Sharks – Maybe this is the year of the Sharks. If they do go to the finals I’d support them over the Penguins who I also expect to win the Cup in the end. But first San Jose has to get through defending champions LA and this is not gonna be easy. Expect lots of goals and the series to go down to the wire.

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