How I Spent The 2 Day Nationwide Strike

As reported earlier the last two days (the 20th & 21st of February) saw a nationwide strike called by various trade unions and supported by the opposition parties across all the states to protest against the raising of prices for basic commodities. So to protest against the rise in prices, they staged this protest strike or bandh as it is called locally, and that means for 48 hours all offices, shops, stores, bus services, auto & taxi services were prohibited from working and people were to stay at home – and those poor daily wages workers have to suffer the loss of pay for these two days! Just perfect!

I work in the BPO industry which usually means that the work doesn’t stop even on strikes or harthal days. But it was decided to not have the day shift working and give us 2 days off, while the night shift would continue as normal (two shifts from 7pm to 9am).  So I was off work for two days and could relax and enjoy myself – as long as I did it at home. So after work on Tuesday I went to pay my internet bill and then went for an earlier dinner and some vodka at one of my favourite bars and some chicken & porotta. I didn’t spend too much time there as I wanted to come back home and watch some of my favourite tv shows that I had downloaded. So I was back home by around 8pm and changed into my lungi, watching Falling Skies season 2.

Wednesday I slept in till 9 am and then rolled out of bed for some coffee and lazing around watching youtube videos, playing around on Facebook and stuff. I watched Superman III, some Friends season 7 episodes and the latest episodes of Castle & Bones. Yesterday I watched more Friends, Falling Skies and the latest episodes of Criminal Minds & Supernatural. We had homemade chicken curry for dinner one night and lunch the next. I also bought some Sprite, some biscuits and the Indian snack mixture. Slept a bit, relaxed and basically did nothing. Not bad for a mid-week break but I and the rest of the day shift will have to make up for it by working on Sunday.