Reading & Writing Room / Library / Home Office

Q: A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Well here goes – a big room, cozy and air-conditioned (I live in one of the hottest & most humid places in the world, so I want cool air). Plenty of oak and mahogany furniture. A large desk for with drawers and a table lamp. Plenty of leg room to stretch out. Table should be dark wood. Desktop and laptop with easy access for bothBig comfy swivel office chair that you can even sleep in. Behind the desk should be wall to floor book shelves and dvd/bluray shelves for storing all of my books and movies. And one of those ladders on wheels for easy access. Or just portable steps or step stools. Ofcourse I would want a large screen tv with cable & dvd/bluray player mounted on the wall or on an entertainment unit on one end.

Near to the desk should  be a large reading chair. Something along the lines of the one pictured here. Or maybe one of those that has a drink holder and can hold a few of your books and chips too! And oooh I would have music playing throughout. And some of my favourite movie, music & tv shows posters framed and hung in the room! And a mini fridge in one of the corners too. And a mini-bar Рwhat if you get thirsty when you are reading or writing and you need some vodka+Sprite or some beer to quench that thirst. Cool room eh?

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Meet The Smallest Exo-Planet We Know

NASA announced the discovery of the smallest¬†he smallest extrasolar planet ever discovered around a¬†main sequence¬†star, with a mass and radius slightly greater than that of Earth’s¬†Moon.¬†Kepler-37b, along with two other planets,¬†Kepler-37c¬†and¬†Kepler-37d, were discovered by the¬†Kepler space telescope, which observes stellar¬†transits.The planet, about 210¬†light-years¬†away from Earth,¬†is slightly larger than the Earth’s moon, with a diameter of about 3,900 kilometres (2,400¬†mi).¬†NASA¬†states that it is most probable that the planet does not have an atmosphere and cannot support life.¬†Furthermore, the planet is most likely composed of rocky materials.