A Look At SFC Plus

I’d like to show you the newest place (new as in atleast for me) that I like to go to for a quick bite to eat and some cold drink. SFC Plus is an Abu Dhabi based, Indian Malayalee owned, fast food restaurant which currently has two franchises in Cochin. The one that I go to, or have been going to for the past month or so, is the one in Alliance Residency on Marine Drive, which is quieter, much much quieter shopping mall next to the hustle & bustle that is the Bay Pride Mall. And while Bay Pride has the food court with Indian, Chinese and Marry Brown’s similar fast food menu, I think I prefer SFC Plus.

One main reason I like SFC Plus is that it’s quieter and less crowded. The 4 times I have been there there’s just a few people in there and it’s quiet and peaceful. There is also a lot more seating available with wisely placed tables, booth seats and in the middles these smaller square table with cushion stools. There’s plenty of space and 3 doors leading into the outlet as well. Now the menu is similar to Marry Brown’s – southern fried chicken, chicken strips, some veggie burgers, chicken burgers, prawn & chicken subs, salads, fried rice, wraps and good pizzas. And they do have 2-3 rather cute & petite lady servers from North East India! Bonus :)

I’ve had the chicken sub twice (the third pic) and their prawn sub (the 4th pic) and both are very good. Their fries are hot & awesome tasting. Their burger was ok, nothing to rave about. And once I had a pizza from there, a barbecue chicken with jalapenos, capsicum, onion & tomato pizza which was hot, good and served on a hot plate. So since the food is good as well I really enjoy this place. They mostly have Coke to drink but I also had a Sprite there once. Nice place to chill out in the evenings.