Tables, Turned

Are as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about, as well as writing?

Let’s take the first one. No – I’m not. I hate having my photo taken. Two reasons a) I’m fat & ugly and b) I’m not even the least bit photogenic. You know what I mean? There are times when I feel I look good. Not skinny but good enough. Some days I come out of the bathroom, shaved, shampooed and showered and as my hair is drying I take a look in the mirror. Damn! I’m having a good day. I immediately try and get my photo taken – the camera fucking hates me! The pic will look nothing like the guy I saw in the mirror. Hair all awry, sagging face, glasses crooked and double chin prominent. Where did the handsome dude in the mirror go?

So I hate having my photo done. I like taking photos though and I like having people, my friends mostly, pose for me. I like doing a bit of arranging and having the people spread out and stuff. I also like taking photos of dogs, cats & inanimate objects – especially food & drink! I like it when a good photo happens to come out of my 5mp camera on my phone. I love it when I can share them and when people like & appreciate them. Makes me feel good!

Being written about – well now, who would want to write anything about me? I’m not important enough to be written about. But I think it would be ok. Maybe someone who wants my point of view on something. I wouldn’t mind. Just don’t post a photo of me along side it. Well, ok but only if you must. This recent photo I snapped of myself is an ok one I guess. Just don’t mind the greying beard and balding head!

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Pizza Festival In Willingdon Island

Everyone who is close to me should know that pizzas are my favourite food. Blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – my love affair with pizza started after I saw the first movie of that franchise. And the city of Cochin has caught on to pizza in a big way. After so any years of having to settle for really bad pizza that was just flat bread with toppings we had three big franchises open outlets here – Dominos, Pizza Hut & US Pizza. In the last year I’ve seen an almost authentic Italian pizzarria open up at Woodlands on MG Road and now we have a month long pizza festival. Who doesn’t love pizza?

Trident Hotel on Willingdon Island is hosting ‘Pizzaria @ The Patio’ festival with some classic & different takes on the pizza. From the classic margherita to the Mediterranean, the Bianco pizza, to the sea food mix ‘Frutti di marre’ and the Cajun Spiced chicken pizza. Unlike most other places in India, you can have beef toppings on your pizza in Kerala. I’m intrigued by the ‘Hyderabadi Nawabi pizza’- which has lamb keema, onion rings & mint chutney baked cheese! Sounds magnificent to say the least. And ‘Oriental pizza, which as a spicy Schezwan sauce with oriental vegetables and chilli paneer.

Priced between Rs.395 to Rs.525 the pizzas will be served with a pint of beer. Excellent!

Venue : The Trident Hotel

Address : Willingdon Island

Date : On till Aug.10

Time : 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.