My Blog Posts, For Everyone?

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

I don’t have any one person who I hope won’t read my blog. This blog is open for everyone – except for people who work at the same office as I do. And that goes for the current place & each different place I will work for in the future. It’s just awkward to have people, especially your superiors go through your writings and then discuss them with you the next day. I’ve not come across much of that type of situation at work – at a previous workplace, a bunch of my peers & at the levels below my position have read my blogs and commented to me about them the next day. Mostly is through Facebook, since I link my posts to Facebook, hoping to reach a wider audience that way. A lot of them didn’t comment much but some are regular readers to this day.

The thing is that I write about some stuff which may seem controversial to a lot of people over here. Criticism of religion and government and other such stuff. That might not go down very well with some of the people at work. If it is a peer or a subordinate who has an issue, I can tell them to mind their own business and to take a hike. But one can’t just say or do that when it’s a superior employee to you who is inquiring about the content can one? The inevitable questions start coming up and you have to do a bit of explanation and finally stand your ground and inform Human Resources that your world outside of the office is completely separate from the one in the office and you have the right to do whatever you want in your personal time.

And then from time to time I will do a password protected post because I don’t want everyone to read it and prefer that only a select group of trusted readers get to go through the post. Those are few and far between, less than 10 at the last count.

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