One Event In Time

mindbump suggested by Bandpox

“If you could travel through time to an era from before you were born, what single event would you most like to attend?”

Here is a difficult question : how do you only pick one event from before you were born to attend? History is full of great things and exciting events and I wouldn’t know how to single out just one event. Which one do I pick? August 15th 1947 – the day that India was declared her independence from the UK? That would be a momentous day to go and visit. Just to see all the people who fought for India standing around and waiting for the moment that they had been fighting for and how proud & touched they would be at that historic moment. How about going back in time to see either World war coming to an end? Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech?

Or perhaps like me you would want to go further back in time and go to Egypt and check out if there really were some aliens behind the construction of the pyramids? Or any other wonderful constructions/monuments? The Taj Mahal? The Eiffel Tower? The Statue of Liberty? Some cathedrals or palaces? Wanna go back to the beginning and see the big bang and the formation of the stars, galaxies, planets, moons etc? I would like to see exactly what happened and how life was formed, that spark that ignite the simple beginnings of life on earth and from the single cell organisms that would later evolve to form more complex creatures. Or try and go back in time to just before a tragedy occurs and stop it so that millions will live instead of dying. Like…..I dunno, go and visit Hitler when he was a baby and drown the motherfucker in the toilet!

However if I had to choose I would rather go and attend Woodstock in 1969 and take in the shows. Who would I have been psyched to see perform? Richie Havens, Santana, the Grateful Dead, CCR, Janis Joplin, The Who, Johnny & Edgar Winter, Jimi Hendrix & Crosby, Still, Nash & Young. The last band would have been my major attraction along with Santana & Hendrix. I was never that big on Hendrix but he defined Woodstock and is great performer while Santana is just great anywhere.