One Thing For 2013 (Politics)

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?

I’m going to try and do both, a national and a local level. And that’s because the roles of the two are different and what we want from them is different.

For 2013 if the local government does nothing else but fix our roads that would be great. In fact that is exactly the need of the hour. Instead of short term fixes that just causes more problems we need long term solutions. We don’t need the roads to be fixed temporarily so that it gets fucked up within a few months and the people getting the contracts again and again and making a lot of our tax money for  no reason. This is a political game and people are just milking the state and it’s people. So if they fix the roads by proper means and get it done as fast as possible.

For a national level, just fix your political parties and weed out the old, corrupt, uncouth, uneducated, evil, impotent, superstitious, greedy, fear mongering assholes and only allow qualified people to be in charge. That would be a huge deal.

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V The Series (1984) – Part 2

As Nathan Bates’ lies in a secret location within his office converted to provide medical care, Charles has 3 visitors posing as members of the resistance to attack the center and harass the scientist. Although the word spreads out that the resistance doesn’t care who they hurt, one of the scientists notices that they have green blood. Leading these imposters is Lt. James (Judson Scott), one of Charles’ men who would later align himself with Diana. Charles & Diana then approach Mr. Chang to entice him over to their side and Chang’s men begin concentrating on rounding up resistance supporters, including a press where Robin happens to be at the time. Chang has the people at the press held hostage and announces that each day one of the hostages will be killed unless resistance leaders give themselves up. While Elias & Wilie scout the area, the former is killed with a new laser weapon. Having no option the resistance leaders decide to go to the press knowing that the lizards would be there. A new employee at the press, chooses to be the fist hostage to be killed in a heroic effort to save time for the married members, saying that he has no one to go back to. This man, John, also grows close to Robin. The next morning just before John is is be executed, Donovan comes and gives himself up to Charles. However, on a vocal cue, Kyle & Willie arrive and throw bombs, snatching John in the process and escape. Inside the press Ham, Julie & Elizabeth use the latter’s powers to help rescue the other hostages. Charles & Donovan have a fist fight but when Diana interferes with a shot, it allows Donovan to escape through an open door.

However John turns out to be a lizard spy sent by Diana and he romances Robin in an an effort to impregnate her again. When Willie gets seriously wounded, Ham & Mike kidnap a visitor Howard, who they think is a doctor but turns out to be a medical student, to help save him. With his help, Julie does a surgery on Willie but he ends up dying. A distraught Elizabeth uses her powers to bring Willie back to life. Howard, a 5th columnist sympathizer, lead the resistance to a factory where a dangerous liquid weapon is being manufactured and the resistance infiltrates it an destroys the controls and the plant but – John reveals himself to Robin and almost captures them and it is a suspicious Howard who saves them. After this latest event, Robin decides to leave LA and go to Chicago with Ham joining her. This was done t write the characters out of the series (or atleast the first season) to cut costs. After another successful but unauthorized attack by Diana on the humans Lydia goes to complain to Charles. Charles decides that he will use his special privileges to force Diana to marry him, knowing that alien law requires her to return home to bear his offspring. Dian tries to escape but is caught and prepared for the wedding. A jealous Lydia who wants Charles to herself poisons the ceremonial cup (some lizard soup) but an unknowing Diana gives it Charles after the ceremony (which is to be seen) and Charles dies. Diana has Lydia arrested as the cups of liquid were gifts from her and after a mock of a trial Lydia is sentenced to death. However the Inspector sent by the Leader arrives just in time to stop the execution – and both ladies are surprised to see him. Philip is Martin’s brother (and for some bizarre reason, wears the same human face mask as Martin) and does an investigation.

His investigations initially do not come up with a clear culprit – Lydia poisoned the cup intending to kill Diana but did Diana give the cup to Charles as she suspected poison, causing his death- and so Diana and Lydia put on body armor and pick up laser weapons in preparation for a ritual battle to the death. New evidence is brought to Philip and he stops the fight – a 3rd print is found and it is the pharmacist Marta who supplied the poison to Lydia. Diana then forges a video to make it seem like a jealous Marta, who was Charles one time lover, poisoned him! She is sentenced to lie the rest of her life in a jettisoned casket with Charle’s corpse! Ugh, brutal! As this is happening, Mike & Kyle help out a small town having problems with visitors and they set a new resistance group there. At another area Kyle & Willie seek help from a street gang of teenagers called the Wildcats in helping them steal medicine from a visitor stronghold for curing victims of a disease spreading through a huge area. However the Wildcats has a traitor among them, who is helping the visitors as they have captured his younger brother. Mike and Kyle come to the rescue of two Fifth Column fugitives, Robert, and his pregnant wife, Glenda, who have survived Diana’s purge of the Fifth Column’s agents, and escaped from the mothership after Robert sabotaged the proposed mission to kill several Resistance operatives with a hidden explosive device and stole the borellium crystals that powered the LA Mothership’s laser cannons. Diana sends out a cadet, Angela, to capture Mike and kill the renegade couple, while Philip follows her. Meanwhile, when the fugitive couple take shelter at a warehouse, Glenda gives birth to an egg hatched into her new baby son, whom Mike and Kyle manage to safely deliver for her. Donovan and Bates succeed in repelling Visitor attackers and Philip, who is revealed to be a leader within the Fifth Column. Angela attempts to kill him but is finally shot down by Glenda.

A teenaged computer whiz hacks into and disrupts the Visitors’ sophisticated new Battlesphere system, but he insists that the Resistance first rescue his father from alien captivity. A computerized list of Fifth Columnists has been taken by James, prompting one of them to steal the disk and escape. He is shot and stumbles his way into a hall where the Visitors are preparing for their celebration of Ramalon. This prompts Donovan and Julie to pose as collaborators, go aboard the Mothership, and retrieve it. Just as James and his shock troops corner the Resistance, Phillip orders the Visitors to cease to all hostilities and return to the Mothership. The Resistance discovers that the Visitors have made a worldwide ceasefire and that a majority are retreating from Earth. Via Elizabeth, it is discovered the Leader is coming to Earth to negotiate peace, and he has asked Elizabeth and the Resistance to come to the Mothership. Diana and James decide to extend the war by arming the energy swords of Phillip and Donovan during a supposedly non-lethal duel. When this attempt fails, Diana blackmails James into attempting to assassinate the Leader by having his troops blowing up the Leader’s shuttle. When the destroyed shuttle is revealed as a decoy, Diana stages a coup and attempts to self-destruct the fusion reactors of the Mothership in order to kill everyone aboard and destroying Earth. It is only the Leader, working through Elizabeth telepathically, who is able to stop the self-destruct. The Leader arrives, Diana and James are captured, and Elizabeth boards the Leader’s shuttle to return to the Visitor home world to guarantee peace. The episode and the series ends on a cliffhanger with Kyle stowing away on the shuttle Elizabeth is traveling in, which also has a ‘going-away present’ from Diana aboard.

Thus ends the 19 episode sole season of the 1984 V series. It ends on a cliffhanger and we don’t get to find out what happens? Do Kyle, Elizabeth and the Leader perish in the shuttle due to the bomb Diana places or do they escape it? What happens to the humans & resistance once that happens? Who knows but the series suffers from the excessive bad plots, contrived methods of using escapes (Elizabeth’s never ending powers), heavy re-usage of shots to cut costs and terrible special effects. Still the characters are very memorable and the series holds a special place in my heart. Join me at the Facebook page I made in honour of the series.