Talents I’d Love To Have

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

Anything really. Lol, it would be so nice at having a talent that people would love to see and enjoy and me, I would enjoy expressing my talent for the people to see/hear and enjoy.

Certainly the one talent I wish I had was musical talent. I wish I could play the guitar as proficiently as some of my musical heroes. I’d love to be able to play music for an audience. For friends, family, colleagues and even a general audience. I get so much joy from music, from listening to it and watching live performances or recordings. I would even more enjoyment & satisfaction from playing it for others and to see their enjoyment of it.

The other talent I wish I had is – doing magic tricks. I wish I were good at magic tricks. Again, I’d love to perform for others. But especially for children and specifically for sick children, orphaned kids, poor & needy kids. To see the amazement, wonder and joy in their eyes as I pull out all the stops. That would indeed be….pardon the pun….magical.

Alas I have neither talent or any other to speak off! Unless being proficient at air guitar, with all the faces & expressions, is a talent!

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