Photographic Blasts From The Past

Here’s a couple of old photos from the past. My cousin Shekhar has scanned and posted them online and for the rest of us it was a rather pleasant blast from the past to see these old pics. Here is a pic of me with my sister and 4 of my cousins, sitting on the folding sofa in the living room of our grandmother’s house in Mattancherry.

From left to right it’s Shekar, Manoj, yours truly (with lots more hair and less kgs), Sandhya, my sister Sherine and Navin. Manoj, Navin & Sandhya are siblings. I think this photos is from 1991 or 92.

This next photos is from a couple of years afterwards, maybe 93 or 94. This is the stairway to the top floor of my house. From bottom left it’s Shekhar, Balakrishnan, Radhika, Navin, myself, Shankar & Jayakrishnan. Balakrishnan & Jayakrishnan are brothers, Shekhar & Shankar are brothers.