On Facebook Groups

How many Facebook groups are you a member of? Are you an admin in any of them? How often do you contribute to the posts/discussions and debates on these groups?

1. How many Facebook groups are you a member of?
A. I am a member of exactly 30 groups on Facebook! That seems like a lot to me but I’m sure that there are people with many more group memberships but 30 seems like a lot to me. I am a member of 3 groups that are meant only for my family members – sister, cousins and cousins’ spouses, 1 ex employees groups, 1 for the alumni of my former high school, 1 bloggers based in and around my city group, 1 hard rock & metal fans group and 1 photography friends group.

I am also a member of the 1 million Indians Support LGBT Rights group and a member of 6 Atheists groups (some of which have theists also in there to cause debates and or attacks). 2 Horror movie & tv shows lovers groups, 2 Stargate fan groups, 1 Battlestar Galactica group, 2 general Scifi shows fan groups and 8 Star Trek fans groups!!! 30 in total!

2. I am an admin in just 3 of them – a family group (the main one), a Star Trek fan group and my own Scifi group (which I created but never post in it at all). I might be starting up a new one and sharing admin responsibilities with another guy, a friend on Youtube.

3. I’m a regular contributor to about half of them. Regular meaning about 1 post or comment a day. On several it’s multiple posts and comments/discussions a day. There are a few that I post/comment only once in a while and perhaps 3 that I rarely post at all.