The Doors To Sanitary Wares

It’s a hot evening or rather it was a hot evening as I went out to P.T. Usha road at around 5:30 pm to go to A2Z Sanitary Wares and buy the final pieces of equipment for the master bathroom. We are hoping that as agreed & promised by the contractors the entire work will be completed by the 30th of the month as they have exceeded the time period they had mentioned when the contract was given to them. That was in April and it will be over 10 months when the year is over. If they can’t finish it by then they may as well go out of business and do some other kind of job. Anyways, my parent’s bathroom is close to being finished and we needed the final items on the check list.

I got there spoke to one of the salesmen and gave him the list of 14 items that I needed. I also reminded them that my sister is owed some money from them from the work she & my brother-in-law had done in their apartment bathroom last year and that they were to deduct that pending amount against the bill today. They had a hard time finding the records as they had entered only my sister’s first name and not her full name or her husband’s full name (which were what I asked them to try). Once they found that out and deducted the amount, I paid the rest and went to get my large package with all the stuff inside it and went out looking for an auto to come back home. I stopped at the junction to get a cold drink of lemonade and some bhel puri at a road side stand. As I waited for my drink and snack, I happened to see this sign to a shoe store a little further down the road and went to take a photo of it!

Yes, us Indians don’t worry about things like copyright or trademark violations. What’s that? Hehehe, a fucking shoe store using the rock legends’ name & logo as their store name. Anyways, I then went to the main road and waited for an auto. With all the Metro line work going on, I had to wait for a long time. The roads are always blocked and crowded and extremely dusty which doesn’t do any good for my breathing issues. My next stop was to a medical store and then finally I flagged an empty autorikshaw and made my way back home. Just as I was about reach home my mom called and asked me if I could buy some chicken curry for dinner but I has almost reached home.

So instead a few minutes after I stepped into our home, I placed an order for dad, mom & m a 6 piece fried chicken from Chic King, with 2 large fries and a Chicken Supreme sub sandwich for my mom.

Update: This just in; apparently I know the owners of the show store The Doors. Tibetan brothers Thupten & Penpa had worked with me in the same office briefly back in 2007. I haven’t seen either of them since 2007 but sheesh, small world!