Grown Ups 2

If you liked the first movie then come back for more of the same in Grown Ups 2, although this one doesn’t really have a story. Directed by Dennis Dugan, the movie sees producer Adam Sandler, return with his co-stars Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, Maya Rudolf and Steve Austin. The movie is set 3 years after the events of the movie and Sandler’s character Lenny Feder has moved his family back to the Connecticut town that he grew up in so he and his family can spend more time with his friends and their respective families.

Like I said there isn’t much of a storyline in this film but you do get the laughs. The events of the movie all happen in a single day. Lenny wakes up to find a large wild deer in his bedroom chewing on his wife Roxanne’s bras. When she wakes up and screams, the startled deer urinates all over Lenny and then runs in the house. It also startles Lenny’s oldest son in the shoer and it pees over him as well. Eventually, Lenny is able to get the deer out of the house just in time to take his children Greg, Keith, and Becky to their last day of school. Roxanne brings up the idea of their family having another baby, but Lenny says their family is perfect as is, upsetting Roxanne. As the school bus driver is stoned, Lenny drives the kids and picks up Kurt, who is so happy that he remembered his wedding anniversary and gave his wife a thoughtful present, but his wife didn’t (which means he can get away with doing stuff his way). Eric Lamonsoff and his wife Sally are at odds with each other over how to raise their children- Sally believes in unwavering support while Eric prefers to be more practical with them. Their son is terrible at math but Eric has to pretend he is a genius with numbers cause his wife thinks he will boost his confidence, while their daughter makes her own glowing shoes to wear to school.

Meanwhile, Marcus Higgins is waiting at a train station after receiving a letter from an old girlfriend, who tells him that he has a seventeen-year-old son Braden. Marcus is stunned to see a tattooed, six-foot-tall boy, who turns out to be Braden. Marcus tries to be nice and takes him to school, but Braden shows an immediate dislike toward him. After that Marcus meets up with Lenny, Eric & Kurt at the local K-Mart and spend the day roaming around town, reminiscing about the amazing summers they used to have when they were kids and Lenny’s childhood bully, Tommy Cavanaugh. Eventually, the friends go to see Becky’s ballet recital, where Lenny runs into Tommy, whom Lenny is visibly terrified of. Tommy threatens that if Lenny ever lies again about being able to beat him up, he’ll publicly beat Lenny up. The guys also ogle at Becky’s ballet teacher, who is stacked, and who also happens to be Tommy’s girl. Once the kids are out of school, Lenny, Eric, Kurt, and Marcus decide to visit the old quarry, where they used to swim as kids. There they run into a bunch of partying frat boys who force them to jump into the quarry naked. Braden who was partying with the frat boys, witnesses this and goes off to vandalize their frat house. When the frat boys return, thinking it’s the work of Lenny and his friends, they swear to take revenge.

Lenny comes back home to setup the 1980s themed house party with Roxanne while Marcus bonds with his son Braden, who realizes that his father is not all that bad. As all of their friends begin to arrive for the party, dressed like 80s icons, Roxanne urges Lenny to consider having another baby. Lenny continues to protest the idea and is left dumbfounded when Roxanne reveals that she is pregnant. He goes off to drink with his friends The Feder’s party goes well most of the night until Tommy Cavanaugh shows up and disrespects Lenny in front of everyone, so Lenny challenges Tommy to a fight. In a surprising turn, Tommy decides to take a dive so that Lenny can look tough for his kids, and the two develop a mutual respect. Soon after, the angry frat boys arrive at the house looking for retribution for the damage to their frat house. They go on to insult the local town residents, inciting a fight. The locals hold their own against the frat boys and eventually send them running away defeated. After all that commotion, the 4 friends go to eat pancakes at Eric’s mom’s house, where she reassure Lenny about having the 4th child. Lenny has a change of heart and goes to reconcile with Roxanne and welcome the new baby to be.

Lots of crazy stuff in the movie including; the most annoying family in all of America (3 yucks who keep yelling Whaaaat?), Shaquille O’Neal as a cop who is scared of his older but smaller sized brother, Taylor Lautner & some idiotic looking guys as really dumb frat boys who make up a lot of stupid handshakes, a gay aerobics instructor who the ladies have a crush on, Kurt’s daughter who can sing extremely well but is shy etc etc. I know it’s low brow humour but it’s fun. 7 outta 10!

Rearranged Book Shelves Attempt-1

My books are kept here and there, arranged in hap-hazard manner across a book shelf and a built in cupboard. It’s been long overdue that I arranged things properly. It’s hard as there is almost no space and with work still going on in the apartment, the dust that keep getting accumulated means cleaning is a regular process. Anyhow I thought I should atleast give it a try and keep them in some order or the other. So here goes the first attempt.

Shelf 1 – Star trek books (2), 6 Stephen King novels, 8 John Grisham novels and 2 Michael Crichton books.

Shelf 2 – 2 Dan Brown books, 3 Anne Rice, 2 Sidney Sheldon novels, 2 Irving Wallace books, a Danielle Steel novel (ahem ahem), 4 from Jackie Collins, a book each from Richard Dawkins & Christopher Hitchens and 4 short novels in one pack from Reader’s Digest.

I still have a lot more books to organize. Over the next few weeks I might do some more organizing so the order of the books will change soon. But so far, not bad.