Ankle Injured Yet Again!

It’s happened to me once again! I’ve twisted my ankle yet again, the left one, and it’s swollen restricting my movement to my bed to the chair next to it and the bathroom when needed. I seem to be injuring my ankle a couple of times every year now. It’s because of a silly reason – I watch movies & tv shows on my laptop, which I place on a desk. The head of the bed is right next to it. Hence I lie in my bed upside down or head at the foot of the bed while I watch movies or tv shows and usually go to sleep in that position.

So you see along with that, I am a tosser and a turner and I tend to bang my feet against the bed’s railing at the head and that once in a while tends to cause me to injure my ankle. This is the 5th time since 2007, since I started sleeping in this position. Once I recover I am going to be doing my changing of the arrangement in my bedroom. It’s been long due. This is the second time this year that I have a swollen ankle and it hurts like a motherfucker!

I’m gonna sit here for a while and then get back to bed. I’ve watched two movie already today so that’s a plus!

Battlestar Galactica (The 1978 Original)

One of the first tv series, and the first science fiction series, I ever watched was the original Battlestar Galactica whose first and only season was shown back in 1978-79. BSG, created by Glen A. Larson (who also created many other classic tv series like Quincy, M.E., B. J. and the Bear, The Fall Guy, Magnum, P.I., Knight Rider and the short lived AutoMan), who used his Mormon faith as somewhat of a basis for the show, was set in a distant part of the galaxy. The plot line involves humans but not from earth! According to the original BSG universe, mankind originated on a distant and now dead planet called Kobol. The humans of Kobol developed space-faring technology and due to the complications of having a growing populaion on a solitary planet, one who’s resources were dwindling, and a star which was dying, they left to find new planets to colonize and make their home. The humans left Kobol, separated in 13 tribes and 12 of them eventually colonized 12 planets (each named after the Zodiac signs) in a single solar system and settled to continue their growth as a species. However the 13th tribe presumably traveled a greater distance and in another direction, settling on our Earth and were lost in the archives of the rest of the humans. Hence the BSG universe tells us that life on earth actually began out in another planet and we are infact generations of aliens on earth. Anyway, back to the story – after the human inhabitants of Kobol fled the planet and founded the colonies, they deliberately destroyed all of their technology and spacecraft; it took several centuries to rebuild even the most primitive ships for exploring the stars but eventually they did flourish as a society.

At the beginning of the show the humans were reaching the end of a thousand-year war with the Cylons, warrior robots created by a reptilian race which expired long ago, presumably destroyed by their own creations. Apparently this war started when humans reached to aid their allies the Hazaries but then the war turned to just Cylons vs Humans. At the end of the 1000 year war, the Cylons call for a cease fire and for negotiations for peace using a treacherous & devious human Count Baltar (John Colicos) as mediator. These negotiations for peace talks were just a ruse and the Cylons use this opportunity to sneak into the colonies air spaces and almost wipe out humanity. They also destroy the unsuspecting human war spaceships, called Colonial battlestars, leaving the surviving humans with no defense – except for one! Veteran Commander Adama (Lorne Greene) not trusting the Cylons or Baltar moved his own battlestar, the Galactica, away and was ready with defence when the Cylons attacked. Being the sole surviving military spaceship the Galactica protects the ‘rag-tag” fleet of surviving human in whatever civilian ships they can find and they set out to escape the Cylons. Soon food & water becomes scarce and Adama sends his son Apollo (Richard Hatch), captain & squad leader of the fighter pilots with Lts Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) & Boomer (Herbert Jefferson, Jr.) to find out sources for food – it seems that some of the wealthier class of humans are hording food on their more luxurious ships. Apollo puts his foot down and gets the food to be shared while they look out for friendlier planets to resupply their stocks. Meanwhile Starbucks find himself in hot steam, literally, as the playboy hotshot pilot juggles two women – his main squeeze Athena (Maren Jenson) who is Apollo’s sister and solicitor Cassiopeia (who he found in one of the poorer ships).

Apollo meets and befriends a young woman, former reporter Serena (Jayne Seymore) and also bonds with her young son Boxey. After initially escaping the Cylons across a massive starfield called the Nova of Madagon (referred to as such due to its extremely dangerous, hot environment, and Cylon mines), the Galactica and the fugitive fleet find brief respite on the resort planet of Carillon, where they hope to find food and fuel for their journey. A small group of humans land on the planet and find an oasis – a luxurious resort where other humans are gambling, drinking and eating their way to excess. No one seems to be losing any money at the games and the insectoid hosts, who keep to themselves, are more than willing to host the humans while they themselves remain in the background. Apollo is the first to suspect something is amiss – and he & Starbuck set off to investigate. The fact that Carillon has more than enough food and fuel for the fleet’s needs makes Adama wary. It is also apparently the largest tylium (fighter fuel) mining facility in that part of the galaxy, as well as a popular gamblers’ den, but nobody has ever heard of the place. Meanwhile a powerful leader, Sire Uri, and member of the council of 12, convinces everyone else on the council that they should abandon their weapons, as a show that they are peaceful, and settle on Carillon and that the Cylons are far behind. The Council arranges a banquet on Carillon, and orders all fighter pilots to attend. Adama suspects that this might be a golden opportunity for the Cylons to launch an attack on their fleet, and orders Colonel Tigh to surreptitiously hold back their fighter pilots from attending the party while he is to outfit noncombat personnel with fighter uniforms.

In the lower levels of the complex Apollo & Starbuck discover the secret – the insectoid Ovions, have set up the gambling resort to lure humans to them to serve as living food for their hatching larvae in their underground chambers. They are also secretly in league with the Cylons and mine the tylium solely for their purposes in exchange for their freedom, and they are cooperating in the Cylons’ efforts to eradicate the human fugitives. During a subsequent fight with Cylon soldiers, the laser fire from both parties sets the tylium mines on fire, threatening to destroy the planet once the fire rages fully out of control. Adama’s ruse worked and the pilots are able to fight the attacking Cylon fighters. During the fight, Apollo realizes the Cylon fighters couldn’t have come so far without a basestar, and he and Starbuck disengage from the battle and find a Cylon basestar hidden on the far side of Carillon. In defiance of Commander Adama’s recall order, they decide to attempt to destroy it, in order to enable the refugee fleet to elude pursuit, and use fake radio chatter to fool the basestar into thinking it’s under attack by multiple Viper squadrons. The basestar descends into Carillon’s atmosphere to avoid detection, and is destroyed when the planet finally erupts in a massive tylium explosion. Despite their victory, however, the humans realize their enemies will still be pursuing them, and they set out to Earth, their last hope for survival.

Baltar meanwhile was ordered to be beheaded by the Cylon’s mysterious Imperious Leader (voiced by Patrick Macnee who also narrates the opening), wanting no human to be left alive, but relents in the events of the basestar exploding and gives Baltar his own command, a basestar and plenty of squadrons of Cylons to attack the humans. This theatrical film was also shown as a 3 part pilot for the 1978 tv series. As a movie I give it a 9 outta 10, considering for the time period a classic scifi movie at it’s best.

25 Funny Chandler Bing Quotes

1. ‘Bing, it’s Greek for “thy turkey is done”‘

2. ‘Handle is my middle name. Actually it’s the middle part of my first name’

3. ‘The world is my lesbian wedding’

4. *Chandler’s a girl! Chandler’s a girl!* ‘Whoa kindergarten flashbacks’

5. ‘I made Cranberry sauce. No… Chanberry sauce’

6. ‘Look at all that space on her side of the bed. You could fit a penguin over there. That’d be weird though’

7. ‘I’m not really good at giving advice; can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?’

8. ‘Yes, hitting her with a frying pan is a good idea. We might want to come up with a back-up plan just in case she isn’t a cartoon’

9. ‘You know, you have to stop pushing the Q-Tip when there’s resistance!’

10. ‘Well, if I were a guy…Wait, did I just say “If I were a guy”?’

11. ‘Ross, just for my own piece of mind, you’re not married to any more of us are you?’

12. ‘No you didn’t get me. It’s an electric drill, you get me, you kill me!’

13. *This is empty* ‘Yeah, I wanted to make a scene, but I hate packing’

14. ‘Pants! Like shorts, but longer!’

15. ‘Cheese. Because you’re cracker, needs a buddy!’

16. ‘I didn’t get to shake my Belly, like a bowl full of Jelly’

17. ‘Donald Duck, never wears pants, but when he comes out of the shower, he always wraps a towel around his waist, I mean, what is that all about?’

18. ‘He look, that monkey has a Ross on its ass’

19. ‘Have you ever wondered if there’s a town in Missouri or something called Sample? And then, as you’re driving to the town, there’s like a sign that says: “You’re in Sample”‘

20. *Do you know anything about chicks?* ‘Fowl? No. Women? No’

21. ‘The fifth dentist caved and no they’re all recommending trident?’

22. ‘If I end up like my parents, I’ll either end up like an alcoholic blonde chasing after 20 year old boys…or I’ll end up like my mum’

23. *Bing? What an interesting name* ‘Yeah? You should met my uncle Bada’

24. ‘Yeah, and I get my ya-ya’s from IKEA. You have to put them together yourself, but they cost a little less’

25. ‘Well, you can’t say hump or screw in front of a B-A-B-Y. I just spelled the wrong word, didn’t I?’

5 Points In 5 Minutes On Facebook

If you had 5 minutes with Mark Zuckerberg what would you tell him to improve on Facebook?

In the unlikely event that I will ever meet Mark Zuckerberg and in the even more unlikely event that he will spend 5 minutes talking to me about how to improve his multi-billion dollar company, here’s what I would say:

1. Customization; give us more ways to change the look of the profile page atleast. Right now there is not much, other than content and maybe the cover image, to distinguish between people’s pages. Also for companies and businesses, it might be a great thing and very beneficial.

2. Check for and ban pages & groups of hate groups, racist groups and others that call for the killing of an individual or individuals.

3. Allow for animation images which is now just not possible.

4. Think of ways individuals can make money directly from Facebook and promote them ofcourse.

5. Allow us to change the colour atleast. That blue is killing me!

5 points in 5 minutes. As long as he doesn’t laugh at my face, just getting these points across would be awesome.

Riverworld : Part 1

Although labelled a film, 2010’sRiverworld is a four hour miniseries in two parts. Shown on the Syfy channel and based on the Riverworld books by Philip José Farmer, the made-for-TV film/mini-series is a reboot of the aborted Sci-Fi Channel Riverworld television series, of which only the pilot episode was produced. Directed by Stuart Gillard, produced by Michael O’Connor & written for television by Robert Hewitt Wolfe & Randall M. Badat it stars Tamhoh Penikett, Laura Vandervoort, Jeananne Goossen, Alan Cumming, Mark Deklin, and Peter Wingfield. The eponymous Riverworld is a strange alien planet were everyone who has ever lived and died, is reborn and overseen by extraterrestrial powers known as the caretakers. There are no children or old people as the old get transformed to a younger version of themselves.

War reporter Matt Ellman has just reached Singapore along with his co-worker Simon Moody (Arnold Pinnock) and goes to meet his girlfriend Jessie to whom he is about to propose marriage. At a nightclub he is reunited with Jessie who is with their common middle-aged friends & gay couple Hal & Antonio and married older couple Daniel & Deb. However just as Matt is about to propose both of them are killed, along with all the patrons in the club, in a terrorist attack by a suicide bomber. Matt is next seen in a large seemingly endless room lying on a flat bed with many other bodies and a tag on his wrist is ripped up by a blue alien humanoid. He then wakes up in the water and comes ashore on a river bank along with a few others. A confused Matt is reunited with a younger looking Deb, Dan & Hal but neither Antonio nor Jessie are to be seen. Matt befriends Tomoe Gozen, a 12th-century Japanes monk & warrior from the time of the Genpei War and who married to Minamoto no Yoshinaka. As others confused and wet find wood to light fires, large machines with food trays in them appear. However the antagonists soon arrive to take over the new arrivals and they include explorer Richard Francis Burton and Francisco Pizarro, the Conquistador who conquered the Incas. Hall finds Antonio disguised as a soldier and he tries to help them out. But Dan is killed when he tries to question the soldiers.

Soon it is apparent that the caretakers take away the wrist tags (through which food is assigned and also the person can be tracked) of those that they deem to be important but Matt is not given much info by the female caretaker who assists him from time to time. He is shackled by Pizzaro and Burton, who seems to know where Jessie is, also antagonizes him. Matt is soon reunited with Simon, who was killed 6 years after the Singapore blast. Along with the other heroes, Matt soon discovers that Riverworld has a deeper purpose and is controlled by otherworldly caretakers who are engaged in a civil war. The caretakers appear as blue-skinned robe-clad figures who watch over the humans. They were the beings who created Riverworld and are occasionally described as “demons”. The caretakers are mostly divided between two separate factions: the Salvationists (those who wish to destroy Riverworld to move on to bigger and better things) and the Second Chancers (those who wish to protect Riverworld). There is a civil war between these two groups and their leaders. While the others amass weapons to fight back, Matt is captured and imprisoned by Pizzaro’s men but escapes with some help from the female caretaker, who tells him to find Sam. Matt is saved by Senegalese soldiers let by Yousef who takes him to Sam aka Sameul Clemens aka Mark Twain (Mark Deklin) on a nuclear-powered steamboat. Sam had the boat built by a French lady engineer on Pizarro’s behest but stole the conquistador’s boat and his woman Allegra (Romina D’Ugo) aided by the Senagalese soldiers.

Once back at the main camp a fight ensues, and Tomeo kicks ass, in which many of Pizarro’s men are killed but he himself is shot dead by Sam. We also see that the horses are actually machines! However Burton comes back with his own men and shoots Matt who falls into the river. Tomoe jumps in after Matt but cannot find him, as Burton takes off in the boat. Matt sinks in the river as we see a shot of the planet with the river snaking it’s way all across the globe.

Grown Ups 2

If you liked the first movie then come back for more of the same in Grown Ups 2, although this one doesn’t really have a story. Directed by Dennis Dugan, the movie sees producer Adam Sandler, return with his co-stars Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, Maya Rudolf and Steve Austin. The movie is set 3 years after the events of the movie and Sandler’s character Lenny Feder has moved his family back to the Connecticut town that he grew up in so he and his family can spend more time with his friends and their respective families.

Like I said there isn’t much of a storyline in this film but you do get the laughs. The events of the movie all happen in a single day. Lenny wakes up to find a large wild deer in his bedroom chewing on his wife Roxanne’s bras. When she wakes up and screams, the startled deer urinates all over Lenny and then runs in the house. It also startles Lenny’s oldest son in the shoer and it pees over him as well. Eventually, Lenny is able to get the deer out of the house just in time to take his children Greg, Keith, and Becky to their last day of school. Roxanne brings up the idea of their family having another baby, but Lenny says their family is perfect as is, upsetting Roxanne. As the school bus driver is stoned, Lenny drives the kids and picks up Kurt, who is so happy that he remembered his wedding anniversary and gave his wife a thoughtful present, but his wife didn’t (which means he can get away with doing stuff his way). Eric Lamonsoff and his wife Sally are at odds with each other over how to raise their children- Sally believes in unwavering support while Eric prefers to be more practical with them. Their son is terrible at math but Eric has to pretend he is a genius with numbers cause his wife thinks he will boost his confidence, while their daughter makes her own glowing shoes to wear to school.

Meanwhile, Marcus Higgins is waiting at a train station after receiving a letter from an old girlfriend, who tells him that he has a seventeen-year-old son Braden. Marcus is stunned to see a tattooed, six-foot-tall boy, who turns out to be Braden. Marcus tries to be nice and takes him to school, but Braden shows an immediate dislike toward him. After that Marcus meets up with Lenny, Eric & Kurt at the local K-Mart and spend the day roaming around town, reminiscing about the amazing summers they used to have when they were kids and Lenny’s childhood bully, Tommy Cavanaugh. Eventually, the friends go to see Becky’s ballet recital, where Lenny runs into Tommy, whom Lenny is visibly terrified of. Tommy threatens that if Lenny ever lies again about being able to beat him up, he’ll publicly beat Lenny up. The guys also ogle at Becky’s ballet teacher, who is stacked, and who also happens to be Tommy’s girl. Once the kids are out of school, Lenny, Eric, Kurt, and Marcus decide to visit the old quarry, where they used to swim as kids. There they run into a bunch of partying frat boys who force them to jump into the quarry naked. Braden who was partying with the frat boys, witnesses this and goes off to vandalize their frat house. When the frat boys return, thinking it’s the work of Lenny and his friends, they swear to take revenge.

Lenny comes back home to setup the 1980s themed house party with Roxanne while Marcus bonds with his son Braden, who realizes that his father is not all that bad. As all of their friends begin to arrive for the party, dressed like 80s icons, Roxanne urges Lenny to consider having another baby. Lenny continues to protest the idea and is left dumbfounded when Roxanne reveals that she is pregnant. He goes off to drink with his friends The Feder’s party goes well most of the night until Tommy Cavanaugh shows up and disrespects Lenny in front of everyone, so Lenny challenges Tommy to a fight. In a surprising turn, Tommy decides to take a dive so that Lenny can look tough for his kids, and the two develop a mutual respect. Soon after, the angry frat boys arrive at the house looking for retribution for the damage to their frat house. They go on to insult the local town residents, inciting a fight. The locals hold their own against the frat boys and eventually send them running away defeated. After all that commotion, the 4 friends go to eat pancakes at Eric’s mom’s house, where she reassure Lenny about having the 4th child. Lenny has a change of heart and goes to reconcile with Roxanne and welcome the new baby to be.

Lots of crazy stuff in the movie including; the most annoying family in all of America (3 yucks who keep yelling Whaaaat?), Shaquille O’Neal as a cop who is scared of his older but smaller sized brother, Taylor Lautner & some idiotic looking guys as really dumb frat boys who make up a lot of stupid handshakes, a gay aerobics instructor who the ladies have a crush on, Kurt’s daughter who can sing extremely well but is shy etc etc. I know it’s low brow humour but it’s fun. 7 outta 10!

Rearranged Book Shelves Attempt-1

My books are kept here and there, arranged in hap-hazard manner across a book shelf and a built in cupboard. It’s been long overdue that I arranged things properly. It’s hard as there is almost no space and with work still going on in the apartment, the dust that keep getting accumulated means cleaning is a regular process. Anyhow I thought I should atleast give it a try and keep them in some order or the other. So here goes the first attempt.

Shelf 1 – Star trek books (2), 6 Stephen King novels, 8 John Grisham novels and 2 Michael Crichton books.

Shelf 2 – 2 Dan Brown books, 3 Anne Rice, 2 Sidney Sheldon novels, 2 Irving Wallace books, a Danielle Steel novel (ahem ahem), 4 from Jackie Collins, a book each from Richard Dawkins & Christopher Hitchens and 4 short novels in one pack from Reader’s Digest.

I still have a lot more books to organize. Over the next few weeks I might do some more organizing so the order of the books will change soon. But so far, not bad.

Furniture Love

mindbump suggested by Furniture Gothic

“Describe your favorite piece of furniture. What kind of memories are associated with it?”

There’s the old sofa settee set that has seen better days and has been refurnished once. It’s an old set, I think over 25 years old or so. There’s a 3 seat sofa, a double sofa and 2 single seat sofa settee. I can’t remember from where my family bought them but it’s been with us in the old house and in 2006 when we moved to this apartment, we brought them with us to be the main furniture in our living/dining room. The original covers had been replaced around 2000 or so and unfortunately my folks chose a silly little floral pattern which is so much poorer than the dark brown with red and black patterns intermingled.

The big sofa set, the one with 3 seats, doubles up as a foldable sofa bed and has served as emergency bedding for relatives who need to spend the night. Or usually it will be me and a male cousin who have to share the bed. It’s comfortable enough although as they years passed the folding back of the sofa bed has needed some extra work. That’s bound to happen after the many years that have passed.

Other than that I have spent many days – afternoon & evenings – lying on the couch and watching football on tv, watching movies and tv series etc. Lounging on the comfortable sofas has been a pleasurable passtime and they keep giving us more such memories to this day.

Heartland – Season 1

Heartland is a Canadian tv series loosely based on the Heartland books by Lauren Brooke. The TV series changes the setting from Virginia, USA (in the original novels) to the Alberta Rockies in Alberta, Canada. The series centers on the family who reside in their horse ranch called Heartland, just an hour or so outside of Calgary. Amy Flemming (Amber Marshall) is a precocious 15 year old girl who has the “ability” to heal abused or damaged horses, just like her late mother Marion Bartlett Fleming. This ability, although called miraculous horse whispering, is a deep love for horses and noticing things that make the animal either comfortable or distressed and then making it go through exercises and spending hours with it until she can heal the horse. Amy lives at the ranch with her grandfather Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston) and older sister Samantha Louise Flemming or Lou (Michelle Morgan), who returned from her plush marketing job in NYC on the death of their mother. Their estranged father Tim Flemming (Chris Potter) becomes their father, after he buys the ranch farm next to theirs and wants to become a part of his daughter’s life again after he left their mother many years ago. Also part of the cast is Mallory (Jessica Amilee) an extremely, talkative young girl who lives next door and is frequently at the Flemming house; Scott Cardinal (Nathaniel Arcand) a local vet and friend of the Bartlett/Fleming household who has had a lifelong crush on Lou; Cindy Busby plays Ashley Stanton the rich girl in town and Greta Onieogou as Soraya Duval, Amy’s best friend.

It was bringing home an abused horse named Spartan from a farm that Marion died, when in heavy rain, she crashed the vehicle in which she & Amy were riding in. When Amy wakes up, she’s in the hospital and discovers that her mother died in the accident. Lou comes home from New York to help. Refusing to put Spartan down, Grandpa Jack brings the horse back to Heartland hoping that Amy can help him. Before Amy can help Spartan she has to come to terms with what happened to her mom. A boy named Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) who was hired by Marion before she died comes to work at Heartland. He is on probation and Amy immediately dislikes him.Lou accidentally sends home Mrs. Roach’s horse, despite the fact that his fear of vehicles has yet to be cured. Val Stanton begins spreading rumors about Heartland and their skills without Marion. Ty’s probation officer comes to the ranch while he is off showing Amy the jumping course he made for her. Jack agrees to be Ty’s sponsor in the place of Marion. Heartland has its first “Open House” and Lou invites their estranged dad Tim and he accepts the invitation. Amy works with world famous horse breeder Lisa Stillman’s horse, Promise. Jack kicks Tim off of the property. Pegasus is depressed because of Marion’s death. When Amy and Lou empty their mother’s room, they find a letter dated seven years earlier from their father. A new guy, Ben, is sent to Heartland by his aunt, Lisa Stillman, and nobody likes him, especially Ty, who gets really angry when he pushes his horse too far. Amy gets knocked off her horse while trying to take Ben’s horse across the river. Ty is offered a job at Briar Ridge even after Amy accidentally tells Ashley that Ty is on probation. When Amy hears that Ty might take the job, she snaps at him.

Lou drives friends and family to distraction as she arranges to have a video made to promote Heartland. Lou’s New York boyfriend Carl comes for a visit, but his big city plans clash with the ranch’s more laid-back lifestyle. Amy is puzzled by why a new horse at Heartland called Pirate won’t obey commands. Heartland takes in a pregnant mare named Melody. Mallory gives Ty riding lessons. Ben competes in a horse show and refuses to talk to his aunt Lisa (Jessica Steen). Meanwhile, Jack and Ty go on a cattle round up and Tim is the trail boss. Ty finds out that Tim is Lou and Amy’s father. Lisa shows up to talk to Ben, Jack invites her to stay for breakfast. Amy tries to help a champion stallion and his depressed trainer, who were injured in a stable fire. In the process, she confronts her own unresolved feelings about her mother’s accident. Meanwhile, Jack grows increasingly attracted to Lisa. She asks him to come look at a horse with him. Jack declares that it’s not a date but it turns into one, until Lisa’s huband Dan shows up. Mallory dispenses relationship advice. Lisa explains that Dan is her Ex-husband. After elderly Mrs. Bell has a heart attack, Amy takes in her pony Sugarfoot, to whom Lou grows surprisingly attached. Ty’s old girlfriend from the juvenile group home shows up looking for him, having taken a job at Briar Ridge. Prize-winning rider Nick Harwell (Stephen Amell in a recurring role) stops by Heartland to train the uncooperative Ben and flirt with the interested Lou. Mallory takes steps to ensure that her favorite horse Copper won’t be sold, discovering in the process that an unscrupulous ranch hand has plans to sell a herd of wild mustangs to a slaughterhouse.

When Amy invites Tim up to the ranch, Lou tries to impress their estranged father, not wanting to admit to him her fear of horses which stems from having witnessed his long-ago accident at the Calgary Stampede. Jack escapes from the family reunion by going on a second date with Lisa. Ty practices his cattle skills. Lou blows up at Tim. A sudden yet deliberate barn fire puts Jack in hospital and Heartland in financial straits, just as Lou was preparing to return to her old life in New York. Looking to expand neighboring ranch Briar Ridge, Val makes an offer to buy some of Jack’s land but Tim isn’t so keen on the idea of Lisa owning his dude ranch. It’s time for Amy to compete with Spartan in the Fall Finale. But she has to compete against Ashley and her prize horse Apollo. Mr. Mallen, Spartan’s old owner, seeks to get Spartan back after receiving a tip from Val. Jack lets Tim in the house during Amy’s congratulation party. Amy and Ty kiss for the first time. After that Ty leaves because he got a letter from his dad, but he doesn’t tell Amy he just leaves her a note in his room.

The Doors To Sanitary Wares

It’s a hot evening or rather it was a hot evening as I went out to P.T. Usha road at around 5:30 pm to go to A2Z Sanitary Wares and buy the final pieces of equipment for the master bathroom. We are hoping that as agreed & promised by the contractors the entire work will be completed by the 30th of the month as they have exceeded the time period they had mentioned when the contract was given to them. That was in April and it will be over 10 months when the year is over. If they can’t finish it by then they may as well go out of business and do some other kind of job. Anyways, my parent’s bathroom is close to being finished and we needed the final items on the check list.

I got there spoke to one of the salesmen and gave him the list of 14 items that I needed. I also reminded them that my sister is owed some money from them from the work she & my brother-in-law had done in their apartment bathroom last year and that they were to deduct that pending amount against the bill today. They had a hard time finding the records as they had entered only my sister’s first name and not her full name or her husband’s full name (which were what I asked them to try). Once they found that out and deducted the amount, I paid the rest and went to get my large package with all the stuff inside it and went out looking for an auto to come back home. I stopped at the junction to get a cold drink of lemonade and some bhel puri at a road side stand. As I waited for my drink and snack, I happened to see this sign to a shoe store a little further down the road and went to take a photo of it!

Yes, us Indians don’t worry about things like copyright or trademark violations. What’s that? Hehehe, a fucking shoe store using the rock legends’ name & logo as their store name. Anyways, I then went to the main road and waited for an auto. With all the Metro line work going on, I had to wait for a long time. The roads are always blocked and crowded and extremely dusty which doesn’t do any good for my breathing issues. My next stop was to a medical store and then finally I flagged an empty autorikshaw and made my way back home. Just as I was about reach home my mom called and asked me if I could buy some chicken curry for dinner but I has almost reached home.

So instead a few minutes after I stepped into our home, I placed an order for dad, mom & m a 6 piece fried chicken from Chic King, with 2 large fries and a Chicken Supreme sub sandwich for my mom.

Update: This just in; apparently I know the owners of the show store The Doors. Tibetan brothers Thupten & Penpa had worked with me in the same office briefly back in 2007. I haven’t seen either of them since 2007 but sheesh, small world!

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger is a 2013 American Western action flick with elements of comedy directed by Gore Verbinski. Armie Hammer stars as the eponymous hero with Johnny Depp playing his Native American sidekick Tonto. The movie is based on the radio show originally conceived in 1933 which is said to be inspired by real life Texas Ranger Captain John R. Hughes, to whom the book “The Lone Star Ranger” by Zane Grey. Later a series of books and a successful iconic tv series was also spawned by this legend. William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, Ruth Wilson, James Badge Dale, Tom Wilkinson and Helena Bonham Carter also are featured in supporting roles.

On paper this movie should have become another hit for Depp. It has all the elements of a successful blockbuster but it fails. The movie starts off in 1933 with an aged Tonto meeting a young boy, who idolizes The Loner Ranger, at a sideshow in a San Francisco fair. Tonto goes on to narrate the story of how he met young lawyer John Reed – Tonto was being transported in a train along with dangerous outlaw Butch Cavendish, who is heading for his hanging after being captured by John’s brother Texas Ranger Dan Reed. Enroute Butch’s gang rescues him derails the train. Tonto is jailed and Dan deputizes John as a Texas Ranger, and with six others, they go after the Cavendish gang. The rangers are betrayed by one among them, Collins, and they are ambushed in the desert and killed by Cavendish’s men and Butch cuts out and eat’s Dan’s heart. John however was unconscious after hitting his head and was not killed. Tonto, who escaped from his cell, comes across the dead bodies and prepares to bury them all, including John but a white “spirit horse” arrives and awakens John as a “spirit walker”, and Tonto explains John cannot be killed in battle. Tonto believes that Cavendish is a “wendigo” and ss John is thought to be dead, he wears a mask to protect his identity from his enemies. Tonto gives John a silver bullet made from the fallen Rangers’ badges and tells him to use it on Cavendish.

They go to a brother where they find out that Collins & Dan fought over a silver rock Meanwhile, Cavendish’s men, disguised as Comanches, raid frontier settlements. John and Tonto arrive after raiders abduct Dan’s widow and son, Rebecca and Danny. Regretting his earlier actions, Collins attempts to help Rebecca and Danny escape but is shot dead by Cole, who rescues them. Claiming the raiders are hostile Comanches, Cole announces the continued construction of the railroad and dispatches United States Cavalry Captain Jay Fuller to exterminate the Comanche. John & Tonto are captured by a Comanche tribe after the pair finds railroad tracks in Indian territory. The tribe leader who questions John then reveals Tonto’s story; as a boy Tonto had rescued Cavendish and Cole from near-death and showed them the location of a silver mine, in exchange for a pretty gold pocket watch. The men murdered the tribe to keep the mine a secret, leaving Tonto with great guilt making himself believe that the men were possessed by evil spirits within the silver and vowed to find and kill them both. Tonto became an outcast wearing his dead pet crow on his head. The two of them are bried in the sand upto the neck just as the cavalry attacks the Comanche. The spirit horse helps John & Tonto escape and they make their way to the silver mine where they defeat Cavendish’s men and capture him.

Tonto demands that John use the silver bullet to kill Cavendish, but John refuses and tells Tonto what the Comanche chief told him. Tonto attempts to kill Cavendish, but John knocks him unconscious and brings in Cavendish alive and hands him over to Cole. It is then that Cole’s role in the silver mining operation is revealed and Fuller, fearing that he attacked the Comanche for made up reasons will cause him to be labelled a war criminal, joins Cole. Rebecca and Danny are held hostage, and John is taken back to the silver mine to be executed. However, Tonto rescues him and the two flee as the Comanche attack and are massacred by the cavalry. Realizing that Cole is too powerful to be taken down lawfully, John dons the mask again. Cole reveals his true plan of taking over the railway company and use the mined silver to gain more power. John & Tonto steal steal nitroglycerin and use it to destroy a railroad bridge. With some help from Red, Tonto steals the train with the silver, and Cole, Cavendish and Fuller pursue him in a second train on which Rebecca and Danny are being held captive. Riding the horse, John pursues both trains. Furious chases, fantastic fight scenes on the trains Cavendish is killed while Fuller jumps off the train and Rebecca and Danny are rescued. Tonto reveals who he is to Cole before the latter falls down to the river and drowns and is buried by the silver ore. John is praised and hailed by the town as a hero and offer him a law-enforcement position. However he declines and rides off to be joined by Tonto, after saying farewell to Rebecca and Danny. As the narration ends, the boy sees Tonto has disappeared and only a live crow remains. As the credits role, we see the elderly Tonto wearing a suit and carrying a suitcase walking through a canyon.

The movie has a long boring phase where I couldn’t care less as to what happens and wanted to stop watching it. I thought they started well and ended with a lot of action & excitement. Johnny Depp is amazing as usual and some parts of it were really good. On a budge of around $250 mil, this production problems plagued film only pulled in $260.50 million, making it a huge flop for that kind of cash. Still worth giving it a go just for the legend. 6.5 outta 10!

RIP Nelson Mandela

After a prolonged illness due to a lung infection South African anti-apartheid hero, former President Nelson Mandela has died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 95. Plunging his nation and the world into mourning for a man hailed by global leaders as a moral giant, his death was announced by current President Jacob Zuma. Although Mandela had been frail and ailing for nearly a year, his death has surely shaken South Africa and most of the world who adored the Nobel Peace laureate. Tributes began flooding in almost immediately for a man who was an iconic global symbol of struggle against injustice and of racial reconciliation.

Mandela rose from rural obscurity to challenge the might of white minority apartheid government – a struggle that gave the 20th century one of its most respected and loved figures. He was among the first to advocate armed resistance to apartheid in 1960, but was quick to preach reconciliation and forgiveness when the country’s white minority began easing its grip on power 30 years later. He was elected president in landmark all-race elections in 1994 and retired in 1999. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, an honor he shared with FW de Klerk, the white Afrikaner leader who released from jail arguably the world’s most famous political prisoner. As president, Mandela faced the monumental task of forging a new nation from the deep racial injustices left over from the apartheid era, making reconciliation the theme of his time in office. In retirement, he shifted his energies to battling South Africa’s AIDS crisis, a struggle that became personal when he lost his only surviving son to the disease in 2005.

Mandela’s last major appearance on the global stage came in 2010 when he attended the championship match of the soccer World Cup, where he received a thunderous ovation from the 90,000 at the stadium in Soweto, the neighborhood in which he cut his teeth as a resistance leader.

80’s Commericals From Kuwaiti Television

These are commercials that I grew up with in the 80s. Amazing how much nostalgia they bring up all these years later. These ads were the staples of Kuwaiti tv during the years 1980-87 (I left Kuwait in 1987 when my family moved back to India).

The first one is a Kuwaiti tv ad for Chicken Tikka restaurant in Kuwait City – very catchy jingle that you can dance to. Everyone in my extended family loved this one.

Pepsi was the choice of cold drink back then for me, my family and most of my friends & their families. Coke was never on the scene but 7Up was equally popular. However in terms of cool this Lemon Pepsi ad was the winner!

The French product La vache qui rit (The Laughing Cow) is a brand of processed cheese products made by Fromageries Bel, and in particular refers to the brand’s most popular product, the spreadable wedge. It was the cheese spread of choice. We all loved their cheese.

My favourite burger back then was Hungry Bunny, which is a Saudi Arabian chain. We used to buy them a lot. Even if McDonald’s was available I preferred this one. Great jingle too!

Sunkist was the fruit drink of choice. We bought them all the time and they were delicious. Sunkist made a grand introduction in New York by franchising it to The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New York, it’s been sold a couple of times and is now a Dr Pepper Snapple Group product.

Finally Kitco chips. Kuwait Indo Trading known as KITCO in Kuwait. Manufacturer of Potato chips, fried snacks, Mexican tortillas and corn chips. Their stuff was the bomb back them. Kids all loved it and especially the Bunny mascot that they had. In a kiddie version of beer or shot games, my friends and I had a different version – we’d try and eat as many Kitco chips as we could while the ad was playing especially in the manner that the bunny did!

So there you have it. A huge piece of my childhood. Along with the tv shows, cartoons and movies these ads, played repeatedly during my favourite shows, bring back so many memories. I miss my childhood, there were some really good times back then!

Arsenal 2 Hull City 0

On a mid-week late night start Arsenal provided just enough attack & finishing to give themselves 3 points as they beat Hull City 2-0. Nicklas Bendtner’s first Arsenal goal since March 2011 helped the Gunners beat Hull to keep their four-point lead at the Premier League summit. The Danish striker headed in Carl Jenkinson’s cross after two minutes to set up a dominant display with Hull goalkeeper Allan McGregor kept busy. Arsenal couldn’t maintain the relentless attack for long and things calmed down enough for Hull to start mounting their own attack. But Arsenal were unlucky to not go 2-0 heading into the break. Infact they should have rightly scored a couple of more goals with all the close chances they came up with.

The second half started much in the same was as the first as Arsenal came out all guns ablaze and attacked the Hull goal without intent. Mesut Ozil stroked in from Aaron Ramsey’s deft pass to make it 2-0 after 47 minutes. Jake Livermore had a rare Hull shot but fired straight at Wojciech Szczesny. Hull boss Steve Bruce said just before kick-off that “it might have been foolish” to play with two strikers in attempt to earn a result, having secured a surprise win against Liverpool on Sunday. But his side could probably have played with 12 players and still struggled to contain Arsenal’s precision passing and clever movement as Ozil, Ramsey and Santi Cazorla weaved all sorts of patterns in midfield to secure a sixth victory in seven Premier League games. Arsenal remain at the top of the league with a four point gap over Chelsea.

Importantly for Arsenal this is the 4th clean sheet in a row. Arsenal now face games against Everton, Manchester City and Chelsea before Christmas where their title credentials will be rigorously tested.