2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs : Quaterfinal Matchups

Well the Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us and the toughest competition to win the ultimate prize of any team sport begins. Wednesday night sees 3 quarter-finals lineups playing the first of a best of 7 series and it looks like a long playoff. I don’t see any outright favorites for the cup but I guess Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh & Boston will be the teams to looks out for.

For Canadian dominating the league in terms of number of players, there’s only 1 team from Canada in the playoffs – the Montreal Canadians. 4 teams in the West – Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton – were the last 4 in that conference. In the East, Ottawa & Toronto failed to progress finishing 11th & 12th respectively out of 16. That’s terrible for the goald medal winners of the last 2 Olympics. My support is for the Canadiens of Montreal for this campaign but I doubt that they will win more than 1 series. Look for the cup to be won by one of those four I mentioned.

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